Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

PhotobucketIn honor of the fact that I spent the entire day at the beach yesterday drinking Coors-aritas and eating Nachos...I think we are going to ditch Foxy Friday this week.

Honestly, my heart isn't in it. I got knocked off the healthy train (or threw myself off it, whatever) and I have no motivation to get back on it. I mean... I didn't do horrible this week, but I still haven't stepped foot in a gym.

I spent my day in a bathing suit yesterday and felt fine with myself. I got more comfortable as the day went on. Although, that could be from the drinking and the fact that I totally get beer goggles with myself (this is how I learned that you shouldn't get drunk and then get ready to go out, eek!)

So, I shall spend my Friday linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters.

Dear N & Jackums, thank you SO much for yesterday. I seriously needed a day of just chilling. No stress. No drama. No work. No clowns. Just sun, sand, waves, drinks, and apparently flashing an entire beach my lady bits, multiple times. Entirely by accident on ALL accounts.

Dear Big A, can you please open up some big successful shop that makes lots of dollah dollah bills ya'll? Or can we win the lottery? I just want to be able to go to the beach any time I want. It makes me SO happy! I promise to be the best house wife ever! And I totally promise that I won't come home sunburned and turn into a whiny toddler by 10:00 PM. Pinky promise!

Dear Work, You are not the beach. I am not a fan of you.

Dear Bridesmaids, seriously, can we believe that the shower is next Saturday? As in 8 days? And the wedding will be here in like 5 minutes. Who is looking forward to getting back to their normal lives and not having to look at my mean mug as often? Anyone? Anyone? Seriously though, thank you SO much for everything.

Dear J$, special shout out for being a kick ass MOH and having everything organized. Thank you also for making sure that whatever I am wearing color coordinates with your special items because you know it would bother me if it clashed. You truly get my OCD and for that I appreciate it!

Dear Bills, please pay yourselves without taking money from my bank account. You are the reason pay day is bittersweet. I wake up and my account is AMAZING and then I watch it all but disappear. Ug. Go away. (This includes wedding bills too. Shoo!)

Dear Sun Burn, I know that you are completely my fault. I know this. However, while you would rather that I be at home laying naked slathered in aloe (trust me, if you saw this burn you wouldn't think that was a sexual comment) but I am at work. Please try to make it a little more bearable to wear a bra and pants. Thanks!

Dear Crap I Ordered Online, get her quickly please. I want to share all of my fun purchases. Shanks!

Dear New Followers, HI! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet! Most of you have been great and sent me a comment or an e-mail introducing yourself which I LOVE! If you haven't heard back from me, it means that your comment came through as a "no-reply" and I can't! If you haven't introduced yourself yet, take a minute to do so! I love checking out new blogs!

That's all for today folks! Head on over to Ashley's blog and link up!


  1. oh wow I am also a food failure at life.
    but YAY for having such an awesome beach day!
    and I'm not a new follower, but yes thank you for telling everyone to get the no-reply out of their email! OMG most annoying thing ever. It's liek I'm TRYING to communicate back with you but ooohhh nooo. fail.

  2. work is not the beach, I wish it was though!!

    Come to and say hello!



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