Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

I know I promised my hair / make-up trial pics, but I'm gonna do Friday's Letters first.

Why? Because I wanna...

Anywho... if you haven't done so already, you HAVE to go check Ashley out! She's fab.

She's also the host of Friday's Letters, so without further adieu...

Dear Big A, seriously, you get the award for dealing with the over-stressed, over-worked, nut case of a Fiance. I don't know HOW you keep your patience with me, but you are doing amazing. I'm trying SO hard not be the crabbiest person ever, so it definitely helps that you are always  there to make me laugh.

Dear Ma-Rizzle, you are an artist when it comes to doing my hair. Except for that time I cut all of my hair off and then cried the next day (which isn't your fault at all, you tried to talk me out of it) I have NEVER had a complaint about my hair. Thanks so much for doing great work on me and I know my hair will look fabulous for the wedding. (And thanks for always being that friend who will bust out the Soul Train moves at the drop of a hat).

Dear Bridesmaids & N, I can't WAIT to see what awesomeness you have come up with for the shower. I am soooooooooooo excited!!!!!

Dear Mama, thank you for coming back from vacation. These are critical times. A girl needs her Mama. You may not leave again until after September 8th. Thanks!

Dear Car Alarm that was Going Off at 6:30 this Morning, I personally want to thank you for the splitting headache that I have this morning. You are lucky that Big A couldn't hear you over the AC in the bedroom. You are also lucky that I didn't have time to find you and a sledgehammer and make you quiet for good.

Dear Work, go aaawwwaaaaaay! But, please keep paying me. Thanks!

Dear People who have Not RSVP'd Yet, I know our end date is Thursday, but please please please send your shit sooner rather than later! Once I get a better idea of how many people are coming then I can decide whether to freak the eff out or not. Thanks. Smooches!

Dear Mr. Fresh, thanks for always being the most snuggly Border Collie EVER! Also, thanks for always preferring me over your Papa. And lastly, thanks for always letting me cuddle with you, but growling when your Papa gets too close. I know I'M your favorite!

Dear Jackums, it has been TOO long since I have been able to squish Baby Moo, fix that. ASAP. She's my baby too ya know! She misses her favorite Auntie!

Dear Mother Nature, please cooperate tomorrow. I would like to be comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold. Your forecast looks good. Now, don't be a bitch and change it on me. Thanks!

Alright Lovers! That's all for today! Come back lata for some beautiful pictures of my mean mug! You will get to see what I look like when I have a team of beautiful ladies styling me. I wonder if I could get rich quick so I could just hire them daily... hmmm....

Anywho... Happy FRIDAY Bishes!!!


  1. I hope you have an awesome shower!!!!

    Check out my blog today. I gave you an award!

  2. I totally would have gone the sledgehammer route... I would've been awake anyways, so best to spend my time wisely! Best of luck on your upcoming wedding and have fun at your shower!


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