Friday, July 20, 2012

Hair & Make-up Trial

So, last night I had my hair trial for the wedding.

Can I tell you how absolutely INSANE it felt to actually be getting my hair done and have it be for MY wedding? It was pretty surreal.

My hair dresser, Ma-Rizzle, has been a friend of mine forever. So I'm pretty lucky that I have such a great friend who does hair too! When I got engaged, it wasn't even a question of who was going to do my hair. I already knew.

Here are the pictures from last night. Please note that:

A) This was just to get a general idea. We are going to pull back the front a little bit, and change the top so that my veil will stay in.
B) My hair will be a darker brown.
C) I will also be getting red streaks in my hair, so you will see them all through the hair style.

Can't wait to have it done on the actual wedding day! Thanks Ma-Rizzle!

Now, time for pictures from my make-up trial. The girl who is doing it is a friend of a friend. And truth be told, I kind of stalk her on Facebook to try and copy her make-up and hair styling tips. Unfortunately, she is talented and I am not. Haha.

Excuse the last picture. I was playing with one of the fake eyelashes and it was coming off.

Note to self: Do NOT play with face.

Big A wasn't a huge fan of the eyelashes. Truth be told, they were pretty diesel in person. HOWEVER, they look FABULOUS in pictures. I was going to go a little less extreme, but now I'm not so sure.


Well, dress fitting, make-up trial, and hair trial done.

Bridal Shower tomorrow. RSVP by date next week. Things are coming along!

Check out the progress here.

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  1. Love the hair and make up. It looks great!


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