Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

I've decided to jump on the "If You Really Knew Me" train.

I figured you guys sit at home and wonder more about me, so I thought I would help you out...

Hahahaha... yeah right!

Anyway... back to me talking about myself... as usual.

If YOU Really Knew ME...
You would know that...

* I am absolutely TERRIFIED of sharks. I've never seen the movie Jaws, purely for that reason. Plus they have parts of Martha's Vineyard on there... and I can NOT associate the two of them together.

* Speaking of Martha's Vineyard... I've been there every year since I was born. My grandmother was from there so we are so lucky & blessed to have a place to go visit there.

* I've kissed a Sea Lion. And no, it wasn't good. There was no second smooch!

* I'm afraid to be outside, alone, in the dark. I always assume that there is some serial killer that is out there waiting to get me. I will work myself into a panic trying to get back to "safety" which usually involves me running like hell while continuously scanning my surroundings.

* Mary Poppins is my all time favorite movie. I can recite every single line and every single song. I spent a Summer in Ireland watching at least once a day. And sometimes, I still sneak and watch it when no one is home.

* Despite what I say or how I act, things get to me a lot more than they seem. I may act like I have it all together, but you can probably bet that I've cried to my mom or Big A about it.

* I get bloody noses... bad... regularly. It's pretty ridiculous. And embarrassing. But I'm not considered an issue because they only last about 20-25 minutes... and not over 30 min. I have been getting them since my brother's 21st birthday...for whatever reason I went 18 years without ever getting one, but THAT was the day they started.

* I am MADLY in love with lobster. It's one of my favorite foods. But I despise lobster rolls. Mayo creeps me out.

* I haven't always been so put together. I went down a pretty self-destructive path before I met Big A. It is funny how everyone talks about how much I chilled him out, but the truth is that he did the same to me too.

* I hate hate hate HATE to lose. I am SO competitive and it seriously takes every fiber of my being not to throw a temper tantrum when I lose. Or cheat. I ALWAYS want to cheat, but I don't. I've ALWAYS been this way. I have to remind myself that I am an adult and not a child.

Hmm... I think that's about it. Anything else... feel free to ask. I'm a pretty open book.

Thanks to N who definitely helped me out with this one. You don't know how hard it is to actually describe yourself until you go and do it!

Happy Tuesday Lovers!!!


  1. If I think too much about being outside alone late at night, I get scared like that too!

  2. I love these!
    I mean not the bad ones, but I love that you and so many others have posted such interesting things!

  3. You spent a summer in Ireland? Wicked!! One of things that is on my "life to-do" list is to eat a lobster! Like go somewhere and sit down with a bib and all! ha ha!

  4. Hey! Thanks for sharing these tidbits...You practically did the Liebster Award, which I nominated you for today on my blog!

  5. Ireland awesome!!!!!

  6. I used to always get nosebleeds, too, nothing too serious. I finally went to ENT doc and he said the skin over my vessels was "superficial", so any little bump caused it to gush! He cauterized it (not painful, just uncomfortable) and I haven't had a nosebleed since. Just FYI.

    Love your blog!


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