Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I need some motivation.

What else is new? Haha.

I've been "trying" to go back to the gym for about a week now.

I haven't stepped foot in that gym since June 27th. Yep. Almost a month.

And since I'm nowhere near my goal. I need to get my ass back there.

But I don't.

I drive home from work, think about how tired I am, how hot it is out, and how many millions of things I have to do around the house.

And then I don't go.

Last night I was "going to go".

And instead... I worked on painting the card box for the wedding.

Granted I was being productive, but still.

Sitting on that couch spilling paint all over the place DID NOT burn any calories.

I was doing awesome when Kristen was doing Firm Fridays. And then I started doing my own, and that was OK. And now I do nothing. I can't be bothered.

If my ass is going to be in a bathing suit for an entire weekend for my Bachelorette Party... then it better look good. Which means... I need to go back to the mother fluffing gym!!!

Anyone have any ideas for how to re-light my fitness fire? I'm in desperate need of a kick in the ass.

Apparently I am also in desperate need of something to write about. Since this short whiny post about how I'm lazy isn't really cutting it.

I promise I will have some substance back here soon.

For now, I am going to eat the healthy food that I brought to work and dream about Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers.

I hate the first week of eating right. It always makes me feel like an obsessed junk food freak.

When in reality, I don't eat crap that much.


Happy Tuesday Folks! 3 more days until the weekend! Which is jam packed!


  1. You're like 46 days away from your wedding and you should give yourself a little slack. I know a little over a month before my wedding I was suppose to be running and I was not! I just had so many wedding things to do and even think about that I was too tired for anything else! Don't punish yourself too much lovey! xo

  2. Here is my advice: it isn't about motivation. It is about determination. I am hardly motivated to eat right and workout (at least on the days when I'm not teaching Zumba. That is a job and I HAVE to go). But I am determined to get this weight off. You gotta just make yourself go. If you wait to be "motivated" you'll never go. I tell my Zumba students this all the time. It isn't fluffy and sweet, but if I only ate well and worked out when I felt motivated, I would never be there. For me, it is the work to finally reach a goal...which isn't fun all the time. But if I don't stay determined, I will always be reaching for that goal. You gotta be like Nike and just do it!

  3. You know when I was in wedding mode I would wake up at 4:45 and get my butt to the gym at 5am! It was hard but I loved having it out of the way and I loved that no one else was calling me to hang out aka deterring me from working out at that time of day! But also you just have to give yourself a break! I mean you have a lot on your plate! On the days I know I can't get a workout in I just try to be very strict on my calories to make up for it! Good luck lady!


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