Tuesday, July 3, 2012


*Update* Rhian I need you to e-mail me so I can send your information for the "I Do" Crystal stickers. Please do so by Friday morning or I will have to pick a new winner. Thanks! downatfragglerock13@gmail.com

Hola Lovers!

I'm having a hard time concentrating today. Seriously. I've been working on a blog post for the past two hours. I got nomiated for a couple Blogger awards and I got to the part that I had to pick people to nominate (finally) and pick my own questions... and my mind went blank.

Seriously. What is wrong with me?

Oh wait! I know. I'm burnt out! I have tomorrow off! And I have dreams of sun tanning and day drinking swimming around in my head.

To top it all off...I'm actually busy at work today. WTF?!

Seriously. Worst/longest day EVER.

I'm super jealous of all of those people who are on vacation. I have to save all of my time off for the wedding (sob story, I know) so I am stuck in the office while everyone else works on their tans and tests their liver functions.

Big A is on vacation from tomorrow, all the way through the next week. Seriously?! I want to slap him in the face. He deserves it though, so I'm going to let it slide.

Other than that... I'm just trying to get through the day.

Hope all of you fabulous ladies are enjoying your days. Whereever you are. I promise to be back with some content once the alcohol haze clears a bit and the sunburn is a little less alarming.


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  1. I only have tomorrow off at work and I am finding it so hard to be productive! This broken up week is going to make me crazy!


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