Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So What! Wednesday

It's time for another So What! Wednesday!

Want to get into this awesome chance to bitch about life let it all out?

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This week I am saying So What! if...

* I get seriously annoyed when people walk up/down stairs on either the wrong side or in the middle. A) You always go to the right. That's YOUR side. B) If you are walking up the MIDDLE of the stairs. I can't get by. And trust me, one of these days I will finally snap and actually "accidentally" push you down the stairs. I am not waiting and watching until you are done on them. I am ALSO not dealing with your dirty looks when you are on the wrong side and I refuse to move. I WILL win this battle. You WILL move out of my way.

* People with no stairway etiquette annoy me.

* If the fact that I haven't sat down for more than two seconds in the 3 hours that I have been here annoys the crap out of me. Don't they know that this is my blog time? I don't work until after 12:00 PM. (I kid, I kid... kinda)

* I bought Slimquick to help me get back on the Weight Loss Train. I think it might help me with all of the extra beer water weight. Or maybe it will do nothing. Who knows. At least I will feel like I am doing SOMETHING!

* I haven't been to the gym since June 27th. It has been BUSY. But I am getting back on track. I am dragging my ass there tonight. I would like to blame N and her wonky work schedule, it is all her fault. If she went with me I would go. :)

* We have been in our new building for a month today and I still barely know how to use the new phones. I THINK I can transfer people, but I definitely can NOT transfer them to someone's voicemail. It's like some secret ninja process that you only find out after being inducted into the secret society. I'm waiting to be hazed so I can be competent at my job again.

* I can NOT for the life of me get up on time in the morning. Seriously. I wake up 5 minutes after the time I am supposed to leave my house every.freaking.morning. Ug.

* I cleaned my desk yesterday and apparently threw away multiple important pieces of information with things I need to do. And when questioned about it, I just giggled and said "Whoops! That's what I get for cleaning!". Thanks GOD my bosses find me entertaining.

* My tolerance for drama and bullshit is completely non-existent right now. And I KNOW for a fact that someone is going to get the brunt of the backlash... and I don't really care. I've decided to "do me" for the next 59 days. And for those who don't like it. I'll deal with you on September 9th BIATCH! Or not... maybe I just won't deal with you at all! *insert Chris Brown's annoying cocky laugh here*

* I can't afford what I want for a bunch of wedding stuff, so I'm just not doing it.....yet. I'm a picky bitch (shocking) and I want what I want. But, I'm also a cheap bastard sooo... I guess one of them is gonna lose. Whose it gonna be? The Bitch? or The Bastard?

* I read Leah's post this morning and giggled the entire way through it. A) Home Girl is HYSTERICAL when she goes off. Seriously. Love it. B) She's got my back, because part of it was due to a shitty situation and C) She speaks truth.

* I forgot the alphabet and wrote B twice instead of C. Hehe

* I can't wait to go to the BEACH tomorrow and freaking burn the crap out of my Irish skin. I WILL be tan for the wedding if it freaking KILLS me. Seriously.

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Blog-working Wednesday! Blog-working Wednesday!


  1. omg hilarious!!!!!
    such a good so what! and i'm glad chris brown was there to do his cocky laugh. did I tell you I saw him at the mall? he was with rhianna (ok this was a while back, obviously). he's from tappahannock ("I'm a country boy from tappahannock") and the ONLY even remotely fun city anywhere around is Richmond. so he and Rhe Rhe were cruising the richmond mall by Saks. I tried to take a cell phone pic, and it came out blurry. and I freaked out and deleted it. and then like a month later he beat her before the grammy's. I think I'm the one to blaim. I was that stalkerish fan who was all up on them with my palm centro hahah

  2. I'm planning my wedding as well (coming in from So What Wednesday) and I got rid of a lot of things because it's just not worth the money. I'd rather finish our house and pay off my student loans.

  3. Hi! Stopping by from the hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

  4. Darn I am sad I missed this I will hit it next wednesday tho! On my blog ABpetite we have a similar Blog Hop on Fridays pop by tomorrow if you like :) CUTE BLOG


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