Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wedding Inspiration: Planning Update

Well folks, I had planned on showing pictures from my make-up trial that I had yesterday, but someone was a braniac and left her phone at home.

Which had the pictures on it.

Let's be honest, if they were on a camera you would never see them. So at least there is some hope since I carry my phone with me EVERYWHERE.

I thought that maybe I would give ya'll an update on wedding planning since we are UNDER TWO FREAKING MONTHS AWAY FROM IT!!!

EEK! Seriously, time is going by WAY.TO.FAST.

Seriously...can you believe this?

I put together a collage of sorts of what I have planned, am planning, thinking, etc. In other words, this is all of the shit that is swirling around my head 24/7.

Now for some notes:
Centerpieces: I LOVE this design. We did it accidentally. There are silver stones at the bottom, with two dark purple calla lilies and a black magic rose, and a black feather that matches the bouquets. We will have the stands for the table names coming out the top to fill up some of that blank space at the top.

Bridesmaid Dresses: This is the actual dress that my Maid of Honor picked. I let everyone pick their own dress as long as it was in the Apple color and floor length. If you want to see all of the dresses go here and here.

Reception Room: Speak for itself. However, we will have white chair covers and I can't remember if we chose the red sashes or the black. I think it was red.

Wedding Shoes: These are the exact shoes that I picked. Only mine were color matched to the Apple of the Bridesmaid dresses. I LOVE them.

Wedding Rings & Invitations: Pretty self explanatory. You can read about them here: Rings  Invitations

Card Box: This is one of my inspiration pics. I just ordered a bunch of the stuff to make it. Hopefully, I will have a post about it soon!

Bridesmaid & Bride Bouquets: Seriously, I am SO excited about these. They are like a work of art. And our florist is absolutely amazing! I have no doubt that she will make my dreams come true with these.

"I Do" Stickers: I have a bunch of stuff like this planned for pictures. I have been searching high and low for unique picture ideas. Our photographer is pretty much a rockstar, so I am SO excited to see the pictures. I definitely want some traditional pictures, but I also want a bunch of cool artsy ones that I can display in our currently non-existent house! Haha. (If you have any cool ideas, please feel free to send them my way!)

That's everything for now. We are still waiting on about half of our responses. I think we have nailed down what we are doing for the table names. Still need to figure something out for the place cards. Oy! So much to do!

I have my dress fitting on Saturday. Hair Trial next Thursday, and then I have my Shower next Saturday. And then seriously, in a blink of an eye, it will be August and I will have a month left.

Cue peeing my pants here.

As always, if you want the WHOLE skinny on wedding planning, you can hit the tab at the top of my blog. Or go here.

And lastly, I have a question for the former Brides: A friend of mine asked me if I had a Reception dress, or just my Wedding dress. She said that she wished she had had a different dress to change into for the last hour or so since she was so hot and it got hard to move around in her dress. Did anyone do this? Or wish they had done this? Just looking for some input. Thanks!

I hope I didn't bore all of you to sleep! I'm just getting SO excited I can't even take it! EEK!



  1. I wore that same bridesmaid dress in my brother's wedding! Mine was sage green. But I wore a long apple colored dress in another wedding! Funny!

    Just be careful w/ the died shoes. I had the red/apple died shoes and it was rainy and the dye ran. So if you sweat alot they could run and you wouldn't want to get red on your wedding dress.

    Love all your choices! Looks like you will have a beautiful wedding. Hope you can enjoy this time and not be too stressed!!

  2. Only two months...?! You're in for a lot of fun! I love that damask cake...and apple red heels? Oh I can't wait for the pictures. :)

  3. I didn't have a big poofy dress (you can see my dress at my blog under the wedding tab) so I didn't regret not changing. I did dance the night away. I was sweaty. But I would have been just as sweaty from all the dancing if I was in a different dress. If your dress is difficult to move in, and you really want to get down, you might consider it.

    I love the apple colors for the dresses and your shoes, omg!!
    What does your wedding cake look like?

    no, I didn't have a 2nd dress. I ended up taking off my shoes and was just all hot in the dress. but it was only like 2 hrs of my life. so not worth getting another dress. Unless you're like flying out for your honeymoon directly the second you leave your reception, then yes change.

  5. 60 days to go! We are getting so close and I am freaking out a little about everything left to do. These next two months are going to fly by!! Best of luck with the rest of your planning!!

  6. Holy crap! 2 months! Agh!! I can't wait to see how everything turns out. As far as the second dress goes, I think it really depends on your personal preference. I didn't have a second dress, but by the end of the night my back was hurting because of how much my dress weighed(big & poofy dress)but I still wouldn't have changed. I loved my dress so much that I don't think I would have ever thought in a million years to get a second one to change in to.

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