Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Recap & Giveaway Winner!

I can honestly say that I had WAY too much fun this weekend. Seriously. I am exhausted.

Let's recap shall we.

Friday night, a bunch of us went out for Pickles' birthday. Nothing major. Just some drinks and a local bar and there may have been a Whopper JR with cheese in there somewhere. (What?! Birthday girl wanted BK, so I got her BK...and I couldn't let her eat it alone...)

Saturday, Ma Dukes and I ran around and did a bunch of errands. We were looking for wedding stuff that we needed. Ribbon, fabric, etc. We did alright. We didn't find EVERYTHING that we were looking for. But to be fair, there was some horrible woman who I believe was following me just to constantly stand in front of what I was trying to look at and make me miserable. (No joke, she was in TWO stores and in my way the entire time. I decided that I had had enough by then)

Saturday night, we had the annual 4th of July party. Good food, good people, hot rods, burnouts, and fireworks. Seriously. What else could you want in life. Big A and I made history by actually making it home that night (rather than sleeping in the back of my car like usual) and didn't have hangovers in the morning. It was a 4th of July miracle. I've got some great pictures, but I need to do some work on them first. Big A and I got the cutest picture of the two of us in front of his car. Love it!

(Little back story. Big A and I started dating in May 2007. In July I experience my first Summer Nationals. One of Big A's friends took our very first picture that night of me and him in front of his car. I then spent the next two months stalking his friend to get the picture. We have made it a tradition that every year at the party or the Summer Nationals, we take a picture of me and him in front of the car. I'll have to show you all the ones that we have taken. This was our 6th! Crazy!)

Anyway... Sunday, I met up with Ma Dukes again and we headed over to her friend's house who deals with skin products, make-up, etc. Ma Dukes has made it her mission to get my crazy face under control for the wedding. Because we all know if left up to me, I probably wouldn't have done anything, but I sure as hell would have bitched and moaned if my face was gross the day of the wedding! She's been amazing, helping me out with stuff I definitely could not afford right now. Plus, the lady is awesome, so we have a great time too!

Then we were off to go celebrate my brother's birthday. He turns 30 today, so we told him we would go and do whatever he wanted to do yesterday. Which turned out to be one of his most favorite things... frisbee golf!

What IS frisbee golf you ask? Well, you have a frisbee and you "tee off" by throwing it towards this basket. They are usually between 250 and 350 feet away. And you see how many throws it takes you to get the frisbee in the basket. They are 18 "holes" just like golf. Only instead of nice, flat grass, you are running around in the woods. Up gigantic hills. In rivers. In giant piles of sticks. I'm not even joking you when I tell you that we were there for like 4 hours and even my hair hurt when we were done. Woah!

But, the brosiff loves it so we all had a blast. (Until the end when I was cranky and tired and hot and sweaty and just wanted to go home. But that wasn't until like hole 14/15 so I did pretty good considering!) Today is his ACTUAL birthday so we will be having a nice, family dinner that does not involve hills, rivers, or frisbees!

Happy Birthday to the BEST brother in the entire world, who has been
looking out for me since Day ONE!

Aaaand... without further ado... the winner of the "I Do" shoe crystals is...


Congrats Rhian! Send me your e-mail and I will send it along to Mindy!

Have a great Monday lovers!


  1. What a super fun weekend! And I can't wait to see the car show pics! And yay for making it home :)

  2. That is cute that you take the same pic each year. Can't wait to see them!

  3. I have nominated you for an award! (You can see the details on my blog, if you want)

    I wanted to say good luck on the weight loss! I am also trying to lose a bit, so I know it's not always easy!!! I hope to read about your further success, and use it to inspire myself!


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