Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Recap... NEW Giveaway Winner

Hello Lovers!

I trust you all had a fabulous weekend!

I want to start with a little bit of exciting news (don't get your hopes up, it isn't THAT exciting).

I was checking out my blogger profile and noticed it said that I had been blogging since July 2010. So, I decided to see when my first post was. Wondering when my bloggiversary was. And do you know when it was?


Happy 2nd Birthday Fraggle Rock! Thanks for giving me a place to bitch & moan for the past two years so that my friends and family could get a little break!

Anywho... this past weekend was Big A's Christmas. Better known as the Summer Nationals.

It is a car show that they do every year here in Massachusetts the weekend after the 4th of July. It goes from Thursday (ish) to Sunday. There is a huge car show at the park, burnouts, etc. It is a car guy's dream! So naturally, it was where I spent my entire weekend.

And I am sunburnt to shit as a result.

Next time I scream "burn baby burn" and that my goal is to be a lobster so I eventually tan... slap me in the face with a bottle of suntan lotion and tell me to stop being an idiot. Ug.

I took some pics at the car show for a project, but really didn't take anything else. Soo... here's the pictures from last week's 4th of July Party.

And here are the pictures I was telling you about. Of me and Big A in front of his car every year. Ignore the skinny bitch from the first 2-3 years. She thought she was fat. What an asshole. She should have talked to the B in the pic from 2011.

Anywho. That was my weekend.

Now I am stuck at work all week. And it makes me want to cry. Especially since everyone and their mother are off this week. Ug. I wanna play too guys!

Oh... and since I haven't heard from the second winner of the "I Do" crystal giveaway... I picked a new winner!

Congrats Lindsay! I will send your information along to Mindy!

And a word of advice... have your profile hooked up to an e-mail address. Or at least check back when you enter a giveaway. And for those who don't know how to hook up your e-mail address... go here. It is an post with an easy "how to".



  1. WOO HOO!!! What a way to start off the week!! Thanks Lovie! And excuse me, but look at you skinny minnie in 2012 pictures!! Hot Momma! :)

    I've come to realize I think if Big A and Ry were to ever meet they would be amazing friends. They seem so similar! xoxo

  2. You look sooo adorable! And I love your timeline with Big A's real girlfriend & mistress lol!


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