Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh weekend. Where have you gone?

I think I need to be put on some sort of medication to deal with Mondays. I'm struggling.

I also think I'm going to need to be heavily sedated when the weather starts turning cold again. Seriously. I don't want Summer to end.


This weekend was a good one, as they always are.

Saturday I had my dress fitting. Which was pretty surreal in itself. I may or may not have cried. (I know, I'm a big baby).

The day started out a little rough. I woke up at like 4:00 AM thinking I was going to be sick. It was the worst feeling in the entire world. And all I could think was that I didn't have time to reschedule my appointment and I was going whether I threw up on someone or not. Luckily, when I woke up I felt a little better and I just let my stomach sit until lunch. By then it was fine! THANK GOD! I don't know what that was, but it wasn't fun.

Anyway, after the dress fitting Ma Dukes, J$, and I went out to lunch to eat a nice fatty meal since I could finally breathe a little since my fitting was over.

For the record, the dress fit like a glove. All I need is to get the bustle put in. Which is a damn miracle since they told me to order a size down from what I tried on and when I picked it up...let's be wasn't exactly a comfortable fit.

The alterations lady said: "nicely done" and that just about made my day.

Anywho... then we went on a wild goose chase to find some shoes for my shower (which is in 5 days! EEK!) to no avail. And then we bought some supplies for a project I am working on.

By that time I was tired, hot, and sweaty so we called it a day and went home.

Big A and I had a WILD night of eating Chinese food and then hanging out at home. I'm pretty sure that we were in bed by like 11:30. Wild. I know.

Sunday was a day of relaxation and leisure. I hijacked N's plans and hung out with her and her friend. It was a lovely afternoon. Just what the doctor ordered. Although, I DO wish it was a little sunnier out. The sun was behind the clouds most of the day. Bummer.

And that's where we are. I will have a post of my project once it is finished. The rest of the stuff comes today so I am excited to get something checked off my to do list.

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

Reality has hit me and I'm going back to eating lettuce leafs from now until the wedding. So, get ready to hear me complain about being hungry and tired (from all those awesome gym workouts that I'm going to do) for the next 8 weeks. Woo!


  1. cried!! Me too during my fitting! Aww...brings me back!


    :) Good work girlie! xoxo

  2. H-yes on the 'nicely done' weightloss! Omg that's soo exciting. And how adorable is it that you cried, that is sooo sweet! YUP I'm so on the healthy eating for the next 2 months too. Fruit till noon, raw till dinner. No excuses!

  3. I'm on a health kick too with my wedding fast approaching. Thankfully my fave grocery store had a huge fruit and veggies sale this weekend and I have filled my fridge and freezer to the brim! I've also been doing the Power90 workout, the prequel to p90x!


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