Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters

Hello Lovelies!

Ashley may be on vacation, but I say we keep on doing Friday's Letters for her!

Dear Big A, while I am SO SUPER HAPPY for you to be going away with your boys and FINALLY having that boys' weekend you have always talked about (go figure you would have to wait for your Bachelor Party)... I am so so so sad that you will be gone.  I have NEVER slept in the apartment by myself and Mr. Fresh and I have decided that we like it better when you are home. Don't forget to come home!!!

Dear Mr. Fresh, it is just you and me this weekend Bud! Here's the deal, I know you are going to be sad that Papa isn't home, especially because HE has never left you (I know, mean Mommy used to do it all the time) but let's behave ourselves shall we? I know deep down you like me better, so you don't have to show off for Papa by ripping up the sheets. Let's make it through tonight and then I promise to take you to Auntie J$'s pool tomorrow. Deal?

Dear Friends, I'm so glad that all of your men left you too! (Is that an asshole thing to say?) Now we get to spend some good girl time together! And then again in a couple of weeks for MY Bachelorette! Yay! I wish you all didn't have babies, animals, dogs, and your own lives because in that alternate reality I have a huge house that we could have a BIG slumber party at. Complete with maid, butler, and one of the guys from Magic Mike as our Cabana Boy by the pool. (A girl can dream can't she)

Dear Mama, thanks for taking me to get my nails done tomorrow. You seriously spoil me rotten. I mean... you always spoiled me, but more so since the Engagement. Are you still going to spoil me when I'm married? I'll always need my Mama, husband or no husband!

 Dear Wedding To Do List, go do yourself will ya? I mean, like literally, complete yourself. Find some Fairy Godmother and some magic fairy dust and get this shit finished. I'll be tanning and day drinking if you need me. But don't need me. K?

Dear J$, thank you for hosting Girls' Day! I think hanging out by the pool drinking and eating is JUST what the doctor ordered for this broken hearted Chicka. Maybe I won't even notice Big A is gone through my Coors Light haze!

Dear Lottery, is it possible to WIN you without actually PLAYING you. See, here's the thing. I need the money, but I also don't have the money to waste if I DON'T win. Sooo.... can we just guarantee a win? Or just give me the money? Thanks!

Dear People at Work, while I LOVE your interest in this momentous occasion in my life, I AM still capable of talking about something OTHER than my wedding. Seriously. Try me! I swear I can do it! (Sidenote: this does not apply to the people I like at work who I don't mind asking. Please feel free to figure out which group you fall into, but promise me you will be honest to yourself. You KNOW where you belong)

Alright Lovers! I have about 7 1/2 more hours that stand between me and my weekend. I've got some gym dates. Some girl time. Some Mr. Fresh time. Mama time. And Family time. And the probably crying myself to sleep. I'm such a baby!


  1. Tanning and drinking beats "To Do" list items every time! Enjoy it!!

  2. Yay! It's Friday! Have a good weekend love! Enjoy the time to yourself! xo

  3. Yes to the lottery! Genius!

    Happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!


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