Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

Sorry for the late arrival my friends.

I'm sure you were frantically pressing the "refresh" button on your browsers waiting to see my blog post for the day.

I kid. I kid.

But seriously... apparently after the first pre-season Patriots game of the season (and one too many frozen margarita / Coors drinks.. coorsaritas?) I needed to hop right down to business this morning. And the only reason that I have time now is that my boss went to get a haircut. Oy!

No one is supposed to actually work on Fridays. 

Anywho... I'm linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters. And you should too!

Dear Big A, thank you for getting my tylenol and water last night when I told you that I had too much fun. Also, thank you for making me chicken nuggets at 11:00 PM. You are the best. It is probably the reason that I'm not feeling like a "bag of smashed assholes" as you so eloquently put it.

Dear Wedding, I temporarily forgot that you were my bitch and let you get the best of me. Silly me. Get ready Pumpkin, you're in for a wild ride the next 30 days. You're mine.

Dear Self, why did you just picture yourself as a tough biker and your wedding as a measly little wimp in that last one? I think your imagination is getting out of control. Sidenote: you look hot in biker clothes. Invest immediately. Just remember it isn't your real body that you pictured in your head.

Dear A-Hole Business Manager at Our Venue, our little meeting yesterday was pretty ridiculous. I'm pretty sure that I would not plan a business meeting there if I had to work with you. I am also 100% sure that if you were the one who was in charge of my wedding I would have cancelled by now and flown to Vegas. You're lucky that my wedding coordinator is the bees' knees and I trust her enough not to believe your comments. Also, your professionalism is lacking. Lock it up bitch!

Dear Coordinator, thank you for not being like that hag bag above. I'm happy that YOU are the one that I am working with and not her.

Dear Boss Man, laughing at me when I answer your question of "you know what we need to do?" with "give me a big fat raise because I'm awesome" isn't being a nice friend. And I was kind of serious. Way to kill my dreams. What's next? Santa's not real?

Dear Coorsaritas, thank you for being so delicious. I enjoy drinking you so much. So much that I never want to share you. Which is bad for my manners. But, good for my buzz. Priorities... ya know.

Dear Kristen, your proof of our Rehearsal Dinner invites is ridiculously amazing. Seriously, I couldn't have made it more perfect myself. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I knew you GOT me.

Dear Mr. Fresh, I've been looking at your baby pictures for a dog-themed guest post I am doing and seriously you were the cutest little puff ball ever. (Anyone want a sneak peak? He's too cute NOT to share ASAP)

Check out that cute little baby puppy face!!!

Dear Friday, I <3 always.="always." as="as" you.="you.">

That's all for today lovers! Have a wonderful weekend filled with too much booze and bad decisions. I kid. I kid. Only too much booze!


  1. Mr. Fresh was such a cute puppy!! I agree with your "no one should have to work on Fridays" comment. There is like no one in our office today it's ridiculous. It feels deserted.

  2. haha love your imagination! hilarious

    Have a great weekend!! Stop by and say hi!


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