Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just a Little Freak Out...

OK... OK.... Seriously... I've had enough.

Last night, (like every night last week) I came home from work at 4:00 and got started on wedding stuff. I finally crawled my tired ass into bed at 10:30. This is getting ridiculous.

To make matters worse, I go to the fridge to find that Big A and his friends drank all of my beers the night before.

You people don't like my beers. You constantly make fun of it. Please explain to me why you drank MY beers.

So, Big A comes home and I kindly ever so gently ask him what happened to the beers. He said he and the guys drank them and he didn't think much of it because sometimes I leave beer in the fridge for weeks and don't touch it (Way to exaggerate Big A, we all know that I don't let alcohol sit untouched for weeks...please)

To which I responded... I'm wedding planning... I drink every.single.night.

It may only be one or two beers, but I drink.

I then kindly asked him to get me a six pack before he left. He did, but not without a scoff. So I tacked on some laundry for him to do before he left too.

Aren't I sweet?

I DID give him the choice of taking over some of the wedding projects and I would do the laundry.

Yeah... laundry didn't seem so bad.

I REALLY started feeling the stress yesterday. I have 8 BILLION things to do and they all need to to be pretty much done by Thursday night because I am gone all weekend. I am holding Monday & Tuesday next week hostage in case I need to finish anything and then everything is due to the venue on Wednesday.

Wednesday people. Wednesday.

Oy! Whose stupid idea was it to plan this meeting right after my Bachelorette Party.

And I'm sure some of you people are saying, "Well, Kayleigh... if you weren't such a control freak, then maybe you could ask for help and this wouldn't be so crazy".

I kid you not. I would welcome help if it was possible. But right now, it is all stuff that I need to do and having someone else around wouldn't make much of a difference. Right now I am just designing the paper products, (programs, menus, etc.) and printing.

That's it. So, unfortunately it won't make any difference.

I did manage to get all of the programs printed last night before the printer ran out of color ink (that I swore up and down that I didn't need to the guy at Staples when I was buying the black in. I'm pretty sure he followed me home and switched out the cartridges while I was gone. It was all too coincidental that I ran out of ALL THREE colors). Now I just have to shell out the 8 billion dollars to get more ink and continue on my printing. Woo hoo.

I started editing photos that I need. I spent most of my afternoon researching photoshop tutorials, which I still consider part of work because I'm supposed to be learning this crap anyway. And this is what I learned:

Not perfect, but pretty good for just learning it!

So, now I need to continue the hunt for pictures and edit about 8 billion of them.

I'm doing OK, just freaking a little more than I am used to! It's all temporary though. After Wednesday I can relax a little until the 31st which is when everything is due to the florist. I'm also waiting for a few things to be shipped, so it would be super sweet if they could just hurry the eff up and send me the shit I ordered a month ago. Thanks!

So, in true fashion of trying to "keep it real" this is where I am.

Freaking the eff out.

Thank GOD for alcohol. And a Fiance who does everything he can to make me laugh at 11 o'clock at night when I am so exhausted that I just want to cry.

Almost done... 25 days... I can do this.

Happy Tuesday Folks! Hope you all are having a fabulous week!


  1. So, I know I was a total control freak too and this won't change anything but BREATH IN and BREATH OUT! You'll get there! It seems never ending but just TRY to remember some of those crafts your doing are going to get done and if they aren't perfect only you will notice! Good luck love! xo

  2. I'm sorry you are freaking out. It happens though. You will get everything done and then you will be able to relax. I promise it is worth it in the end. I know that is hard to see right now, but trust me, when the day comes and you see everything come together, you will be happy that you did everything the way you wanted it. Keep your head up!

  3. I haven't had a meltdown in about a week but I am sure I will have another one soon. Tonight I need to go out to purchase supplies for my favor bags and I'm having my parents over for dinner Sunday to discuss the final plans.....


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