Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Slaving Away on the To Do List

So, I spent most of my night last night finishing up some projects. We have our final appointment with our venue tomorrow and everything is due then. So I am trying to get everything together.

Hopefully I will have time tonight to throw together a Bachelorette Weekend post. We will see.

I know... I know... you guys are like "This Bitch never comes through".

Anyway... since we ARE so close to having everything due, let's take a looksie at my to do list shall we.

I feel a billion times better after getting a bunch of stuff last night.

I also have a bunch of posts that I can't wait to show you, but obviously I need to wait until AFTER the wedding!

1.Finalize the guest count. Call all outstanding RSVP's.

2.Do the Seating Chart. Planning to start that this week.

3.Find & print seating cards. Need to alphabetized by last name. 

4.Decide if there will be place card holders or not. There will not.

5.Find pictures for table names. Get materials. Make signs. Have everything. Just need to put together tonight.
6.Buy the stones for the centerpieces.
7.Buy materials for the programs, print, & put together.
8.Decide on whether or not we want to bother with menus. I had them all designed and then decided I didn't feel like doing it! Haha!

9.Make cake appointment.
10.Pick out cake. Decide on design. Bring topper to meeting. Had meeting. Everything is all set. Forgot topper. Just need to drop it off at some point.

11.Decide on song list. (Ceremony, Entrance, First Dance, etc.) Working on selecting ceremony music and need Mother/Son Dance song. Thankfully our DJ is patient with me!
12.Pick out parent presents. Figured out what I want to do.

13.Get marriage license

14.Decide on old, new, borrowed, and blue.  Still...no clue. I suck.

15.Break in wedding shoes. Will work on this weekend when I am at my parents' house.
16.Buy batteries for centerpieces. I asked Big A to do this over the weekend and then forgot to tell him anything else about it. Whoops. Maybe we can go tomorrow.

17.Make LOVE sign (which would be easier if I could actually remember what the hell it was or where I found it) Forget it!

18.Buy baskets for bathrooms and supplies. Put together.

19.Put together Bridesmaids gifts. All put together. Need to find boxes and  then I am done!

20.Wrap Groomsmen gifts. Need to go to the Christmas Tree Shop and get bags or something.

21.Come up with "day of" timeline. E-mail to Wedding Party. Slacking...

22.Send out invitations for rehearsal dinner. Big A is mailing them out today. Seriously, Kristen did a freaking amazing job. I can't wait to show all of you!!!
23.Finish writing "thank you " notes from the shower. Wrote all the ones I could. Need to get more (should have done it when I was at Target yesterday...dummy!) We keep getting gifts though so, I now have MORE to write than I thought. Totally OK with that though. Seriously, people are SO generous!
24.Finalize the rooms for the night before and night of the wedding. Done the night before. Night of is set, just need to get them a credit card number.

25.Get final payments together. This makes me want to crawl under my desk and cry, but we got it. Need to go get the final check for the Venue today. (Insert dry heaving here)

26.Have final meetings with vendors (florist, photographer, DJ, etc.) Florist is all set. DJ done on 8/8. Photographer was 8/15, and Venue is 8/22. (Need to get pic ideas together for Photographer)

27.Buy Photobooth favors. Put together. My freaking ridiculously awesome MOH came over last night and help me put them all together! Seriously, she is amazing.
28.Figure out picture cards.  I forgot that our photographer has a new option that she is trying out and we get it for FREE. She will have cards made from our Engagement pictures that will tell people where to go and they can upload all of the pictures they take. Yay!

29.Pick up Dress. Appointment Aug. 22nd. Tomorrow!!! EEEK!!!

30.Go away for Bachelorette weekend!
31.Make sign for Memory Table. 

32.E-mail picture to DJ.

33. Bring Big A's watch to get fixed. Brought it in. It needs a new band. Big A is going in on Wednesday to pick it out.

34. Pick picture for picture cards.

35. Pick up rings from being engraved. Big A's is ready. Mine still needs to come back. I'm DYING to find out what he wrote. We aren't supposed to look until after the ceremony. Haha!

Not too shabby. Not everything on the list is due tomorrow. Just most of it. Haha. I also want to make a list of everything that I am dropping off at the venue so if they lose something then I can be like "I gave it to you, so saw it". Is that a little crazy OCD? Or does anyone else think that I am super smart.
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Alright, I am out. Getting ready for all the big wig Executives to come visit.
Ya know, the ones that never come to Massachusetts, but coincidentally had a meeting booked and then I had to go write SHIT in a report. Awesome.
Can't wait to hear about that one.
Alright... Outie 5,000.


  1. I'm not looking forward to having to track down RSVP's but my people have about two more weeks to get theres to my mom's house!

  2. You are rocking the to-do list! Can't wait to see the finished product of everything!

  3. your to do list is getting so much shorter, I'm super excited for you! like for real! Like I looked at my calendar for something else and saw Sept 8 and was all happy because it's your wedding day!!! so soon!!!


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