Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So What! Wednesday

It's time for another So What! Wednesday!

Aww... only one more So What! Wednesday before I'm married!

Yes... it will be like this for the next 10 days and YES it IS all about me. Heh.

You know the deal. I'm linking up with my girl Shannon for SWW!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* The Slimfast Shake dealio I'm on right now makes me angrily hungry by the time dinner time comes around. It's for a good reason... my own vanity about my wedding day. They should have a warning on the side: A shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a sensible dinner. Warning: may cause you to want to trip small children and steal their Mac & Cheese. Yep... it gets that bad. I haven't tripped anyone though... yet!

* I have been having muffed up dreams lately that have no effected my waking life. Last night (half asleep) I told Big A that I had come up with some great idea and was thankful that we had a lawyer friend to help us out if we got into a bind. And then realized that this "lawyer friend" was Alec Baldwin who is neither a lawyer or my friend... and I was obviously coming out of a dream. (He was a lawyer in a movie I watched the other day... that's the only explanation that I can come up with.)
Sidenote: we were friends in my dream over our love for Border Collies. Which was ALSO from the movie. Ug.

* I asked some guy at work why he was a "manager" if he didn't manage any people? And then asked him if it was because they didn't trust him to manage any people. I thought I was being funny... but apparently from his lack of response... he didn't. Why can't people have a sense of humor?

* My body is SO out of shape from lack of working out that my 2 mile WALK on Monday and Tuesday has left me hobbling like a bow-legged elderly woman. In my defense, I think I'm actually having trouble with my hip, but it could just be because of my sloth lifestyle the past month.

* I get seriously annoyed when co-workers tell other people (i.e. strangers to me) about MY wedding and then expect me to stop everything that I am doing to talk about it. A) it's MY thing, if I don't want to talk about it with someone then I won't. Please don't make ME be the asshole because I blow them off. B) It's MY THING! I don't feel the need to share parts of my life with people I don't know. If I don't mention something, then don't bring it up. C) I'm blogging working. I'm busy.

* It is literally taking every fiber of my being NOT to look at what Big A had engraved on my ring. I have both rings, which probably isn't the best idea, but I would rather ME be tempted to look than him forgetting them. I suck at surprises. I haven't looked though and it has been 12 whole hours. Let's forget that 10 of those I was either sleeping or not home...

* I am stalking the weather for this weekend and next. For obvious reasons. I am seriously going to be one irate son of a bitch if it rains. Or is cold. Seriously Mother Nature, I will hunt you down like the beast that you are and will choke you. That's right. I ain't afraid to choke a bitch over bad weather. Figure it out.

* I felt like a whole new woman after a long hot shower and a glass of wine last night. I am slightly concerned that my mood was somewhat reliant on the alcohol, but I figure as long as it isn't crystal meth then it can always be worse. Right?

* I e-mailed aforementioned co-worker and asked him why he didn't think I was funny. And it turns out he just didn't see the e-mail. All is right in the world. I am STILL hysterical.

Alright lovies, it's time for me to hit the 'ole dusty trail. Seeing as how I spent the first half an hour I was at work talking with my boss, then the rest of the time belittling co-workers and blogging... I should probably actually PRETEND that I'm working on something important.

We're half-way through the week (hump day hi-yo) and it's almost the long weekend. I've got some fun posts coming up, including an entire week of some ridiculously fabulous guest bloggers while I am away on my honeymoon. I can hardly contain my excitement!


  1. OMG I want to know what's on the ring!!!!

    And omg that's the worst when you have possible mis-understandings with co-workers. it's like your family, you're sorta stuck with them so they might as well love you!

  2. The 10 day forecast comes out tomorrow and I will be obsessively checking it every few hours until the wedding I'm sure. Here's to hoping for no rain on our big days!

    And I'm with you - who can focus on work right now? We are getting married!!!

  3. Don't get too caught up on the weather just yet. The 10 day forecasts are almost never right. So wait until like 3 or 4 days out to look and decide if you need to kill someone, haha! I don't know how you haven't looked at that ring yet. I wouldn't have been able to not look, haha! I hate surprises as well. They bother me, but only if someone walks up and says "I have a surprise for you!" type thing. If I am completely unaware then I don't care, haha!

  4. I have been sleeping terrible between the work stress and the wedding its so hard to sleep!

    I suck at surprises too!


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