Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Randoms

OK people... this is not a drill... we have officially gone into "single digit territory"!

9 mother effing days.

Cue the freaking out now.

I've been doing pretty good keeping chill. I mean, for the most part.

I had a minor freak out last night when I noticed that my daily walks had created a not so awesome tan line. Yeah, no one wants a farmer's tan in their STRAPLESS wedding dress.

Big A of course didn't get it at all. He "couldn't even see it".

Men... sometimes I think I need a friend living with me too. Or at least an effeminate gay male friend.

Either way. Someone who will understand tan lines gone astray. 

I'm pretty sure that I will be tanning after work today. And most days... until the wedding. Which is funny because I just decided yesterday that I didn't need tanning. I have a light glow and next to the white dress I look particularly bronzed.

I swear there is some higher power somewhere that is dedicated to throwing a wrench in the works for me. Seriously, once I think I have my shit together, BAM take that BITCH! How about some messed up tan lines for your special day!

OK... I know I am going  a bit overboard with the tan lines... maybe I'm not doing so well. I HAVE been drinking more wine lately though, that's been helping.

Last night Big A and I had a particularly lovely date night. I grilled burgers, we hung out, even Mr. Fresh got a little play time in there too.

I forced Big A to finally sign the thank you cards that I had JUST finished for the shower (I needed more and since they were designed for me, it took time to make more). So thankfully I will have those out today and a little breather before we have to write more. (And I use "we" loosely, we all know I write them and Big A signs his name. He has a tough life)

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Relaxing. Enjoying myself. It will be nice to have a 3 day weekend, work two days (one of them we have this CRAZY 100 person meeting because apparently it is a good idea to throw that at me the week before I get married) and then have 4 days off.

Big A and I are going back to work the week following the wedding and leaving for our honeymoon part 1 (I say part 1 because we plan on actually FLYING somewhere in the early Spring. We couldn't afford to do so now and are COMPLETELY blessed that we have a place on Martha's Vineyard to go to, but I keep telling him that NOW is the time to take this trip somewhere or else we will never do it. So maybe Florida or something. Who knows!). We wanted as much time as possible and we didn't want to have to rush around the next day. It will suck going back to work, but with a week's vacation as an incentive, it will be OK.

And that's what we have going on for now. The semi calm before the storm. I am getting my hair did by the fabulous Marizzle tonight who is going to make me look wedding day ready. Then it is one more day until the weekend.

Of course, if the 90 degree weather would switch from Friday to preferably Sunday that would be fabulous.

And of course, we can officially stalk the weather for the wedding weekend. Looks good to me. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that it keeps to this. I like this forecast. I would like it a little better if it was 0% rain for Saturday, but I'll take this. Well done Mother Nature. Keep up the good work.

And that's all the random ramblings that I have for you today. Please excuse the lack of actual content for the next week or so. We all know that it is a surprise that I am still capable of dressing myself in the morning these days, so let's take what we can get. Shall we?



  1. I wish tan lines were a problem I had. Instead I'm probably going to be whiter than my dress.

    Thank you cards will be the death of me. I'm expecting 8th grade essay worthy hand cramps.

    Also, I kind of want your MV house.

  2. Tan lines - ugh! So frustrating! I don't ever get tan so I can't really relate. Haha. Pale girl here. So the weather forecast for your wedding and my 50 miles of walking is looking good. Thank God! Here's hoping it stays that way. Can't believe it is so close. Can't wait to see your wedding pics.

  3. I need to get rid of my tan lines too, only right now I don't have any extra money to go tanning lol maybe next week.

    I hope the weather for our big day is 75 and sunny, maybe that is too much to ask. Our reception is outside so I might flip if it rains.....

  4. well... you always could go to one of those fancy pro places that actually spray you tan. like not mystic, but the people who see you all naked-like (or in paper underware) and they can take care of them if they are for real bad. I say post pics! or just e-mail them to me lol! I'll tell you straight-up.
    and 10% chance of rain on your wedding is not so bad :) and if it does rain, you can just sing 'ironic' all day and people will think you are stuck in the 90's or drunk karoke'ing alanis and it'll be hilarious!

  5. I worked a week inbetween my wedding and honeymoon! I recommend it. You will feel totally rested and ready for your trip...and not exhausted from wedding weekend!


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