Monday, August 13, 2012

Wedding Planning Update

This weekend I was a slave to wedding planning. Seems like that's the case these days. But then again, when you only have 26 days left (9 until everything is due to the venue) that's pretty much your life. Ya know.

Thank GOD for my mom who is constantly available every second that I need her. If I was her I would want to slap me if someone dragged me through Michaels every.single.weekend.

Good thing she is a nicer person that me.

Got some stuff checked off the to do list. Two items that were HUGE including, putting together the place cards (why do I always come up with these elaborate ideas? Good thing they came out amazing) and getting the seating chart done.

Seriously, I have been dreading that mother effing seating chart since we got engaged. And honestly... it was probably one of the easiest things that we have done. No joke.

I gave my mom the people for my side of the family and her & my dad's friends. I gave my future MIL her family & friends. And said have at it. I did our friends and work people. It was easy as pie. We met yesterday. Had some wine. Busted out the list. And then still had time to drink more wine, check out possible dresses for my MIL for the wedding (seriously... the purple one is STUNNING... I kind of want it...), and catch up. It was great.

Add that with Big A being a rockstar yesterday helping me with groceries and laundry and it was a pretty good productive day.

I was originally going to post about the place cards, but seeing as how they took a billion hours and probably 10 years off my life... I'm going to have a whole post for them after the wedding. I want SOME surprises.

Anywho... here's where I am on my to do list:

1.Finalize the guest count. Call all outstanding RSVP's. Have every one's response. Just need meal choice for 4 people.

2.Do the Seating Chart. Planning to start that this week.

3.Find & print seating cards. Need to alphabetized by last name. Cards all put together. With names. Just need to put on which table they are at. Need to decide on table names first.
4.Decide if there will be place card holders or not. There will not.

5.Find pictures for table names. Get materials. Make signs. Got the materials. Need pictures. We found about 7 out of 19 this weekend.

6.Buy the stones for the centerpieces. Finally found the right ones. Need to order.

7.Buy materials for the programs, print, & put together. Bought supplies. Had a slight issue*. Back on track. Design is finished. Need to print.

8.Decide on whether or not we want to bother with menus. Undecided still. We will see how much time, energy, money, etc. I have. Doesn't seem like it would take too much work, but we will see.

9.Make cake appointment. Will do this week. Scheduled tentatively for this Thursday the 16th

10.Pick out cake. Decide on design. Bring topper to meting.

11.Decide on song list. (Ceremony, Entrance, First Dance, etc.) Finalized the Reception music, except for the Mother/Son song, but that will be done by Wednesday**. Need to talk to him tomorrow about ceremony music.

12.Pick out parent presents. Figured out what I want to do.

13.Get marriage license. Need to pick that up today.

14.Decide on old, new, borrowed, and blue. Still...No clue.

15.Break in wedding shoes. Crap! They are at my parents' house. I NEVER remember to do this.
16.Buy batteries for centerpieces.

17.Make LOVE sign (which would be easier if I could actually remember what the hell it was or where I found it) Forget it!

18.Buy baskets for bathrooms and supplies. Put together.

19.Put together Bridesmaids gifts.

20.Wrap Groomsmen gifts.

21.Come up with "day of" timeline. E-mail to Wedding Party.

22.Send out invitations for rehearsal dinner. The AMAZING Kristen is working on them! LOVE her!

23.Finish writing "thank you " notes from the shower.Written all that I can. Waiting for more cards. Need to have Big A sign the ones I have and just send them out. - No progress here haha.

24.Finalize the rooms for the night before and night of the wedding. Done the night before. Night of is set, just need to get them a credit card number.

25.Get final payments together. This makes me want to crawl under my desk and cry, but we got it.

26.Have final meetings with vendors (florist, photographer, DJ, etc.) Florist is all set. DJ done on 8/8. Photographer is 8/15, and Venue is 8/22. (Need to get pic ideas together for Photographer)

27.Buy Photobooth favors. Put together.Ordered. Need to put them together when I get them.
28.Figure out picture cards. Don't think I am going to do this anymore.

29.Pick up Dress. Appointment Aug. 22nd

30.Go away for Bachelorette weekend! Aug. 17-19 THIS WEEKEND!!!

31.Make sign for Memory Table. Got the frame. Just need to type & print.

32.E-mail picture to DJ. Crap. Need to do this.

33. Bring Big A's watch to get fixed. Bringing it in today

Not too shabby. Could be worse. Could be better. Some stuff could be done after the 22nd, so I am going to leave that for last in case I get crazy! Haha. I really, really, really, want to do menus but I might not have time. I just think they look SO classy.

Because classy is my middle name, if you didn't know.

Aaaannnd.... you can all stop laughing.

Alright lovers, I'm off for today. I promise that the next weekend recap will be more exciting. Seeing as how it will be from the Bachelorette Party! Although... look for a still partially hung over post on Monday and then some public-approved pictures some time throughout the week when I can finally stomach looking at pictures containing alcohol again.

Mom... are you so proud reading that? Haha



  1. Ah!! So exciting! It's getting so close!! xo

  2. Your dress can be your something new, my something old is my grandma's jewelery, my something borrowed will be the sixpence that every girl in my mom's family has put in their shoe and my something blue.....I still don't know but I may have my mom stitch our wedding date in blue under my dress :)

    I would ask important women in your life for something to borrow.

  3. We finished our seating chart this weekend too! Such a relief to have that done.

  4. Yay for checking things off! That's awesome! Glad you got the seating chart done. I'm sure that made you feel tons better!


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