Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest Post: Lindsay from Small Town Kind of Life

Today we have Lindsay filling in for me. Lindsay and I (like Megan) bonded over wedding planning. In fact, she got married on Big A and I's anniversary, which I think makes us extra special. To add on to her cool factor, she lives in Canada. And if you remember this guest post I did over here, then you would know that I <3 and="and" be="be" bffs="bffs" canada="canada" i="i" lindsay="lindsay" me.="me." me="me" meant="meant" obviously="obviously" s="s" so="so" some="some" to="to" were="were">
Love Don’t Cost a Thing…My Ass!

Hey all you lovely people over here at Down at Fraggle Rock. I just want to give my home girl a big CONGRATS on her marriage! Welcome to the dark side sweetie! :-)

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lindsay and I blog over at Small Town Kind Of Life. I’m a small town girl (title, duh!) and l got married on May 12th, 2012. So, I guess that makes me a newlywed but it sure feel like it’s been longer then that.

Seriously though, marriage is no joke! So, any of you ladies that are thinking about getting married sit down as I tell you the cold hard truth.

1. Being in love is expensive! First there is the dating period where you go out of your way to make that person feel special….$Cha-ching$!

Then, you get engaged and that perfect ring is sitting lovingly on your finger…$Cha-ching$!

Then comes marriage and we all know that that isn’t free! The dress, the caterer, the photographer, the flowers…$Cha-ching$!

All of the sudden your married and now you need a house. There’s bills to pay and people to feed…$CHA-CHING$!!!!

So, get out of la-la land and realize that not only is love NOT free, it’s pretty damn expensive!

2. The honeymoon bubble doesn’t just pop. It EXPLODES!

There’s a stage shortly after you get married when everything is still puppies and rainbows. You are reminiscing about the wedding while holding hands gazing into each other's eyes.

All of the sudden that honeymoon stage goes all exorcist on your ass. Green vomit and everything!

It’s horrible. It’s when reality strikes and you can’t help but look at that person sitting across from you and think, “Oh geez, I’m stuck with this person, forever!” You have a fight. A big fight probably because everything is so peachy keen at first and you’ve been holding it in.

3. Boy stuff sucks!

If you are as fortunate as I am to not live with your husband before the wedding they will begin moving their stuff in.

After the 4th deer head and 18th souvenir beer glass you crack! How can one man have so much junk?

Between trying to put away new beautiful wedding presents and throwing out carefully camouflaging your husbands junk possessions, it’s enough to make a girl drink, heavily.

4. Ohh….you thought that they smelt bad before hand, HA!

After the wedding either your sense of smell gets heightened or the cork comes popping off of your husbands smelly pipe!

They take being smelly to a whole new level.

The socks and shoes…*cringe*

5. The most important reality check….

You realize that through all the junk and over mountains of bills, you can’t help still being completely and madly in love with this person.

You realize that no matter what you are going through this person is always going to be there for you no matter what.

That this person, who’s head you occasionally want to rip off, is your everything. Though thick and thin. The good and the bad. You are completely and inexplicably in love!

***You may now stop gagging***

I’d like to thank you Down at Fraggle Rock for having me!

I can’t wait to hear from the newest member of the Mrs. club and all about her nuptials! In the meantime, feel free to stop by my blog and say hi!


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