Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So What! Wednesday

You know what time it is!!!

Time for another So What! Wednesday.

Our weekly Bitch Fest hosted by the ever so fabulous Shannon!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* When everyone at work talked about how they missed me when I was gone, I A) assumed they were full of shit, and B) told them I did not miss them. I was on the Vineyard... with my husband... why would I miss work? Crazy talk.

* I realized last night that I never paid my cell phone bill last month. Apparently in all of the wedding craziness that was the one thing that just slipped through the cracks. Whoops! Looks like I will be paying that off for the next could weeks...

* I originally spelled "paid" as "payed" in the last one. Still asleep much?

* I fell in love with a house yesterday and had mentall moved in and decorated the whole house. And then Big A dropped the bomb that he didn't like the location. NOW he decides to be picky? He wanted us to live in the swamp!

* I stalk my e-mail and Facebook to see if my photographer posted our wedding pictures yet. I couldn't believe she was taking SO long and then I realized it had only been 2 1/2 weeks. Impatient much?

* I am OBSESSED with Song Pop. I've played 120 games so far this week. I need an intervention.

* Every day this week I have told myself that I am going back to the gym... and then... I eat Wendys for lunch...and kill a large Italian sub for dinner. Yikes!

* I lost weight anyway. Holler. I know it won't last long. I need to get my ass back in gear.Add it to the intervention list.

* I'm a klutz. There I said it. It's never going to change. I trip all the time. Twist my ankle. Walk into thing. And last night... I fell down the stairs. Yep. Outside. In front of a billion cars. Totally ate shit. If I was watching myself, I probably would have peed my pants. BUT, since it was me that took the digger, I get no laughs and a swollen knee. And bruises. Oh the bruises. Way to go me!

* I am SO over this whole name change process. It effing sucks. And people are idiots. I.All.Done. Big A better buy me a friggin' unicorn for all of my trouble!

* I've become such a nail snob that I HATE the way they look when I do them. I had the gel manicure for the past two months and now I look like a freakin' hobo with my crappy nail job. Booooo!

* I have become one of those people that has all this shit pinned on Pinterest and done none of it. There's no point in doing it now, but at least I will have some ideas when we finally find a house.

Alright lover butts! That's all for today. Smooches!


  1. get it mama losing weight! it's all about total calories anyway. so wendy's or slave at home for something healthy, it all is the same (basically, right?!) I am seriously the last girl on the planet who hasn't gotten a gel mani yet. I keep telling myself I'm this amazing nail artist, but i get soo jealous when i see other girl's with perfect nails for weeks. I can't commit to a color... maybe this fall something dark? is gray weird? And no shame on pinterest, I have baby boards, wedding boards, photography boards, I'm doing none of it ever again lol but who cares :) Leah @ Lovely Life of Leah

  2. I love the gel manicures but they really kill my nails and then my nails look crappy for like a month afterwards. I've gone back to regular manicures! If only I could afford to get one every week.

  3. Hey loverbutt, I'm going to start stalking your photographer myself because I want to see the professional pictures!

  4. Your clumsy too? I am the same way. My husband gets mad at me all the time because he "says" that I don't watch where I am walking. Yeah, okay. I constantly have bruises on my legs from running in to things. I ran into my desk three times yesterday, haha! And I love Song Pop too. I actually introduced my brother to it as well and he is absolutely obsessed. I think he may have a small obsession with it. Hope your pictures come soon!

  5. go on with your bad married self! you did not miss those people, they know it and so do you! no need to lie! hilarious!


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