Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding To Do List: The Final Chapter

Alright people. Shit is about to get REAL.

With 4 days and counting left... this wedding is happening ready or not.

And I have to say... it still doesn't FEEL real.

I mean. It feels like any other week. I have to work, do laundry, make dinner, etc.

The only thing different is that I already have my plans worked out for the weekend, and they just so happen to include dinner and dancing with 150 of our closest friends and family.


For the most part everything is done. Just some last minute things that we need to do:
1.Finalize the guest count. Call all outstanding RSVP's.

2.Do the Seating Chart.
3.Find & print seating cards. Need to alphabetized by last name.

4.Decide if there will be place card holders or not. There will not.

5.Find pictures for table names. Get materials. Make signs.

6.Buy the stones for the centerpieces.
7.Buy materials for the programs, print, & put together.
8.Decide on whether or not we want to bother with menus. I had them all designed and then decided I didn't feel like doing it! Haha!

9.Make cake appointment.

10.Pick out cake. Decide on design. Bring topper to meeting. Done. Just need to drop off the cake topper this week.

11.Decide on song list. (Ceremony, Entrance, First Dance, etc.) Working on selecting ceremony music. Finalized Mother/Son song, just need the name from Big A. And e-mail the DJ. We had some trouble finding the right version of the song for the Father/Daughter dance, but my dad is pretty much a rockstar and figured it all out. Thank God because that night the DJ e-mailed me and said he couldn't find what we wanted, and I didn't even have to freak about it. Thanks Pops!

12.Pick out parent presents. Figured out what I want to do.

13.Get marriage license.

14.Decide on old, new, borrowed, and blue. Finally figured this one out. Old: My ring (the diamond is from my grandfather's aunt's engagement ring); New; Wedding Dress; Borrowed: Earrings from my mom; Blue: The earrings are a light blue, but I bought blue jundies just in case that wasn't blue enough! Haha.
15.Break in wedding shoes. I walked around in them a little at my parents' house. I deemed them comfortable. Hopefully, they do not make a liar out of me. I also went out and bought special flip flops to change into.
16.Buy batteries for centerpieces.
17.Make LOVE sign (which would be easier if I could actually remember what the hell it was or where I found it) Forget it!

18.Buy baskets for bathrooms and supplies. Put together.

19.Put together Bridesmaids gifts. All put together. Bought boxes. Just need to wrap.
20.Wrap Groomsmen gifts. Got the bags. Just need to put them all together.
21.Come up with "day of" timeline. E-mail to Wedding Party.  Need to figure out what the boys are doing since I thought they would figure it out for themselves...silly me.
22.Send out invitations for rehearsal dinner. Can't wait to show you what they look like! Post coming soon!

23.Finish writing "thank you " notes from the shower. OMG! Finally got this done! I got the rest of the thank you cards and then people kept sending gifts! People are seriously SO generous!!! Just need to buy stamps today and send them out.

24.Finalize the rooms for the night before and night of the wedding. Done the night before. Night of is set, just need to get them a credit card number.

25.Get final payments together. I'm considering this done since everyone has been paid, except for the JP who will get paid at the rehearsal.

26.Have final meetings with vendors (florist, photographer, DJ, etc.)
27.Buy Photobooth favors. Put together.

28.Figure out picture cards. I forgot that our photographer has a new option that she is trying out and we get it for FREE. She will have cards made from our Engagement pictures that will tell people where to go and they can upload all of the pictures they take. Yay!
29.Pick up Dress.

30.Go away for Bachelorette weekend!

31.Make sign for Memory Table.

32.E-mail picture to DJ.

33. Bring Big A's watch to get fixed. Brought it in. It needed a new band. I plan on picking it up when I bring my ring in to get refinished on Thursday.
34. Pick picture for picture cards.

35. Pick up rings from being engraved. I can't WAIT to see what Big A wrote in mine!

36. Pick up tuxes. Should be ready tomorrow. Or someone might get hurt.

37. Bring ring to get re-finished/cleaned. Will do this on Thursday.

38. Put together bag with jewelry, garter, shoe stickers, etc. so I don't forget anything.

39. Make sign for photostrip holders. OMG. Slacker. This will seriously take me 5 seconds and I just can't do it!

40. Make packing list and have Mom and MOH check it to make sure I am not forgetting anything.

As you can see, there isn't a whole lot left to do.

Just last minute things that I will be working on over the next few days.

I do have to say that I have been incredibly lucky to have the help that I have had, and that I have such amazing women like my mom and my MOH who will make sure that I don't forget anything.

Seriously, J$ showed me one of the THREE baskets that she has packed for the day with emergency items like safety clips, a sewing kit, Q-tips, etc. So that I am set in case anything goes wrong. I feel 8 MILLION times better knowing that if I temporarily lose my brain (which is highly possible in the next 4 days) that she has my back.

And I can't wait to find out what else she is bringing because she knows that I am nosey as eff and now want to know what's going on. Hahaha.

So the next few days will be spent finishing up the to do list, trying to pull off a huge meeting at work, and then trying to find some time to relax before Friday night.


Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend and your day back at work today isn't too rough!


  1. Wow, you sound like you've got it under control. I've got about 18 days and I am feeling so overwhelmed but in reality I can't do a lot till about two days before the wedding.

    I spent all weekend cracking through my to-do list and it felt amazing!!!!!

  2. 4 Days!!!! Good luck this week getting everything done and enjoy these last few days before the big day on Saturday. So exciting!!!!

  3. Holy crap! You're getting Married this weekend! Time has just flown by. Sounds like you are pretty much done with everything and that is awesome! Can't wait to see how everything turns out! One more thing to look forward too!

  4. What town are you getting married in? Weather on the Cape for Fri and Sat says 75 and sun and Sunday is rain so I'm hoping that changes. . . I really hope you have perfect weather for your wedding!


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