Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays: Gift Giving!

I'm linking up with Allie & Kay for Wedded Bliss Wednesdays!

In honor of the upcoming holidays (I can't believe tomorrow is November 1st! What?!) today's post is all about gift giving. Except, it's not about me unfortunately. Bummer.

I have to say, I'm a pretty awesome gift giver. I like to put a lot of thought into what I get and get MORE excited to see someone open my present then to get my own.

But then again, I love the praise and attention, so maybe it is a little more selfish than I thought...whoops!

What is the best gift to give your husband?

I think long and hard before I get him anything. Usually, I try to listen to something he says he wants that I know he will never buy himself. Most of the time it has something to do with cars. That's a sure fire way to have a happy man.

What is a meaningful gift that you can give that does not cost money?

Sometimes I give Big A gifts like "One Free Taking the Dog Out" coupon. Or something like that. It gives him a free pass if he is too tired to take Mr. Fresh out. It's a little something that doesn't cost me anything, but helps him out when things get crazy for him. These come in handy a lot in the Winter when he is out plowing all the time and needs a little relaxation when he comes home.

What is the best gift you have given to him?

Me. Obviously. Heh.

No, in all seriousness. I don't know. I bought him a tilt steering column for his Chevelle that he liked. I also made him a canvas collage of all of his cars over the years. Which he loved, but it is coming apart a little bit and needs to be fixed.

What is the best gift he has given to you?

I would have to say my Engagement ring. He gave it to me for our four year anniversary. It is most definitely my most favorite present from him!

Next, would have to be the easel he surprised me with for Christmas last year. We don't have space to set it up, but he promises that as soon as we get a house we will find a spot just for me that I can paint or draw or do whatever I want and not have to worry about picking it all up before I'm done. (Right now everything is done on the coffee table. I cover it, but stuff still gets everywhere. I still have a huge glob of glitter paint on the couch cover from a wedding project!)

What are you giving this holiday?
We don't usually do a whole lot for Christmas. We are usually strapped for cash so we keep it simple. Small things in our stockings. Maybe a couple small other things. We don't spend much on each other. We usually try and go out for a nice dinner. My birthday is 5 days before Christmas, so things are usually a bit busy!
That's all for this week's Wedded Bliss Wednesday!
Next week's post is all about your childhood expectations of marriage and how it matches up with now. I'll have to see if I can find any of my old journals to find out some information!
Go check out Allie and Kay, and all the other posts for Wedded Bliss Wednesdays!

So What! Wednesday

Hello Lovers!

It's time for another So What! Wednesday with Shannon!

It's also double feature Wednesday with a second "Wedded Bliss Wednesday" post later!

AND, you will be SO proud of me. I worked on wedding pictures last night and I have 3 (or 4?) posts set up with pictures to FINALLY recap our wedding that was like 6 years ago!

There are SO many pictures, but I love them all so get ready for some picture heavy posts! Those 3 or 4 cover Getting Ready (the professional pics), The Dress & Accessories, The Wedding Party...OK maybe there is only 3! Haha!

Then we have The Ceremony, Posed pictures (which I might break up into Wedding Party, Family, and that too much? We will see how many pics there are), and then The Reception. And then I have a tutorial on how to make our placecards. Those things were a bitch to make, but the came out AMAZING!

Anyway... enough jibber jabber... onto So What! Wednesday.

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I call every single person who will not let me get on the highway an asshole. If there are two lanes and NO ONE is in the left lane, move over so we can all get on. And NO, moving over right AFTER where I am doesn't help. Assholes.

* I got a little upset that we won't be getting any trick or treaters until I remembered how Mr. Fresh would just be barking the entire night, and then I got excited that we aren't getting any trick or treaters. This might be our last Halloween in an apartment, so might as well enjoy the peace and quiet while I can.

* I'm walking like an 80 year old woman today. I didn't make it to the gym last night (since my Ipod was dead and I knew a workout sans music would suck, not to mention I might actually have to talk to someone #antisocialbitch) so I did a little JM kickboxing and the 300 Ab challenge. And while I was pretty much gurgling my heart at the end, I did it and it feels mother fluffing great! Back in action baby! 10 more pounds to go before Christmas! Holler!

* If I thought this e-mail I got from American Express was super sweet...
...for like two seconds until I wondered what the catch is. Always a pessimist at heart.

* I'm pretty sure that Mr. Fresh hates me for putting my Halloween wig on him. (This is not the first time we have dressed him up, but he does seem to understand that as soon as we get a good picture then we stop...)

* If I'm pissed that I spent four hours on Saturday cleaning and getting rid of a bunch of clothes, junk, etc. and you can't even tell the difference because it was all in the closet or under the bed. Wah!

* I was annoyed that I had to do work when I first got here. Don't they know that this is my blogging time? Pshhh.

That's all for today. Come back later for Wedded Bliss Wednesday!

And look out for Wedding Recaps starting TUESDAY!

Now head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Well... we survived Hurricane Sandy with only losing power for about 4 1/2 hours...

...and a certain someone leaving their windows open on Saturday so that when it rained all day Sunday and then all night their car was drenched...

Yeah... that certain someone's driver's seat is STILL wet.

And they may have blamed it on their husband.

Sorry honey!

Anywho... a little loss of power and we were back in action.

I think my parents still don't have power, which is pretty much par for the course with their town.

I was kind of hoping to have the day off today,  but apparently I should just be appreciative of the half day I got.

I wish I could tell you that I did something interesting with my time yesterday, but I didn't.

I was thankful that the power came back on before it got dark and before dinner time.

And then we spent the rest of the night using every bit of electricity that we could.

In other news, my fitness challenge is going pretty shitty.

I lost 2 lbs the first week, probably by sure luck, and then fate punched me in the face and it was a big goose egg for me.

However... and I am making you ALL hold me to this. My ass is hitting the gym today after work.

No ifs, ands, or large gigantic butts (heh see what I did there...)

I feel gross. And for the fact that I did some crazy cleaning on Saturday and could barely move my legs on Sunday because I am crazy out of shape. BOOOOOO!

I have been eating semi-healthy for an entire day now... only going over my daily amount by 9 calories.

Trying to keep the same again.

Although, I hate that ravenous, incredibly hungry feeling that first week I go back to eating like a normal person and not one of those people who just stuff their face into their food because their hands slow them down.

So, I'm trying to to attack anyone for their food... especially not the jackhole who just stood right next to my desk with fresh waffles.


Anywho... that's all I gots for today. I know... incredibly interesting information.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Show & Tell Monday Link-up

I'm linking up with Becky from over at From Mrs. to Mama for Show & Tell Monday.

In case that wasn't clear from the header at the top... hehe.

I've followed Becky for a long time, watching as she talked about just becoming a Mrs, then as she became a Mama, and now as she becomes a Mama again! If you haven't checked her out...then do so... immediately.

Now onto one of my favorite topics... Big A! I know I do the whole Wedded Bliss Wednesdays thing, but I thought it would be fun to do this as well. Ya know... any excuse to gush about my man!
1. Tell us about how and when you met your love and what attracted you most to him.

I met Big A when I was 21 and he was 24. We met at a 50th Birthday party (they say it happens when you least expect it). I was there to hang out with my friend who was having the party and he was there because he was friends with my friend's older brother. Neither one of us planned on going there, and honestly I was planning on leaving when I met him. Guess it was just meant to be. I was attracted to how easy it was to talk to him. We got each other immediately. It was like we had known each other for years. And when we kissed for the first time, it felt like we have been together forever. It just felt right.

2. Show us the very first {or one of the first} pictures you guys ever took together. {Feel free to show us more than one}

These are some of my favorites from our first few months together! I look back at these pictures and think that we look like such babies.
3. Tell us some of your favorite memories that you two had together.

We have had a lot of great memories together. Fun vacations, parties, etc. I think my most favorite are our wedding and our honeymoon. Our honeymoon was the first time we had been on vacation together for an entire week, and we were alone. I thought we were going to want to kill each other by the end, but we seriously had the best time! It was amazing!

4. Tell us your favorite qualities about this man, what makes him "the one."

I know this is going to sound completely corny, but he "completes" me. On a lot of things one of us knows more than the other, so we kind of let the "expert" take the lead. We trust each other and learn from each other daily. But, on the big important stuff, we agree (mostly) which is a huge plus. I love how safe I feel with him. I can be so scared and not know what is going to happen next (which drives me nuts), but as long as he tells me that everything will be OK, then I'm good. I love the way that he can make me laugh when just one second before all I wanted to do was scream. And I love the way that on my worst days, when I hate everything and myself, he can make me feel like the smartest, most beautiful, wonderful person on the entire planet.

5. Tell us what your "date nights" typically look like.

Honestly, our date nights vary. Sometimes when we have something special going on, or a little extra money in our pockets, or we are just completely stressed, we go out to eat. Sometimes I can get a good deal on Groupon and we can do something fun like bowling or mini golf. Most of the time, it's just the two of us. At home. We eat dinner. We watch TV. Just completely mundane stuff, but sometimes when we are both crazy busy, it's the only quality time that we actually get to spend with each other. So it's nice to know that we have that time no matter what life throws at us.

OK folks... that's all about Big A! I know you are all probably sick of hearing about him. And probably wondering when I will get off my fat ass and post wedding pictures. If it makes you feel any better, I have a bunch of collages done at home waiting to be put on posts. But... of course I never remember to upload them to Blogger so that I can work on them at work. I'm so smart.

We are currently hunkering down, getting ready for this feisty bitch Sandy to make her debut. We are hearing a whole bunch of conflicting reports about when it is coming and how bad it will be. You never know here. Sometimes a huge nor'easter turns into some sprinkles of rain. And sometimes a sunny day turns into 37 feet of snow.

I'll leave you with some funny Hurricane Sandy inspired pictures, and hopefully I will still have power tomorrow and will be back with more shenanigans.

For everyone who was/is going to be effected by this storm, I hope you stay safe! Smooches!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters


Can you guess what my favorite part of Friday's Letters is?

I'll give you a hint... it has nothing to do with the opportunity to be a snarky bitch.

We all know I do that every day anyway.

It means that it is mothereffing FRIDAY and if I can just get through a solid 8 hours then I'm outta here for 2 whole days.

I know, shocking right.

Anyway, I'm linking up with Ashley. Head on over there and check out all of the other fabulous ladies that are out there!

Now time for the letters:

Dear Big A, I know that we gots a whole lot going on right now and we are stressed to the max, but I'm SO looking forward to the reward from all of our hard work. This is the begging of the rest of our lives and it is going to be amazing.

Dear Readers, super secret mission information should be coming soon. It's probably not that exciting to you, but I'm so happy I could just shit my pants. Well... not really, but if I was the type of person to soil myself from excitement, then I would be needing some ladies' depends right meow.

Dear Dream Last Night, why did you erase me from my best friends' memories. Totally not cool. And let's be real... who can forget this face?

Dear Mr. Fresh, I finally figured out what you do in your free time. I have two questions: 1) Where did you find a monkey? and 2) Where are your winnings? You owe me for back rent.

Thanks to a friend for posting this on Facebook. It looks JUST LIKE Mr. Fresh, it's hysterical.

Dear Big A, I think about this all the time when you look at me like I'm nuts. And P.S. Mr. Fresh LOVES IT when I sing songs to him, please don't be jealous when you aren't involved.

Dear Life, all of this stress better damn well be worth it. Or seriously, I WILL cut you.

Dear Hurricane Sandy, please don't be a bitch.  But feel free to make everyone nervous enough to give Big A and I the day off, without causing any actual damage. Thanks Sweetums!

Dear Self, get off your stupid ass and DO something. This whole whining about not going to the gym and eating like crap thing is old news. You want a change, make one. Bitch. :)

That's all for today folk! Hope ya'll have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


So here's the dealio lovers. I've been a downright crabby patty the past 26 years week or so. Things are crazy. Things are stressful. Big A and I are in the middle of a HUGE transition, and honestly the constant talking about grown-up adult things, game plans, thoughts, etc. is getting old...quick.

Seriously, a part of me wants to go back to 21 year old me, whose biggest problem was figuring out how many bottles of Arbor Mist I could buy that day. For reals.

So, I kept this little post in my arsenal, for a day when I felt like I wanted to just rip into how unfair, annoying, obnoxious, etc. etc. etc. I thought life was.

Because, I'll be the first to admit it... sometimes I need a good bitch slap across the face to remember that while I may be facing some trials/tribulations/bullshit, life IS good.

So here goes it bitches... enjoy...(and yes, I was drinking when I wrote this... probably why I was so happy.)

Written on Thursday, September 13th, 2012
I just want to remember this feeling. Which is why I am writing it all down. And I don't know when I will post it. But every so often I am stricken with an intense urge to document every moment of something glorious, so that I never forget that feeling.
That's why I got the stars tattooed behind my ears. That was Labor Day weekend in 2007. Big A and I had been dating for a few months and it was the first time in a very long time that I felt absolutely and completely happy and satisfied in my life.

This is what happiness and love looks like. :)

So, I got a tattoo to remember it by.

Ignore my weird red ear, it has nothing to do with this story...
Today I write.
I returned home from a slightly hectic day at work. I had left for a couple hours in the morning to go change my name and I was having a little trouble it. Not because I thought I would regret it, or because I didn't want to do it. It was just strange to change something that was all I had ever known.
I had that name for almost 27 years and I felt like it was going to change ME.
You can read all about it here.
When I returned to work after going to the Social Security Office, I found out that a woman who I had worked with had passed away. She was diagnosed with cancer less than a year ago, and that was how quickly it took her life.
Hearing about her past and all of the hardships that she had faced, it truly effected me. This woman was amazing and deserved none of the absolute bullshit (which is the only way that I can describe what happened to her) that she endured in her life.
I stopped at the liquor store and bought myself a trusty bottle of Moscato. And then decided to be a little daring and try a new Riesling that they just came out with. I never have luck trying new things, but I keep trying to do so.  
I had been joking with everyone, mostly Big A, about what was going to be different when we got married. Being together for 5 1/2 years, and living together for almost 3, there wasn't a whole lot that was going to change just because we were married. Our commitment to each other was in our hearts and souls and no piece of paper could define that. But, we were blessed to be able to stand up in front of our family and friends and promise to lover, honor, and cherish each other forever.

Today was the day that I decided that MARRIED Kayleigh stops and smells the roses.
When I got home, I let Mr. Fresh out as usual and began to pour myself a glass of wine. When I heard him barking to come in, I looked out the window and truly realized how gorgeous of a day it was. I took my wine glass outside with me and just sat on the picnic bench.
Mr. Fresh immediately sat down in the grass, obviously basking in the glorious day as well. He truly knows how to appreciate a good thing, no matter how big or small it was.
We then found a big stick and I threw it for him. Watching him run back and forth across the yard. So excited to be involved in one of his most favorite activities. What may seem trivial to some, is heaven to him.
As I watched him run around I realized something. In the almost three years we have lived here, I have never ONCE gone outside and sat in the yard by myself. I certainly hadn't played with Mr. Fresh. We do here and there, but our yard is small and I get nervous with him running around on his leash. We were spoiled with a large yard at my parents' house. Big A and I play with him a little here and there, but not much. I definitely hadn't done it alone.
And that's when I realized. How truly blessed my life was. I was alive. I was fresh off a wedding to the absolute man of my dreams. My best friend. My soul mate. Someone who would stop at NOTHING to make sure I was happy and safe. And I was able to share that with all of our friends and relatives. In such a magical, amazing day.
I am a lucky one. I was born strong. Strong enough to make it through every hardship that life threw at me. And holy shit were there many. But I had an amazing family and wonderful friends who had my back. I made it to where I am today because of them. Now I have a husband. A truly amazing husband.
I know that no matter what happens to me, I have an army behind me. I have a wall of love and support to hold me up when I am too weak to do so on my own. I have my whole life ahead of me.
Some people don't have that. This is often something that we take for granted. Assume that it is just life. I truly became aware of that with all of the comments and e-mails I have received from posts about Big A. I never knew how many people out there DON'T have what we have, and I feel for them. I can't imagine my life without everyone, and I hope and pray every day that EVERYONE is able to find that. For I feel that the world would be a much better place if everyone had the love and support that they deserved.
So, I want to remember this moment. For when I get stressed, or tired, or think that life isn't fair. When I get caught up in the "woe is me" and play the victim.
Some people face hardships far worse than I have. They lose their husbands so young. Or never find their soul mate. Or lose a child. Or find out one day that cancer has claimed their bodies and their days left on this Earth are numbered.
It can always be worse. Someone will ALWAYS be in rougher shape than you. I try to remember that when life gets to crazy. Like when our guest list was growing rapidly and I wasn't sure how we were going to make it through. I changed my thinking. At the time, my biggest problem was that TOO MANY people wanted to share our special day with us? TOO MANY people wanted to be there for one of THE most important days of our lives?
If that's my biggest problem, then life is pretty fucking good.
So I'll remember this day. The day I realized how truly lovely life is.
It won't always be this way. So I'm going to relish every single second of it.
And I hope you do too.
Here are a few pictures from an amazing day.
Living proof of my forever love.  

Champagne toast with my husband.

Wine and Mr. Fresh. Two other loves in my life.

Living proof that true happiness does exist.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesday:

This week for Wedded Wednesday, it is all from the Hubs!

Get ready for Big A's FIRST blog post...kinda...

Head on over to Allie and Kay's blogs to see what the other husbands are saying!

Disclaimer: While I may have edited out some inappropriate comments, these are his answers. My comments are in pink.

What was the first thing you noticed about your wife?

How pretty she was. If I had to be very specific, I would say her eyes. I love her eyes, that's what really attracted me to her. When she's talking, her eyes get all big and she's beautiful.

This is kind of funny because I have always told him how much I love HIS eyes. He has these gorgeous green eyes that I am envious about. I never knew he liked MINE!

When you first started dating your wife, what kept you calling/asking her out?

*Editor's note. I'm not writing his first answer...

Honestly, she was just a good shit, ya know. And she understood me. I always felt that she got what I was all about right off the bat, which was big for our relationship. And she has boobs.

For the record, "a good shit" is a compliment from him. I don't know where it came from, but he's said it since we started dating. The first time he said it, I was like "What?! Is that a good thing???"

What is your wife's best quality?

He took a minute... he said there's so many... he needs to think. Haha.

Her best quality, which I think is also her downfall, is that she puts everyone before herself. Sometimes I wish she was a little more selfish.

What is your favorite thing to do with your wife (ahem, keep it clean!)?

My favorite thing is to sit in our bed, and do nothing, just hang out.

He is pretty low key, so this doesn't surprise me. Although, he was exhausted when we did this, so he might have just been saying this to get me to go to watch TV in the bedroom. Haha.

What are you most excited for for the future with your wife?

Buying a house together and finally having a "home". And, the future children that she may bear.

I don't know why he didn't just say, "having kids"...weirdo...

How do you make your wife feel loved?

I give her kisses and I tell her that I love her every day. And I tell her how pretty she is.

When I asked him if there was anything else he said: He would also like to tell everyone that I am the balls and that all women should bow to me and use me as their role model. And while I know that he is just full of shit and saying that because he has had enough of the questions, he's still pretty cute for saying so.

Also, I have to say that he IS awesome for letting me know every single day that he loves me and that he thinks I'm beautiful. Some days he will ask "Have I told you yet today how beautiful you are", which just about makes me melt.

What do you think about your wife blogging?

I added this one. I know that some husbands hate it and some are REALLY involved in blogging. Big A has never really taken an interest, other than just listening to my stories, so I thought I would ask him what he though.

She seems to enjoy it, so I've never really thought anything about it. She's good, she knows what is cool to write. Ya know, every day life. If she starts telling people that I have some weird dysfunction or I got beat up by some wimp then I'm going to be upset.

I have to say, I'm a lucky girl. I was impressed with the fact that he took this so seriously since he knew how much it meant to me. Also, to add to all of this. When we were done he was in the kitchen and we were chatting. I had my back to him since I was on the computer and all of a sudden, I was like "What are you doing?" because it wasn't like him to just hang out in the kitchen. He was PUTTING THE DISHES AWAY!!!!

For those of you who have been around here for a hot minute, you know that household chores, especially the dishes, are a bit of a sore spot with the two of us. We haven't quite figured out a balance that works for us. For the most part lately, I've just been doing both our parts with the dishes since I love having the counters clean in the morning. It was just so sweet of him to recognize how hard I was trying to keep everything neat and clean and just put the dishes away without me nagging asking!

That's all for today. Come back next week for more questions/answers about one of my most favorite subjects.

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon for another So What! Wednesday!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I spent most of my meeting yesterday covered in blue ink. Shit happens. Monday afternoon, I used a pen to open a box when I was setting up the room. I didn't know the pen broke so I threw it in my ponytail so that I wouldn't lose it. When I went to take it out, this happened:
It was all over the back of my neck, on my sweater, on my hands, my arms, etc. It was horrible. I scrubbed with nail polish remover, but I couldn't get it all off. I didn't know that it was all in my hair, so when I ran my fingers through it, it turned my hands blue all over again.

Seriously, this was a shit show. It took me washing my hair FIVE times yesterday to get almost everything out. Ug. Only me!

* If I feel super special that they actually let me know who was dressed up in the Safety Cone costume yesterday. For the past 3 meetings, I have planned them all,  but have been the only one on the planning committee that didn't know who it was. They gave me a test the first time and I told my boss, who then told EVERYONE. So for the record, I'm a good secret keeper, he's not.

* I am a pessimist at heart and expect everything to blow up in my face. And then when it does, I take 2 seconds to say "I told you so" and then I get pissed because why can't ANYTHING be easy?

* I have little to no patience this week. Like none. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I am being torn in 8 million directions and that nothing is ever finished. It is just one revolving door of bullshit. I'm so over it. This week needs to be donezo. ASAP.

* I drank a beer in the shower last night. I knew I would be in there for awhile washing all the ink out of my hair, so why not? Please see the two points above. No further explanation needed.

* I sometimes feel like my house is a circus. Seriously, between Big A and Mr. Fresh, things get crazy. Case in point, here is a picture from last night:

That's my darling Husband underneath our coffee table. This is usually where Mr. Fresh hangs out. Well, when Big A came home, he was playing with Mr. Fresh and Freshie Boy wasn't having it. So, Big A took his spot to teach him a lesson. Clever, no? He sure showed him.

* My fingernails are still dyed blue. I can't be bothered to paint them. Whatevs.

* I'm secretly hoping that babysitting gets cancelled for today. I love those girls and I could definitely use the cash, but I'm just not into it today. Blah.

* I haven't been to the gym in MONTHS. This isn't a So What! This is a confession. I need to get my ass back there, I just can't find the drive to do it. And every time I plan it, then something always some up.

* If I need this tattooed on my forehead so I don't forget...

Anywho... that's all for today folks.

Well, that's a lie.

I'll be back later with my Wedded Wednesday post.

Or should I say Big A's Wedded Wednesday post! He gave me all the answers to their questions! I was shocked. Even more so, I was shocked by his answers. Well... shocked isn't a good word. Touched. I was touched by his answers. I expected him to grumble, or be sarcastic, but he wasn't. He may have joked about a couple answers that I couldn't repeat, but for the most part he took it seriously and was SUPER sweet.

I'm a lucky girl.

Alright, smooches bitches. I'll be back. Later gators.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

First of all, I would like to start with a little recap from last night's Patriots game.

The fact that we won, is a gift.

These boys are playing like complete shit this season and it hasn't gone unnoticed by ANYONE.

It was a fluke that we had the chance to make that field goal that put us into overtime. And it was even more of a fluke that the Jets fumbled the ball and we won.

Let's learn from our mistakes boys.

I understand that at this point last year we were 5 and 2, which isn't off much from our 4 and 3, and that we ended up going 13-3 and making the playoff, but this is the same type of bullshit that made us lose the god damn Super Bowl by four freaking points.

OK...that's all I'm going to say about that.

And yes, I have spent my morning comparing stats from last year. We were supposed to be a force this year and instead it's a joke.

OK... now I'm really done.

Let's recap the rest of the weekend, shall we?

Friday, I hightailed it out of here (avoiding the mass amount of work that I still needed to do that I am procrastinating about doing...again...) and headed home because it was Wine Night.

Us girls haven't had a Wine Night in a few months because some bitch decided to get married and take up everyone's time. So, it seemed only appropriate that I held it and thanked everyone for putting up with my ass for the past letting them drink in my house. Aren't I nice?

It was a blast. I laughed so hard that I cried. It involved lots of drinking, delicious food, and many interesting events such as: figuring out why elephants are mean (I don't know if they really are) because they are pregnant for like 3 years and can't drink or smoke in that entire time; telling Jackums that if she wanted a baby that she should just have one with Big A and that me and her husband would be off the hook (she politely declined); a little hurricane Nicoley; and some other stuff I probably shouldn't be talking about...

What happens at Wine Night stays at Wine Night....mostly...

Saturday, I woke up sans hangover (with a slight headache, nothing a little Dunkin's couldn't fix) and got to work. I put the chicken wings I had marinated over night into the crock pot, and started making a dark chocolate cake, with a raspberry filling and  chocolate-cream cheese frosting. It was quite the process, but it turned out delicious.

I've got the taste thing down, now I'm working on presentation...

While I was waiting for things to cool so I could put them all together, Ma Dukes and I set off for some errands. Ya, lunch...the important things.

I finally solved my boot problem and found these Bad Larry's for $16. I'm pretty sure it was divine intervention since they were the last pair left in the store, and they were my size but in with the size 7's. Holler!

Should have bought those pants too, but I just couldn't get comfortable with the fact that if I blinked wrong then you could see my entire ass hanging out the back. While I have discovered a new, strange love for skinny jeans, I now have a hatred for low-rise.

After errands, Ma Dukes and I went back to mi casa and I put together the fabulous cake you saw above.

Then it was time for Mama to bid adieu and for me to get ready.

Check out who finally learned how to do something worthwhile with her hair?
Took 5 minutes. BAM!

Let's ignore the bags under my eye and pretend it is a shadow.

I waited for Big A to get home and tried on my Halloween costume that had arrived in the mail that day. I promptly texted a pic to N (since we have a couples costume this year...with each other...) and giggled until Big A pulled into the driveway and I took it off to avoid ridicule.

We spent most of the evening over at J$'s house celebrating her birthday! It was really on Tuesday, but since we are adults and rarely don't get drunk on week nights anymore, we waited until Saturday.

We had a blast, but unfortunately had to leave early-ish because Big A had to go to his car part swap meet thing at the ass crack of dawn. BOOOOOOOO.

But, it was nice to wake up on Sunday morning, well-rested (except for my 5 AM wake-up call) and not hungover. A quick brunchie with my family and then it was game time.

Seriously, you can't beat that weekend.

Now I'm back at work, hating my life, and counting down the days until next weekend. Ug.

In other news, we got the CD with our wedding pictures on them, so I will be dividing them up into different posts and hopefully busting out some wedding recaps. I'm sure you all can't wait until this is over.

In other, other news, we are one step closer to being able to talk about the Super Secret Mission that I mentioned on Friday.

And lastly... I managed to get Big A to agree to answer the Wedded Bliss Wednesday questions this week, soooooo as long as he doesn't change his mind... check back on Wednesday for Big A's first ever post! Which is a pretty big deal since he doesn't even read this blog.

Alright lovers... enough is enough. Off to tackle my gigantic to do list. I plan on hating today AND tomorrow, since we have a gigantic meeting, and I'm praying for the sweet, sweet, sanctity of Wednesday to save me. Wish me luck. It's gonna be a long one.

Happy Monday Lovers!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters


It's time for another Friday's Letters!

Oh boy did I need Friday to be here! Crayzay week!

Head on over to Ashley's blog and check out the rest of the Friday's Letter!

Dear Sun, I understand that this is the time of year that you are out less and less. I totally understand that this is the reality. However, driving to work when it is pitch black is getting pretty effing old. Work it out.

My ride to work this morning. I know it's blurry, but it is also "night time".

Dear Self, why do you try to be cheap on shoes? You know it never works out well for you. You're an expensive Bitch. Remember that and save up for something that is worth it.

Remember these? Hate them. That's what I get for buying cheap shoes. The search for tall, slouchy, black boots (with little to no heel) continues. Any suggestions?

And these? I don't HATE them. I'm definitely going to keep them, but they ain't no Uggs. Wah!

P.S. I have officially run out of room in my apartment for shoes. Time to move. I can deal with not having room for anything else, but shoes? Eff that.

Dear Super Secret Mission, please, pretty please, pleeeaasssseeee work out and DON'T bite me in the ass. I neeeeeeeeed this. Neeeeeeed it. (I'll post actual information when I can...hold tight...hopefully soon)

Dear Pipe Dream Job, I know that I was going out on a limb applying for you, but did you really have to mock me with your silence. A simple thank you, but no thank you e-mail would have been appreciated. (I applied for an Event Planner job at Gillette Stadium, ya know... where the PATRIOTS play... I knew I would never get it, but I still had fun trying... OMG that would be an amazing job!!!)

Dear Presentations for Next Week's Meeting, can't you just format yourself? Seriously, it is 2012. Don't we have robots that can do this work for me. I've seriously been procrastinating and it isn't pretty. This HAS to get done today or I am fuuuucccckkkkeeeeedddd.

Dear Favorite Bitches, I can't WAIT to see you all tonight for Wine Night. It has been forever since we have had one! I'm so excited. And you should be excited too! I cleaned my entire house for you suckahs so don't mess it up! Smooch! (N if you are drinking red wine I suggest you bring it in a sippy cup. Heh!)

Dear People, why do you call me so early and then get surprised when I answer? I work here. Early. (And Boss Man, I know your questioning whether I come in at 7:00 or 7:30 is really to point out that I'm late. All.the.time. Wasn't late this morning though! Wooooooo!)

Dear Man Driving in Front of Me that Seemed Drunk, look Dude... I don't know if you were still half asleep because it was the ass crack of dawn, or if you went on a bender last night and woke up still drunk, BUT your weaving all over the road and going from 25 mph to 50 mph to 20 mph was slightly concerning. Even more so, I felt like you were making ME swerve all over the road because I was watching you. Lock it up homie!

Welp. There you have it. Another Friday's Letters from another rainy day here in the good 'ole state of Assachusetts.

Secondly... I need all the positive vibes out there for my super secret mission. I PROMISE I will tell you guys all about it, but right now I am crossing my fingers, crossing my toes, wishing at 11:11, picking up pennys, and feverishly searching for a magic lamp. I need all the help I can get lovers!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday! I am counting down the hours until I can get belligerently drunk with my ladies and stuffing my face full of delicious food. Smooches!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays: Marriage Advice

It's time for another Wedded Bliss Wednesday. (Which I am posting on Thursday! Whoops! Better late than never!)

I'm linking up with Allie and Kay again! (Have you checked out their blogs yet? Seriously, you need to!) ASAP.

Now time for some questions:

If you could give one piece of advice to any married (or soon-to-be married) couple, what would it be?
If I could give any marriage advice to a soon-to-be married couple, I would tell them to stay focused on the real reason for the wedding and not to sweat the small stuff so much. Yeah, I had my freak-outs, but for the most part, I kept my eye on the prize: My husband.

Other advice I would give is to communicate. Your relationship will self-destruct if you don't communicate. I'm not talking about the "hey, how was your day". I'm talking the nitty gritty conversations.

What is an absolute MUST for any marriage/relationship?

TRUST. Without trust, there's no point. Relationships turn into an ugly, ugly thing when people don't trust each other. Whether it is warranted or not.
What is the #1 no-no in a marriage?

I'm going to say that the Number 1 "no-no" is a tie between lying and cheating. Either one are completely unacceptable. I mean, there really isn't a lot of going back from there. It will always be in the back of someone's mind and once you do it then there's no taking it back. I can't stand lying. About anything. Especially when people lie about stupid shit, I always wonder "If you will lie about that, then what else will you lie about" and I never really believe what they say 100% after that.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your marriage?

Honestly, I've been married for like 40 days (yes I counted) so I haven't learned a whole lot. But, I can tell you that I have never felt more like a "Team" than after we were married. Big A always says that it was me and him against the world, and I believed it, but I truly FELT it when we were married. So, I guess I learned that we really ARE a team, through thick and thin. And as long as we can lean on each other, we can get through anything.

That's all she wrote folks! Looking forward to next week's questions! They are supposed to be answered by the Hubby! Maybe I can get Big A liquored up and have him answer the questions.

Except, I was an asshole to him last night (#wifeoftheyear) so I think I'll have to butter him up first, and THEN get him drunk. And THEN ask him to answer the questions.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with my fabulous girl Shannon for So What! Wednesday!

This is a sad So What!. This is Staff Meeting Wednesday.

Which means 6 hours of the most boring crap that I don't understand just so I can take notes that no one cares to read.

And then I have to babysit after.

Some day I'll have a job that won't require me to have a second job...


This week I am saying So What! if...

* The fact that I have kept the sink relatively dirty dish free for the past couple weeks is astounding to me. I know it isn't a big deal, but with the 8,000 things going on with the wedding, cleaning was the first thing to go. So I would let the dishes pile up until I couldn't take it anymore. (I know it doesn't make it any less gross, but for the most part they were rinsed so it wasn't like they were sitting in filth. The "looked" cleanish)

* I am totally slacking on this meeting I have Tuesday. 130 people in a small tiny place sounds like a disaster to me. My only saving grace is that people keep dropping out left and right. But then again, that is annoying as eff because I still have to pay for these people who all of a sudden decide to tell me that they aren't going. (Then don't fucking reply "accepted" to the invitation assholes!)

* I found a ghost and a Frankenstein bowl in my cabinet and consider that my Halloween decorations.

* The previously mentioned bowls will probably be out until Christmas.

* I tell people that I don't get my hopes up about certain things, but I totally do and I totally get disappointed. I want to be in a certain place in my life and I'm just not there. And unfortunately I need money to get there. And since there's no money tree around, I'm apparently SOL.

* The last So What! was kind of a downer. Sorry peeps!

* I would do anything right now to throw up in front of a bunch of people so that I could go home and avoid the Staff Meeting. UG!

* I can hear one of the Big Wigs in the company talking to someone from the Help Desk and I think he must have special number to call because I NEVER get to talk to someone that competent.

* I am simultaneously ambivalent and excited about our mini Earthquake yesterday. Ambivalent because it was kind of meh. At first I thought it was a truck. But excited because I actually felt it and I NEVER do.

* I don't give a flying eff about the debate last night. I'm ready for this ish to be over. We have heard enough. Stop taking up my TV time.

* It takes me thinking of the weekend to get me through the week. Seriously, I wake up every Monday morning with "Everybody's working for the weekend" in my head and it is the only thing that makes me get up.

Alright lovers! That's all for today. I'll be back in a little bit with my Wedded Bliss Wednesday post.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

I've been struggling in the morning lately. (Shocking) I don't know if it is because it is cold out. Or because it goes from being cold to ridiculously hot to freezing in our bedroom throughout the night. Or the fact that it is pitch black when I get up. But, I'm struggling.

Now, I know I asked for these hours. And trust me, come 3:30 PM I am SO glad that I am out of here and have my afternoon to do things.

BUT...this was the time of sunrise this morning...

Yeah, I'm supposed to AT work at 7:00 AM.


Now time to dump a few photos on you.

In other news, I have been babysitting the girls that I used to nanny for way back in the day on Wednesdays. It's been great to see them again, I love those girls. The only hard part is that I met them at 3 and 6. And now they are 9 and 12. The older one is an inch shorter than me. Yeah... the 12 year old doesn't really need "watching" but she plays every sport known to man, so I watch the 9 year old while she goes to practice.

When I was watching them both full-time the girls got a puppy for Christmas. He was this little tiny Havanese. I spent a good part of my day with this dog and he has developed a sort of attachment to me.

To this day he will still happy pee when I walk in the door. Now if that isn't love then I don't know what is. (I mean, when was the last time Big A peed himself from being so happy to see me? Never. Haha)

Every Wednesday I sit on the couch and he sits on the top of the couch right behind me. And whines for me to pet him. It is half adorable and half annoying. But you can't stay mad at that face forever.

My boyfriend and I

Speaking of dogs with personal space issues...

We have been refusing to turn on the heat until November 1st. We have caved a couple times, but it doesn't stay on consistently so we do what we can to keep warm. Which for me involves covering myself with the biggest, softest blanket I can find.

Apparently, this just looked too cozy and dear Mr. Fresh decided to join me. He's quite the couch hog.

I act like it bothers me, but I love when he comes to hang out with me.

Last, but not least... Remember when I told you that my absolutely amazing Sister in Law made this slideshow of pictures of Big A and I from when we were babies up until we met, our engagement, and everything right up until the wedding. And she played it at our Rehearsal Dinner and I was sobbing like a baby.

Well... my mom found this gem for her and posted it on Facebook. Which should have been a dead giveaway, but I just figured that Mama was going on nostalgic on the fact that her baby girl was getting married and imagined her looking through all of my baby pictures crying. Haha.

Turns out that she had ulterior motives, but it was still awesome to see this one!

Check out how freaking adorable I was (and still am) and how much of a babe my mom was (still is).

If our baby pictures are any indication of the future, then Big A and I will have drop dead gorgeous children. And we won't be biased at all. It will be fact. (A long LONG time in the future. Nobody get any ideas!)

I should show you some more. Seriously, I don't know what was up with me when I was a kid. I was freaking crazy. There is one picture of me on one foot standing on a rocking chair and apparently I was just jumping around on it. Like, really? Apparently I was on crack when I was a child.

Good thing I have grown up a lot and become more classy and dignified.

I'll end here to give you guys some time to catch your breath from laughing.

Anywho, Happy Tuesday folks! One more day closer to the weekend.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's a sad day here in Patriot's Land.

Seriously, I don't know what the hell was wrong with them yesterday, but they definitely deserved to lose with the way they played. It was bullshit.

That's all I'm saying about the. And yes.. I AM bitter.

The weekend was a pretty low key one.

We like those.

Friday, Big A and I just hung out and got some take-out. Wild I know.

Saturday was spent hanging with Mama, baking, and then heading out for Jackums BIRTHDAY!!! It was me, Big A, Jackum, B-Ri, J$, Ry-dogg, N, J, and Jo. We went to this place where you pretty much paid nothing for all you can eat, chicken, salad, french fries, pasta, and rolls. Seriously, it was like $11.25 a person and we totally stuffed our faces. It was heaven.

After that we went back to N & J's house to hang out. We did presents and ate a delicious Red Velvet Cake that someone awesome made. :)

Sunday, Big A and I went to look at a house. Nothing too exciting. Just trying to get ourselves out there and see what our options are. It was cool to kind of get the ball rolling and such. Soo... we will see how that ish goes.

Then I went to my parents for brunch. Then off to the pathetic excuse for a football game.

I'm pretty sure I was asleep by 10:00 PM last night. I know, I know, I need to calm down. I'm just too crazy. I'll try to be more behaved.

It was nice not to be running around doing crazy things. Or waking up crazy hungover.

Although, I did pretty much chug a six pack of Michelob Ultra Light Cider yesterday and woke up just fine today. But, the large bowl of Mac & Cheese and passing out at 10:00 PM might have helped.

I know, I'm the worst.

I'm supposed to be starting this weight loss challenge and I sucked all weekend. BUT, I'm planning to get back on track today. Watching what I eat, getting back to the gym. My new goal is to lose the last 10 pounds before Christmas (and try not to gain it all back over Christmas) which I think is totally doable.

The challenge starts on the 17th of October and goes until December 5th. Which is 7 weeks. I mean, even if I lose a pound a week then I should be pretty on track.

Soooo.... wish me luck. I think I have successfully eaten and drank all the crap food in my house (for now).

Alright, I hope you enjoyed my super pointless non-entertaining pot about the mundane bullshit that I did this weekend. I'm sure at some point this week I'll be more exciting.


Happy Monday Bitches! Hope it doesn't suck too much!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters

It's time to link up with Ashley for another Friday's Letters.

Which makes me happy since it's mother effin' Friday! Holler!

Here goes nothin'!

Dear Kohl's, thank you for e-mailing me a coupon so that I didn't feel so bad about ordering these boots. (P.S. It's totally not your fault that I thought it was 40% off and not 20% and I apologize for calling you a lying whore. Please send my boots ASAP. Smooch!)

Dear Mrs. C, did you really need to walk in last night wearing these beauties? Don't you know I JUST ordered two pairs of boots? Now I NEED to buy these and I can't afford them!

Dear Self, what is the obsession with shoes? You don't wear anything except for flip flops and sneakers. Well... and Uggs in the winter. Who are you kidding?

Dear Uggs, sorry, but I think our love affair is over. I bought those beauties up above for $100 LESS than you cost. And if they are just as good, then we are through. You were only $120 when I fell in love with you. This whole over $200 bullshit is for the birds. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

Dear Self, do not write an entire blog post about shoes. You don't want to be "that guy".

Dear Head, I understand that I guzzled a six pack last night and did not eat dinner (rookie mistake) but could you please recognize that I need to "work" today and stop pounding? Thanks!

Dear Jackums, since I don't post on Saturdays I will say it now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD HAG!!! And I of course say this with love, because Jackie is only turning 25 which is young... no matter how old it feels!!

Dear Husband, do be in a better mood tonight, pretty please with sugar on top. Also, please buy me an Italian sub for dinner. I've been jonsing for one all week and I just can't stop, won't stop until I get one. Thanks!

Dear Photographer, can you pretty please with a cherry on top send the CD of our Wedding pictures? I can't wait to post them all and order our thank you cards! Thanks!

Dear Self, that huge meeting that you are procrastinating working on is happening whether you like it or not. So maybe get off your ass and do some stuff for it today? Mmm k? Thanks!

Dear Shannon, thanks for motivating me to be a better wife. I've been unconsciously nicer to Big A and I know it is because of your posts. And it has totally been working. He's done so much to help around the house that I don't even know who he is!

Alright lovers, that's all for today! Now head on over to Ashley's blog and link up!