Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Letters

I figured since I totally spaced on Friday's Letters last week, that I DEFINITELY had to do it this week.

And then people actually came into the office on time (WTF?!) and I got distracted.

Distracted isn't the word. I've had this post open for about an hour. I just couldn't get people off my back.

Here goes nothing:

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Dear Co-Workers, the copy machine WILL tell you what is wrong with it. If it says it is out of paper. Give it paper. If it says it is out of toner. Give it toner. Problem solved.

Dear Self, I am super duper proud of you for all of your hard work. And congratulations on finally having a semi-decent license picture again. Now remember all of this in the future and don't gain the million pounds to begin with. (P.S. Get your ass back to the gym whore!)

Proof. I've ALWAYS had good license pictures. Until they surprised me in December and made me take a picture I wasn't prepared for. I cried. Yeap. That happened. See how much better the new one is. (Kinda, but I can't compare it to my permit picture anymore because that's just NOT realistic)

Dear Big A, I know that you aren't a big jewelry person. And I know how uncomfortable your ring was when you first got it. But you have NO IDEA, how much it means to me that you wear your wedding ring all.the.time now (well...not at work, that's dangerous). I know you only wear it because I want you to and would be totally fine without it. You're an amazing husband!

Dear Face, welcome back! Nice to see that you have somewhat joined the land of "faces that DON'T make toddlers cry". I don't really love the fact that you resemble the texture of a dirty piece of leather, but I appreciate the fact that you are no longer bright red, itchy, and painful as hell. I will no longer experiment with face washes.

I was kind of embarrassed to show this picture, but what the fuck, right?! NEVER use the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Kit. You will still have acne, but you will lose a few layers of your face.

Dear Self, what was up with the little mental breakdown yesterday? That was out of the blue and a little melo-dramatic. Lock it up.

Dear Guy at Work Who Asked Me if I Was Eating an Apple Frittata, I apologize for looking at you strangely and calling you an idiot in my mind. I wasn't really sure what a Frittata was and yes, I did just find the apple in the center of it. My bad. Sorry!

Dear Gigantic Meeting at the End of the Month That I Have Been Ignoring, please don't be as much of a shit show as I think you are going to be. I REALLY am not looking forward to any of it.

 Dear House That Big A and I Are Supposed to Buy, we haven't found you yet. So, if you could go on the market soon that would be fabulous. I just have a couple other requests: Please have 3 bedrooms, at least 1.5 baths, a nice kitchen, a big back yard, and a garage. That's all. Nothing big.

Dear House That Big A Has Been Drooling Over, you make me a bit nervous. Not going to lie. I'm kind of wondering what you are hiding. BUT, my husband is madly in love with you and I would love to see him be able to have you. Soo... maybe you could turn yourself into the aforementioned house that we are supposed to buy? K. Thanks.

Dear Dishes in the Sink, go do yourself. Thanks!

Dear Girl I Trained Yesterday that Said She Could Never Have a Messy Apartment or Leave Dishes in the Sink Overnight, live with a Border Collie and a mechanic. Work over 40 hours. AND attempt to have a life. OH... and don't have a dishwasher. Let's see how life goes. :)

Alright lovers. That's it! I'm outta here. I have fabulous lunch plans with my Papa today, so I am going to actually get some work done so that I can leave for lunch.



  1. UH how does it come up in convo "I could never have a messy apt or leave dishes in the sink overnight?" I would immediately say "I hate you. go die." I mean seriously!? WTF. that girl sucks. and must be super-duper lame. have a clean house if you want, but don't brag up on that ish the 1st day.

    And YIKES about your poor face :( but yayay on your awesomely adorable driver's license pic(s)! and holler on the skinny Kayleigh face!

  2. Note to self: NEVER use that facewash! You poor thing :/

  3. I use that face wash and the first couple times I used it, it made my skin super dry. I didn't have the redness and itchiness that you did though. I'm sorry it did that. That sucks! I started using one of those little exfoliating pads to use that stuff because it helped with the dryness. And I'm pretty sure that I quit using the face wash that came with it and I bought an exfoliating one of the same brand. But I love the moisturizer and the little tube of stuff that came with it.

    And I hope that your house comes up on the market really soon!

  4. They let you smile in your license picture? What state is that? I need to renew mind and I will not be able to wear my glasses or smile. :(


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