Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters


Can you guess what my favorite part of Friday's Letters is?

I'll give you a hint... it has nothing to do with the opportunity to be a snarky bitch.

We all know I do that every day anyway.

It means that it is mothereffing FRIDAY and if I can just get through a solid 8 hours then I'm outta here for 2 whole days.

I know, shocking right.

Anyway, I'm linking up with Ashley. Head on over there and check out all of the other fabulous ladies that are out there!

Now time for the letters:

Dear Big A, I know that we gots a whole lot going on right now and we are stressed to the max, but I'm SO looking forward to the reward from all of our hard work. This is the begging of the rest of our lives and it is going to be amazing.

Dear Readers, super secret mission information should be coming soon. It's probably not that exciting to you, but I'm so happy I could just shit my pants. Well... not really, but if I was the type of person to soil myself from excitement, then I would be needing some ladies' depends right meow.

Dear Dream Last Night, why did you erase me from my best friends' memories. Totally not cool. And let's be real... who can forget this face?

Dear Mr. Fresh, I finally figured out what you do in your free time. I have two questions: 1) Where did you find a monkey? and 2) Where are your winnings? You owe me for back rent.

Thanks to a friend for posting this on Facebook. It looks JUST LIKE Mr. Fresh, it's hysterical.

Dear Big A, I think about this all the time when you look at me like I'm nuts. And P.S. Mr. Fresh LOVES IT when I sing songs to him, please don't be jealous when you aren't involved.

Dear Life, all of this stress better damn well be worth it. Or seriously, I WILL cut you.

Dear Hurricane Sandy, please don't be a bitch.  But feel free to make everyone nervous enough to give Big A and I the day off, without causing any actual damage. Thanks Sweetums!

Dear Self, get off your stupid ass and DO something. This whole whining about not going to the gym and eating like crap thing is old news. You want a change, make one. Bitch. :)

That's all for today folk! Hope ya'll have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Super secret mission info?? WHAT IS IT???? When will I find out???

    I want to meet Mr.Freshs monkey please and thank you!

  2. Dear Self at the end, totally my problem right now!

  3. OMG I want to know about this super secret mission... I have no patience LOL PS dear self at the end... YOU CAN DO IT SISTAH! I love your snarky bitch self so PLEASE DON'T CHANGE ;)

  4. I'm pretty sure I have seen that picture of the dog and the monkey on a mouse pad around here at my work. No joke! And yes, I hope that Hurricane Sandy isn't a bitch to you guys either! Stay warm and safe! And I will be hoping for you to have a few days off from work with no damage!

  5. Yikes, duck and cover for Sandy... and please tell me you've seen this


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