Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mumbo Jumbo

Hello Lovers!

Happy Thursday!

One more day and we have one of my most favorite days. Friday.

Oh Friday.

I completely forgot until like 30 seconds ago that I have some girl coming in for training today. Whoops!

Apparently, I am actually going to have to be productive today. BOOOOO!!!

Not really a fan of that.

She's a new assistant out at one of our other buildings in Mass. She seems nice enough. She will probably be in that job for like 6 months before she finds a better opportunity in the company leaving me behind in the Assistant dust.

I'm not bitter.

At least I'm an EXECUTIVE Assistant. See that, I'm an EXECUTIVE.

I pretend at least.

When I started they were just creating the other assistant positions. So I had 3 girls start and I helped train them and blah blah blah.

They have all moved onto bigger and better things.

It sucks. I've been here longer, so I feel like SOMETHING should have come my way.

But, I'm well aware that it is my own fault. I am unwilling to go out to any of our Operating Centers to work. My current building is 20 minutes away from my house. 30 if I get stuck behind the school buses. The other buildings? Are over an hour away. That's if there isn't ANY morning traffic, which would be unheard of.

Eff that.

So here I sit. In the same position. Almost 3 years later. Whoop!

I really need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

I would LOVE to go into some sort of even planning, but they look for people who actually went to school for that. I've got a degree in Psychology though. I can totally deal with the whacked out crazy people who are planning events. I could even double as their therapist and charge extra.

Now that's thinking.

I guess I just wish that I could figure out what I want my CAREER to be. What do I want to do for the rest of my life? I miss doing something that I'm passionate about. Something that makes me feel like I'm providing something positive to the world.

I miss teaching. I think that's the main problem. I miss teaching. I miss working with little minds. Teaching them things. Watching them learn something new for the first time. Knowing that I am a tiny little part of what the child will grow up to be.

I loved working in the Autism program. Too bad it was such a hot mess. We were severely under-staffed. We didn't have the support that we needed. Everyone was burnt out and frustrated. It was hard. I mean, for the most part everyone was still amazing with the kids. We mostly just took it out on each other. Healthy right?

But none of that pays the bills. Truth be told, I was working two jobs at that point to make LESS than what I do now. And I'm still having trouble keeping balanced. It's kind of effed up if you ask me.

Sooo... until they start paying teachers how they SHOULD be paid... here I sit. Looking for the next best thing. Wondering what I'm going to be when I grow up.

Strange... talking about some girl coming in for training has apparently awakened this identity crisis that has been sitting underneath the surface for some time.

When we were planning the wedding, I knew that I couldn't think of a career change. I needed the time off and I needed the money. The consistency as well. I pretty much would have lost my shit if I had to add something to my plate at that point.

Now that we are looking into buying a house. Settling down. Starting a family (in the FAR away future). Now I HAVE to do something.

But it's a catch 22. I need a better job to be happy and make more money so that I can afford said house and hypothetical family. However, it wouldn't look good when going for a mortgage to have JUST started at a job. They would want to see that I have worked somewhere for awhile. Which means I need to stay here. Until we get a house. That I will have a hard time affording the way things are now. Which means that I need a new job, but I can't until after... and blah blah blah.

Do you see where my crazy mind is going?

Anywho... I have spit enough mumbo jumbo for one morning. I should actually start doing some ACTUAL work so that I look pretty important when this girl shows up.

This girl who is younger than me. Prettier than me. Skinner than me. And probably nicer than me.

I liked it better when it was just me getting all the attention.

What else is new?

Adios biatches! Smooch!

OH! And check out my late night post that I did last night for a new link up called: Wedded Bliss Wednesday! It's everything about Big A that you have ever wanted to know.

Well... not everything, but I actually talk about him!


  1. That's so awesome you have a degree in psychology! My sister lives in Nashville and works for who is a fancy pants wedding planner and her degree is in psychology too. She actually gives the brides who want to work with her a personality test before taking them on lol! I had never heard of that before Angela, but it's sooo fab. you need to get on that! And if you want to see my sister aka me if I was petite and blonde and 9 yrs younger go to her 'team' page, it's Sarah!

    I never thought about a mortgage company needing you to be stable in the same job. I got a house like yikes... 8 yrs ago and I had just moved to a state and gotten a new job like 3 months before I got the house. But the economy was reallllyyyyy good back then. I'm thinking if you get a new job that makes you lots of cash that should be wayyy more important than being in the same job making less.
    Ok I'm headed over to read about big A! YAY!

  2. I have a degree in psychology too! completely useless unless you go further in school. But I had a good time partying my way through that degree for sure!

  3. Life can be such a bitch sometimes. Hang in there sistah...


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