Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Hello Lovers!

Welcome to another (rainy) So What! Wednesday!

This week has felt like one continuous swift kick to the teeth after another. So today should be a blast.

You know the drill... I'm linking up with Shannon (whose anniversary is today! Head on over and wish her a Happy Anniversary!!).

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I have been a miserable bitch that hates life this week (I know... who could tell the difference?). I tried this new face wash on Saturday and woke up Sunday morning with my face pretty much burnt off. (Slight exaggeration, BUT it was all read and splotchy and it itches like a mother effer). I can start to feel slightly normal patches of skin today, but I'm still pretty miserable.

* I screamed at both the nurse at the doctor's office AND the bitch at CVS pharmacy yesterday. Since the doctor couldn't do anything for my face, I convinced him to give me some good stuff for my migraines. Two days later and I STILL don't have my prescription. And if either one of those whores ladies tells me I need to "double check" with the other one.more.time. I might absolutely lose it. (If I have called both of you FOUR times... don't you think I have "double checked" more than once. Asshats.)

* I was excited to find out that although the process to fix my car was a pain in the balls, it wasn't going to cost much. You see... if it wasn't bad enough I pulled into my driveway yesterday and my car started making this horrible noise. Turns out, there are two straps that hold your gas tank up under your car. One of them decided to rust and then snap off. Fun. And although Big A isn't thrilled with the process it will take to fix it, he will be thrilled when we can still pay rent next month.

* I really just have absolutely NO motivation at work. None. I think I'm just burnt out on all of the "here's this gigantic shit show of an idea that we have, now figure out how to do it flawlessly. Right... meow". I'm just over it.

* I thoroughly enjoy saying "meow" instead of now. Like, I'm obsessed with it. And if someone else says it, I have to say it too, which is normally completely out of context. I get jealous and I just want to be involved.

* I have been eating like crap lately. And I have been avoiding the gym like it's the plague. And it shows. My puffy ass needs to get BACK there ASAP or this shit won't be pretty.

* They finally posted the position that I have been waiting for, forever, and I want nothing to do with it. Somehow the whole travelling thing has completely lost its appeal. Oh wait... it never had any appeal. OK... that's a bit of a lie. I did enjoy hanging out with my Ohio people and the free booze all of the delicious food that we ate. I just would rather be HOME at the end of the night.

* Even though I know that my desk is legitimately a hot mess (as always) I get offended when someone mentions it. Seriously, my desk is none of your business. (Especially since most of the time I consider it relatively clean when someone comments on it. Asshats.)

* Every time this co-worker of mine walks in a minute late, I like to say, "Oh, running late this morning? Was there traffic?" even though she really isn't THAT late. She used to sell me out in front of my boss saying things like, "Do you still come in at 8? I never see your car when I'm pulling in." and then he would ask me what my problem was and why couldn't I get to work on time. Now that I get here an hour earlier? I enjoy letting her know that I'M watching HER.

* I am well aware of how ridiculous that last statement was. You see? I need to get out of here. ASAP.

* I entered a 31 day Jillian Michael challenge and I have done nothing. Honestly, my face is so effing itchy, that the thought of breaking a sweat and it itching MORE makes me want to jump off a building. Soo... I am giving myself an out for now. Sorry dudes. I'll do double work-outs later to make up for it. Pinky promise.

* I am in utter denial that it is October. Seriously, wasn't it just New Year's and we were talking about it being our Wedding Year. And now, we have been married for a month (almost). Before you know it, it will be New Year's again. ;)

Alright bitches! That's enough of me being an ass today. I'm just going to sit in my cubicle and mind my own business. Maybe do some of that work that I avoided yesterday while reading all of the stories on The Stir. (It starts with just one, but then at the bottom of one article you see two or three other ones you want to read, and then you find two to three on each of those, and then 2 hours later you realize it is time to go home and you are pretty sure that the IT Department is on to you).

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  1. CVS is the bane of my existence. My BC costs $60 EFFING DOLLARS now and the woman kept insisting that I "shouldn't be mad because soon it will be free because of Obama". Um, okay, after I pimp slap you, we can talk about how that still doesn't help me NOW.

    I think you and I are also the same facewise. I have been breaking out and blotchy like crazy. Allllll set with that.

  2. ahhhh I've had the face was thing happen to me and YEOWCH!!!! sorry lady love!!

  3. yikes, sorry about your face. good news is this didn't happen pre-wedding. omg that would have been the worst ever for real! and yes, traveling for work is overrated. i mean not really, but once a year is enough. Can big A fix your car strap situation? tell him to get on that meow! ok I just had to do it. sorry. I'm lame, ok I really just wanted to use it! BAHAHA Leah {Lovely Life of Leah}

  4. I really used to love the CVS pharmacy but now they all anger me the point of nearly slapping people. I just had to go in to get a prescription, discovered they messed up the prescription, then proceeded to wait 45 minutes while they fixed it, only to discover they set it aside to help other customers and never got to it. And I'm like a thousand weeks pregnant, so that did not go over well :)

  5. I hate CVS period. Evidently, they suck all over. And most of your so what ifs...yeah, they could be mine. Bleh. So what?

  6. Hello there! Found you at the So What Wednesday Blog Hop. You have a really nice blog, liked it a lot so I'm following ^^
    Hope you can make some time to visit my blog too and have a look around. Have a great day xx
    N O I R E D A M E

  7. Bahahaha! Oh man, I share a few of these problems with you this morning. My desk at work has exploded and is never clean and it is driving me nuts. And not only that but I had all these extra responsibilities given to me at work with no explanation on how to do them. So I have been running around with my head cut off trying to figure out how to do all of this stuff. And I laughed hysterically at your comment about the girl that was throwing you under the bus. Haha! That's what she gets! And sorry about your face, that sucks. I would be pissed off too!


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