Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Alright ladies... try not to get too excited, but this is the first of TWO posts today.

I'm linking up with Shannon for "So What! Wednesday".

Later, I'll be doing Week 2 of "Wedded Bliss Wednesday".

This week I am saying So What! if...

* The only thing that got me out the door this morning is reminding myself that this is how Big A feels on Saturdays. You see, Big A works Saturdays but gets Wednesdays off. So, it's super hard to go to work when he is all snuggled in bed and I can barely open my eyes long enough to find the coffee maker.

* A job opportunity at work came up that my boss thinks I would be stupid NOT to apply for, but I'm not anyway. It would take my commute from 20 minutes to 90 and I'm really not into that. Plus, there are some crazy red flags and I don't think it is what I want to do.

* I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I'm hoping I figure it out sometime before I'm 60...

* I get super excited about Thanksgiving. The family, the food, the warm cozy feeling. I love it. I know once the holidays actually get here I am going to want to rip my hair out, but for now I will enjoy the excitement.

* I have a slight obsession with kitchen appliances. And crock pots. I just a new programmable crock pot that should make cooking over the winter a little easier (you just set it and forget it and it switches to warm when it is done cooking!). It will be like coming home to a husband who cooks! (*Hint* *Hint* Big A). Oh and I got a food processor. Which I decided I HAD to have!

* I have 8,000 sticky notes around my desk as reminders about things that I need to do and most of them have been there for a couple months. Whoops! Apparently they aren't TOO important.

* I'm pretty sure that I am going to have the same thing for lunch and dinner today that I had for dinner last night. Big A has decided that we waste too much food so we need to make sure that we eat our leftovers. Regardless of the fact that I try to explain to him how hard it is to cook for two people... apparently I could be better. Oy! Let's see how he likes the repeats. (Ug, he probably won't care and I probably won't want to eat it ever again after today)

* It has been raining on and off for the past two weeks. And I don't hate it. I like the rain when I'm in a certain mood. But I complain with everyone else so no one at work thinks I'm a freak.

* We are going to see a house tonight and I have dreams that we walk in the and the owner thinks that we look like a nice young couple and just GIVES us the house. What?! A girl can dream can't she.

Alright lovers. That's enough of SWW. I'll be back later, gushing more about Big A!



  1. I love my crockpot, I would have married it and my husband if I could :)

  2. girl this is such a good thing you're doing 2 posts lol!
    that your so what's have nothing to do with being married. I'm so jealous of you and big A's love. for real!!! you two are so perfect. I can't wait to read your 2nd post. you two are inspiring. for real!

    wait what... i had no clue crock pots could be programmed to go to warm when they are done cooking. I made bbq chicken this weekend and it was done at like 3pm and i kept it on low and by 6 when i decided to eat it was sooo tough :( I don't ever use the warm setting, but now I get what it's for!

    and um an 90 minute commute. bump that ish! unless it paid like $200,000 a year. but no, that kind of commute would make you crazy and you'd never see big A :(

    Leah {Lovely Life of Leah}
    eeek! exciting on seeing the house tonight!!!

  3. I have sticky notes all over my desk too, I would be lost without them!


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