Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

I've been struggling in the morning lately. (Shocking) I don't know if it is because it is cold out. Or because it goes from being cold to ridiculously hot to freezing in our bedroom throughout the night. Or the fact that it is pitch black when I get up. But, I'm struggling.

Now, I know I asked for these hours. And trust me, come 3:30 PM I am SO glad that I am out of here and have my afternoon to do things.

BUT...this was the time of sunrise this morning...

Yeah, I'm supposed to AT work at 7:00 AM.


Now time to dump a few photos on you.

In other news, I have been babysitting the girls that I used to nanny for way back in the day on Wednesdays. It's been great to see them again, I love those girls. The only hard part is that I met them at 3 and 6. And now they are 9 and 12. The older one is an inch shorter than me. Yeah... the 12 year old doesn't really need "watching" but she plays every sport known to man, so I watch the 9 year old while she goes to practice.

When I was watching them both full-time the girls got a puppy for Christmas. He was this little tiny Havanese. I spent a good part of my day with this dog and he has developed a sort of attachment to me.

To this day he will still happy pee when I walk in the door. Now if that isn't love then I don't know what is. (I mean, when was the last time Big A peed himself from being so happy to see me? Never. Haha)

Every Wednesday I sit on the couch and he sits on the top of the couch right behind me. And whines for me to pet him. It is half adorable and half annoying. But you can't stay mad at that face forever.

My boyfriend and I

Speaking of dogs with personal space issues...

We have been refusing to turn on the heat until November 1st. We have caved a couple times, but it doesn't stay on consistently so we do what we can to keep warm. Which for me involves covering myself with the biggest, softest blanket I can find.

Apparently, this just looked too cozy and dear Mr. Fresh decided to join me. He's quite the couch hog.

I act like it bothers me, but I love when he comes to hang out with me.

Last, but not least... Remember when I told you that my absolutely amazing Sister in Law made this slideshow of pictures of Big A and I from when we were babies up until we met, our engagement, and everything right up until the wedding. And she played it at our Rehearsal Dinner and I was sobbing like a baby.

Well... my mom found this gem for her and posted it on Facebook. Which should have been a dead giveaway, but I just figured that Mama was going on nostalgic on the fact that her baby girl was getting married and imagined her looking through all of my baby pictures crying. Haha.

Turns out that she had ulterior motives, but it was still awesome to see this one!

Check out how freaking adorable I was (and still am) and how much of a babe my mom was (still is).

If our baby pictures are any indication of the future, then Big A and I will have drop dead gorgeous children. And we won't be biased at all. It will be fact. (A long LONG time in the future. Nobody get any ideas!)

I should show you some more. Seriously, I don't know what was up with me when I was a kid. I was freaking crazy. There is one picture of me on one foot standing on a rocking chair and apparently I was just jumping around on it. Like, really? Apparently I was on crack when I was a child.

Good thing I have grown up a lot and become more classy and dignified.

I'll end here to give you guys some time to catch your breath from laughing.

Anywho, Happy Tuesday folks! One more day closer to the weekend.


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  1. Bahah omg if big A pees himself he's so happy to see you, you have to let me know because just the thought of that is HILARIOUS!
    You were a total cutie and your mom is a total babe. You guys have good genes, no lie!
    And omg i want to see more wedding pics!!!!


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