Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesday: All About The Hubby

Little bit of a late night post here. I JUST find out about this link-up and since I'm new to this whole marriage thing I'm going to milk it for all I can.
So here I am linking up with Allie and Kay for the very first Wedded Bliss Wednesday.
Introduce us to your husband! (What's his name? How old? What does he look like?)
This is the of...well...25 days ago. Yeah, we are new to the whole Married world, but we have been together for about 5 1/2 years. I call him Big A on my little piece of the internet here, but his real name is Alex. He is 29 and currently staring down the barrel of 30 (his words not mine). Good thing he has such a hot young wife to keep him young. (Wait, this is about me, right?)
Thanksgiving Eve 2007. We had been dating for like 6 months. Such babies.

My main man and I on our honeymoon!
What is your husband's favorite thing to do?
Without a doubt ANYTHING having to do with cars. He currently has two trucks, but his baby is his 1969 Chevelle that he restored with his bare hands (before he met me, so for a long time I was the Mistress and she was the girlfriend). For a short amount of time "we" owned a 1969 Ford Galaxie. And every single day he is telling me about some great car that he needs to buy for "cheap money" that he can restore and it can be our "family car". He also goes by the name "Deals" as well, because he's always looking for a good deal.
What does your husband do Monday-Friday?
He's a mechanic. Shocking, I know. He's actual pretty much a genius when it comes to cars. Poor guy works Saturdays though since it is a busy day at the shop. He gets Wednesdays off (most of the time) so it evens out... kind of.
What was the FIRST thing you noticed about your husband when you met?
Ummm...what do you notice first when you meet the man of your dreams? Seriously, we both knew from that first night. Probably his smile. He has this smile that just melts me. And those dimples. I'm a gonner. I've been pissed at him before and the second he smiles I'm done. Don't tell him that though, I still pretend I'm mad. Gotta keep that street cred. If our kids get those dimples I'm in deep trouble.
What is your husband's BEST quality?
The fact that he is genuinely an amazing person. But most importantly, he has this way of making my stop spinning. I'll parents always told me that when I was little and tired I would spin around and around in circles. But if you stopped me for 30 seconds I would fall asleep. I've stopped physically spinning, but my mind has a tendency to spin out of control and I've never been good at stopping it. He has ALWAYS known how to make me stop spinning. He's just so strong, and smart, and incredibly amazing that I know that he will make everything OK. I never feel as safe as I do when I am with him.

What is your husband's biggest pet peeve?
Hmm... he hates when I let my car get dirty. But, he always ends up cleaning it though, so it doesn't really make me stop. He hates when I let water bottles pile up on my night stand. I take like two sips and won't touch it again because it isn't cold enough. And he can't stand people who can't drive. He's not a huge complainer though, so I'm not sure if there is anything else that bothers him.
How does your husband feel about blogging?
He's pretty ambivalent towards it. He's never read my blog. He humors me when I talk about it. Although, he is pretty supportive of it since I enjoy writing so much. And he doesn't make fun of me when I talk about my "friends" who he has never met.
What is something you do/can do that makes your husband feel loved?
He's a pretty low maintenance guy. One thing that I think it totally silly, but he absolutely loves and thinks I am the most amazing person ever when I do it, is make him a plate of food. If he's not home for dinner, I'll usually leave it out for him. But, sometimes I want to clean up so I make him a plate and cover it up so I can wash the dishes. He is always SO thankful.
So that's the infamous Big A! I know I talk about him here and there, but I don't think I've ever gone into that much detail about him.
Head over to Allie and Kay's blog to check out the link-up! They already have the questions lined up for next week! Can't wait!!!


  1. You guys are adorable! I can tell by just the pics how much fun he is! Thanks for linking up! Xoxoxo

  2. awwww this is old news but I love you two together sooo much! just the way you talk about him is so amazing. and the spinning thing... be still my heart. that's so amazing/ awesome/ adorable /best ever. Congratulations on 26 days married (I saw the ticker below lol!) and that's sooo cute about his dimples and smile. Yes! I hope your future kids get those and can be super charming too!

  3. Congrats newlyweds!! Thanks for linking up with us :)


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