Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

First of all, I would like to start with a little recap from last night's Patriots game.

The fact that we won, is a gift.

These boys are playing like complete shit this season and it hasn't gone unnoticed by ANYONE.

It was a fluke that we had the chance to make that field goal that put us into overtime. And it was even more of a fluke that the Jets fumbled the ball and we won.

Let's learn from our mistakes boys.

I understand that at this point last year we were 5 and 2, which isn't off much from our 4 and 3, and that we ended up going 13-3 and making the playoff, but this is the same type of bullshit that made us lose the god damn Super Bowl by four freaking points.

OK...that's all I'm going to say about that.

And yes, I have spent my morning comparing stats from last year. We were supposed to be a force this year and instead it's a joke.

OK... now I'm really done.

Let's recap the rest of the weekend, shall we?

Friday, I hightailed it out of here (avoiding the mass amount of work that I still needed to do that I am procrastinating about doing...again...) and headed home because it was Wine Night.

Us girls haven't had a Wine Night in a few months because some bitch decided to get married and take up everyone's time. So, it seemed only appropriate that I held it and thanked everyone for putting up with my ass for the past letting them drink in my house. Aren't I nice?

It was a blast. I laughed so hard that I cried. It involved lots of drinking, delicious food, and many interesting events such as: figuring out why elephants are mean (I don't know if they really are) because they are pregnant for like 3 years and can't drink or smoke in that entire time; telling Jackums that if she wanted a baby that she should just have one with Big A and that me and her husband would be off the hook (she politely declined); a little hurricane Nicoley; and some other stuff I probably shouldn't be talking about...

What happens at Wine Night stays at Wine Night....mostly...

Saturday, I woke up sans hangover (with a slight headache, nothing a little Dunkin's couldn't fix) and got to work. I put the chicken wings I had marinated over night into the crock pot, and started making a dark chocolate cake, with a raspberry filling and  chocolate-cream cheese frosting. It was quite the process, but it turned out delicious.

I've got the taste thing down, now I'm working on presentation...

While I was waiting for things to cool so I could put them all together, Ma Dukes and I set off for some errands. Ya, lunch...the important things.

I finally solved my boot problem and found these Bad Larry's for $16. I'm pretty sure it was divine intervention since they were the last pair left in the store, and they were my size but in with the size 7's. Holler!

Should have bought those pants too, but I just couldn't get comfortable with the fact that if I blinked wrong then you could see my entire ass hanging out the back. While I have discovered a new, strange love for skinny jeans, I now have a hatred for low-rise.

After errands, Ma Dukes and I went back to mi casa and I put together the fabulous cake you saw above.

Then it was time for Mama to bid adieu and for me to get ready.

Check out who finally learned how to do something worthwhile with her hair?
Took 5 minutes. BAM!

Let's ignore the bags under my eye and pretend it is a shadow.

I waited for Big A to get home and tried on my Halloween costume that had arrived in the mail that day. I promptly texted a pic to N (since we have a couples costume this year...with each other...) and giggled until Big A pulled into the driveway and I took it off to avoid ridicule.

We spent most of the evening over at J$'s house celebrating her birthday! It was really on Tuesday, but since we are adults and rarely don't get drunk on week nights anymore, we waited until Saturday.

We had a blast, but unfortunately had to leave early-ish because Big A had to go to his car part swap meet thing at the ass crack of dawn. BOOOOOOOO.

But, it was nice to wake up on Sunday morning, well-rested (except for my 5 AM wake-up call) and not hungover. A quick brunchie with my family and then it was game time.

Seriously, you can't beat that weekend.

Now I'm back at work, hating my life, and counting down the days until next weekend. Ug.

In other news, we got the CD with our wedding pictures on them, so I will be dividing them up into different posts and hopefully busting out some wedding recaps. I'm sure you all can't wait until this is over.

In other, other news, we are one step closer to being able to talk about the Super Secret Mission that I mentioned on Friday.

And lastly... I managed to get Big A to agree to answer the Wedded Bliss Wednesday questions this week, soooooo as long as he doesn't change his mind... check back on Wednesday for Big A's first ever post! Which is a pretty big deal since he doesn't even read this blog.

Alright lovers... enough is enough. Off to tackle my gigantic to do list. I plan on hating today AND tomorrow, since we have a gigantic meeting, and I'm praying for the sweet, sweet, sanctity of Wednesday to save me. Wish me luck. It's gonna be a long one.

Happy Monday Lovers!


  1. What a fun weekend!!!!
    and ok I love the boots!
    totally bad ass!
    Sooo many boots are looking like they belong in a pasture with horses and hurting dogs and stuff, so I think yours rock big time!
    and um your hair looks amazing, can you do a tutorial? all I know how to do is go to sleep with a bun and hope I get a decent curl.
    Your cake looks amazing!!!! and your wine night looked like such a blast!!!!! horray for hosting!

  2. That cake is amazing...I'm dying right now. Wine nights are the best. Also, those jeans look hot. I would totally do you. Just sayin'.

  3. HOT MAMA!!! Loving the boots and your hair! You did good! xo

  4. Love the boots and the hair! And I want to devour that freaking cake. Yum! I had a feeling that you weren't going to be too pleased with the Patriots yesterday. Hopefully they can learn from their mistakes and get better! Hope your day goes by quickly!

  5. Oh.My.Goodness. That cake has me drooling all over myself- WOW! Looks and sounds like amazing delicious goodness. I am glad to hear you had a great weekend. Sorry it has to end with you going back to a job you dislike. At least you have rockin boots.

  6. sounds like an awesome weekend! I hate mondays too...I'm counting down till next weekend like you!


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