Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Letters


TGIF! Agreed?

I'm linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters. My favorite part of the week!

I want to send a little shout-out to one of my most FABULOUS friends.

This little SeƱorita is turning the Dirty Thirty today and I just want to wish her an absolutely FABULOUS day! Smooches! (Don't hate me for this picture...)

Alright... now that that's over and done with (You can't have the whole blog post N, even though I love you! Smooch!)

Dear Husband, I know it has been a long couple weeks, but hang in there baby! Things will calm down soon enough (like...umm...January...) and live will be AMAZING. I promise!

Dear Mr. Fresh, some day I dream of being that girl at work who ISN'T covered in dog hair. Unfortunately, that would probably require shaving you bald. You're lucky that I love your long luscious locks that crimp in the rain... with your fur!

Dear Person at Work Who Has Been Stealing My Butter, first of all, I hope that you have good butter etiquette, because I am pretty grossed out right now about the fact that you were using my food. Second, WTF! My name is written on there like 12 times. Thirdly, the tub of butter is like $2 at Stop & Shop. Tell ya what... confess and I will buy YOU your own tub. Blech. What do I have to do? Write a psycho note like Ross did on Friends... on second thought... didn't he get put on sabbatical? Do you get paid for that? Hmm...

Dear Bathroom Scale, why are you fucking with me? Seriously? We BOTH know that I have kicked some major ass. And I can FEEL it... why can't you just SHOW it?!?! I promise that when I lose all the weight I won't neglect you! I'll still weigh myself obsessively. C'mon... just give me a little somethin' somethin'!

Dear Tiny Prints, why do you have so many amazing options? I spent two HOURS last night trying to decide on a Christmas card! And I can't! Maybe I will just get a few of each...hmm...that's not a bad idea!

Dear Uggs, I tried to buy knock offs of you, but it just wasn't the same. I tried to love them, but they just didn't compare! Don't worry my Sweet... we will be back together again soon! I promise!

Dear Self, you're coming up with some bomb ass ideas lately. I'm proud of you for thinking outside the box and getting yourself out there to make more of yourself. However...the ideas are one thing, actually DOING it is another. Get off your ass and DO something. Or I will punch you in the face! I promise it will hurt me more than it hurts you! :)

Dear Handy Men at Work, please fix the heat soon. I don't really enjoy wearing my coat all day long and STILL being cold. Plus if I have to hear one more person obsess over the fact that it is cold or what the temperature on the thermostat says NOW (as compared to 3 1/2 minutes ago) I might just throw myself out a window.

Dear Shopping Habit, I know that you are still in there. I can feel you. I also know that I just got rid of a bunch of clothes and there aren't a lot of options right now. Trust me, I fully understand. However, I can not, I REPEAT, CAN NOT give in to you right now. So lock it up! I promise you, that as soon as I can, we will do some damage. Just hang tight pretty lady!

Dear SIL, looking forward to seeing you this weekend to celebrate your day of BIRTH (P.S. I am now taking applications for friends who were NOT born in October or November, this shit is out of control) and I really, really, REALLY want to meet your new main squeeze! Don't hold out on me now.

Dear Readers, did you enter my Tiny Prints giveaway yet? It ends Tuesday. C'mon! We ALL send holiday cards...this would give you $50 towards yours! Enter here! Enter now!!!

That's all for today folks! Counting down the hours until I am out of this place and can fully enjoy the fabulous weekend ahead! Go enter my giveaway and have a effing FANTASTIC weekend!

Come back next week for more shenanigans and more wedding recaps!

Tiny Prints Giveaway Winner will be announced on Wednesday, November 14th.


  1. loved all of your letters! especially the one to your husband because I am saying the same thing to mine! 'tis the season I guess :) thanks for linking up with me!


  2. Have you guys tried the Furminator for Mr. Fresh? They are like $50-$60, but I promise you it is worth it. We bought one for our cats and they don't shed as much. It is awesome! And I know how you feel about the bathroom scale. I haven't seen much change lately, but I am working on it! Have a great weekend!

  3. This is so adorable!!! Agreed on november births (me being 1 of them) I have had to start marking up my calendar with all the new friends that are born, luckily none of my actual birthday.

    butter...seriously. Ya I would be a bit irritated as well..I think I would flip shit if I found bread crumbs in it as well...

    I am constantly covered in dog hair as well!! definitely looking up what Megan ^ is talking about!!!

    great letters babe!


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