Monday, November 12, 2012

Show and Tell Monday Link-up: Cold Weather Activities

I'm linking up with Beck over at From Mrs to Mama for another Show and Tell  Monday!
1. Tell us what you like to do when it's cold outside.

Honestly, when it is cold outside, I don't want to do ANYTHING. I don't want to leave my house. I want to be comfy and warm. My favorite thing is to just snuggle underneath the blanket, drink some hot chocolate, and watch TV. That's all I want! My bones get all achy in the cold anyway, so it is better for me to just stay inside!

2. Tell us some of your favorite "winter" recipes.

Hmm... favorite winter recipes...I've been trying to be good about food, so unfortunately my recipes aren't super fun. But I make a mean turkey chili and turkey meatloaf. Seriously, delicious. Also, I make these absolutely AMAZING Bacon Tomato bites. They are a pain in the ass to make, but the most delicious! It's bacon, tomato, cheese, etc. all baked into some dough. Ridiculous. If you want any of the recipes, then email me ( I've been thinking of starting a recipe sharing link-up...any takers? (Other than Brittany of course!)

3. Show a picture of something that makes you think of the cold.

When I think of cold weather. I think of the holidays. I think of snow storms. Decorating. All of the magic of the season. Until January 2nd and then everything looks like shit. The snow is brown. It is too cold out. And why the hell haven't these people taken down their Christmas lights yet???

4. Tell us /show us some of your favorite accessories/outfits for the winter
  Alright lovers, here's what I gots. I'm not a complicated person. I need a scarf. I live in them in the winter because I am always cold. A pair of boots that I can tuck my jeans into because there is nothing that makes me want to punch kittens more than when the bottom of my pants are wet, which then turn into wet socks, which is the worst of the worst. (Please note that I would NEVER hurt a kitten, or any animal. It was an example of how much I hate it. Please don't start sending me hate mail & animal cruelty pamphlets). A blanket, because I never leave my house and never turn up the heat. And these gloves are my fave! They give you the warmness of gloves, but with the finger access of mittens when you need it!

5. Tell us if you had the option of snow or no snow, what would you pick

I would have to say snow. Big A plows so when we have snow it means some money. And he's never happier than when he knows he is out working hard and making money. Which doesn't mean he's a money grubber... it just means that he just likes to have money to make sure that we can pay our bills, we can do fun stuff, and we have a nice little nest egg just in case we have an emergency.

And that's all for today. OMG! That post took me FOREVER to write. I was having Picasa problems. It wasn't updating my pictures so I couldn't find them for the collages. Anyone have any clue about how to fix that? Or a better program to work with?

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Hope everyone had a great weekend! More wedding recaps tomorrow!!!

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  1. Obviously, your answer to number 5 makes me question our friendship. :)


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