Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So What! Wednesday!

Welcome to another wonderful So What! Wednesday.

I'm not going to get into politics here...that's not how I roll...BUT I will say THANK GOD for the returning of normal television.

I'm linking up with the fabulous Shannon again this week!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I'm excited about the potential of snow tonight. I know. I know. Go ahead and hate me, but my husband plows. Snow = $$$ and we were hurting with that poor excuse of a Winter last year! Soo... LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOOOOOOW!!!

* I still haven't really attempted to order thank you cards for the wedding. I know. I know. It was two fraking months ago. BUT... I'm distracted. Maybe this weekend... maybe...

* I was super excited to find out that I don't have to babysit tonight, which means that I can go to the gym tonight, which means that I possibly don't have to go Friday!!! The last thing I want to do it go to the gym after work on a Friday. Although... I should probably take this as a chance to get in an EXTRA day. Wah!

* I have really only seriously started going to the gym and eating right for less than a week now (weekends don't count, right?) and I'm already back to my frustrated, "I don't see amazing results immediately" mindset and it is SOOOOOO disheartening. I know they say the last 10 is the hardest, but WAH!!!!

* I can not WAIT to stuff my face on Thanksgiving! I know, a little counter-productive to the last statement, but I love me some Turkey Day!

* I was so hungover on Turkey Day last year that I could barely eat. I was trying to "count calories" and switched to vodka and sprite zero rather than beer. Let's just say those suckers are delicious and it was too easy to drink them. I will NOT make that same mistake again this year... hopefully.

* I get all mushy thinking that tomorrow Big A and I will be married for 2 months. I know it isn't a whole lot of time, but I just get so excited to know that he's mine for life!

* I had a code for Shutterfly to print out my wedding pictures for free and I didn't do it in time. And then they extended it for me and it ends today and I still haven't done it. Purely for the fact that I don't feel like paying for shipping. I know. I'm ridiculous.

* If I get totally sad and jealous when I see that someone else is pregnant and then I sit back and have a glass of wine and am thankful that I'm not. Totally normal? Right?

Alright lovers! That's all for today. My cinnamon swirl toast and coffee are calling my name!

I'll be back later with another Wedded Bliss Wednesday! (Because I know how much you LOVE to hear my gush about my man! Haha)


  1. I am so glad that the election is over, but WHOA we legalized medical weed! I did not think that would actually happen. Honestly, I wish people knew what was actually going on in healthcare. Working in managed care and seeing where the money really goes is so disheartening so I really hope that the changes coming are good.

    Also, now I want cinnamon swirl toast.

  2. So glad its over!! And if you need cards, let a sistah know!

  3. Dude I am the same way about being pregnant, I would miss my evening wine and morning coffee way too much right now! Maybe next year!

  4. Weekends definitely don't count! I am in the same boat... ugh!
    Ps hosting my first giveaway on le blog today come ova and check it out ;)

  5. That's awesome big A has a snow plow business, I hope it snows a ton for you guys too! But the downside is you can't really use the excuse to get out of work that you were snowed in :(
    Your thanksgiving sounds so amazing! Being in a vegan, not-drinking family, it's um... not as awesome LOL

  6. Oh geez! I HATE snow! With a passion! We plow snow too but its under contract. So, basicially, even if it doesn't snow at all, we still get paid! NO SNOW, NO SNOW, NO SNOW! hee hee Sorry!

  7. I am SO excited for normal television programming to resume! HELLO Parenthood, I have missed you!


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