Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So What! Wednesday

First things first...

I am SOOOOO happy to announce that the winner of the Tiny Prints Giveaway is...... MEGAN!!!
Which makes me super happy because Megan and I have been longtime blog friends since we were planning our weddings at around the same time! Congrats Megan!

Now... onto business...

Time for another So What! Wednesday with Mrs. Shannon Dew!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I can't wait for Turkey Day where I can day drink and stuff my face and not feel ashamed by it! Oh yeah... and seeing family will be cool too! :)

* I am currently looking at buying personalized stockings as we speak. I know it is early, but I am SO excited to decorate for Christmas this year!!! (I know Mom, not until after December 1st!)

* I'm going to pull a shameless plug and tell all of you to go over and check out my Mama's blog, Treasure or Toss! She writes about the good stuff! The stuff that makes you think. Unlike me who writes about how much I have the general public and how I can chug a bottle of wine like it's my job! Now, go say hi!!!

* I was slightly impressed with myself that I was seriously bummed that I thought I wasn't going to be able to hit the gym for awhile because of my back issues. Thankfully, my FIL is a PT and my doctor is a quack (Good thing it isn't the other way around!) so I should be able to get back into it tomorrow! Holler!

* If every time I have a treadmill question, I immediately e-mail Shannon. She's the only person I know who religiously uses the treadmill. So I have decided that she is my own personal treadmill guru! Hope you don't mind! Haha.

* After seeing this post by Pink Lou Lou, I immediately went home and asked Big A if we could make an entire bedroom into a walk-in closet for me when we finally buy a house. And he didn't immediately say no. But then again... he likes to placate me in hypothetical situations, and then be realistic when the situation actually happens. Balls.

* I entered a giveaway today and I have never wanted to win something so bad in my entire life (OK, maybe the Disney trip contest I entered...). And no I am not telling you what it is because I want it all to myself. If I could find some way to hack into rafflecopter and rig it so I would win, I would. I have no shame in admitting it!
* After looking at stockings I have realized that I suck at making decisions... I'm in love with both of these...

 ...and I know that there are probably a billion more that I would like as well.

* When I am looking into buying a new appliance the first thing I notice is if it is a pretty color. White, black, stainless steel??? Pshh... who cares if the thing actually works, did you see that pretty purple color it comes in???

Alright lovers. That's all for today. Which is actually a bold-faced lie because it is also Wedded Bliss Wednesday, so I will be back. Unless I forget to post it again...whoops.

Anyway... head on over to Shannon's blog and link up.

Also... thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on photo editing sites! Can't wait to try them. Today's question... anyone know of a blog designer who is relatively cheap? I'm looking for a new layout with buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... ya know the typical shit, without having to pay $100. I would also be interested in bartering... maybe I can do something you need? We switch? Yes yes? Yes yes.



  1. Your mama is so awesome! Just from reading this one post by her, I can tell she's the best mom ever! And that's so interesting about her boundaries. But hey, at least she knows what she doesn't like and expects others to respect that.

    I am going to 110% suggest Natalie for your blog redesign. She's like $60-ish? But her designs are freakin awesome! she'd re-designed like 1/2 the blogs I follow and I'm super jealous. Her designs are very 'clean' but also super cool/hip/trendy/chic tell her I told you to talk to her and she better give you the best deal ever!

  2. Christmas trees (yes 2 of them) and garland was hung all over the house last night! It officially looks like Christmas threw up at my house! And, I'm not sad about that! ha ha! Love the stockings! Ive been using the same stocking since I was born. My aunt made it for me. I don't think I'd have the heart to switch it.

  3. It is so hard for me to not decorate for Christmas!!!! I think I might have someone customize our stockings, I got neat vintage ones last year that look like a sock, but they need our names on them and now I need one for the cat and the dog....cause you know you cannot have enough Christmas stuff in my opinion!

  4. Yay!! I am so excited that I won! I can't wait to pick out some Christmas cards! And December 1st? Try the day after Thanksgiving! And actually, I have already starting decorating with a few things here and there just to see if the Hubby even noticed that I put stuff out, and not a word out of him yet, haha! And I like the red and silver stockings. The other ones are cute, but I feel like those are only valid for a year and then you would be back to looking for new ones again. I want to get matching stockings too, but I also want our kids to match ours, whenever they decide to come along, so I am holding off on buying them. Is that weird? Haha! I may just have to find some that I like and then have them personalized later on, haha!

  5. Hahaha your comment about thanksgiving is HILARIOUS. Totally how I feel.

    Saying hi from the So What Link up :)


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