Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Happy Thursday Folks!

Can anyone else believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away?


I've said it before, and I will say it again... this year is going by WAY to fast. I mean... wasn't it just yesterday that I was so excited because we entered the year we were getting married. And now we have been married for over two months.


I walked into work this morning, hating life as usual. Not because I don't like my job, just because well... I don't feel like working anymore. I think I am much more suited to be a House Wife where I can stay at home and clean the house, make fabulous dinners, work out so much that I get Trophy Wife status, and flirt with the pool boy. (Note to self: Get a pool boy. Preferably one that looks like Channing Tatum, Gavin Rossdale, Ryan Reynolds, etc.)

But, alas, I have to work. BOOOOO!

We had no power when I got here. It was ridiculous. The entire place was pitch black and they told me "Don't worry the phones and computers still work".

Umm... I'm not working an 8 hour day in the dark.

Much to my happiness, my computer did NOT work, so I was counting down the minutes until I could justify saying "Eff this" and the freaking power comes back on.


Not a fan of that.

In other news, I think I am going to be a crazy Black Friday person this year. My first ever.

There are some crazy good deals going on and Big A and I need some big ticket stuff. I've come to the conclusion that I absolutely despise paying full price for ANYTHING and if it means waking up at 4:00 AM to save $700 then so be it. I will enjoy my nice things from my expensive taste and not pay the price tag.


Anyone have any tips or tricks? Should I bring some brass knuckles, mace, and elbow pads so I don't hurt myself knocking old Bitties out of my way?

I imagine it kind of like a war zone. Is that accurate?

Although, I kind of want to see if I can just order the shit online. I'd rather be home in my PJs and I can just throw myself around the living room a bit so that I can get the actual FEEL of it. It will be like I was really there!

Anyway, I hope ya'll are having a fabulous Thursday and I just KNOW that you can all taste that victory wine that you earn from making it through a whole week.

Except for me. I told my weight loss group that I would lose a pound this week and I haven't hit the gym once due to back problems. And I may or may not have stuffed my face like it was my last meal last night. Whoops!


  1. I've never done the black friday thing. Well... I take that back. I usually do hit up Target (because I'm there anyway!) but the evening of Black Friday. The store's dead and there are still some good deals. Not like $20 60" flat screens or anything, but dvd's (better ones than walmart has) for $5 (this is where I got finding Nemo and other disney ones for gav).

    I think all the GOOD deals are in-store only. A lot of places are opening 10pm thanksgiving. I know, I know, it's so awful for target employees to have to leave their families. IMO in this economoy they are lucky to have a job ... let alone at Target the best store ever! AND my coworkers never get off any holiday. Hospitals have to stay open for all those heart attacks and touch-football injuries.

  2. I go out for black Friday but only to stores that I know won't be a mad house. My mom had a lady take things out of her cart at target a few years back and Best buy.....NO thank you!

    I hit Lowes (good tool sales for the mechanic hubby), Meijer (kinda like walmart), Joann Fabrics and sometimes Hallmark then I'm home by lunch! I would say plan what you want and go early but not like 4am early. Things like TV's and electronics will go on sale for prices just as good as Black Friday a few weeks later. We waited and got our TV two years ago for the same price but on Dec. 15th.

  3. Good luck with Black Friday! I have no advice, I am usually too deep in a turkey coma to wake up in time. Looking forward to hearing about it though :)

  4. I LOVE Black Friday shopping, but I haven't really gone out in the last couple of years. It can get pretty crazy though. Stay away from Toys R' Us! Yikes! That was probably the worst experience I have ever had with Black Friday shopping. I think it is one of those things where you have to look at the ads and decide what you really want and then plan accordingly. And some stores have online deals too. But I would wait til the following Monday because I believe that they have officially made that into the best internet shopping day. I think it is called Cyber Monday, so you may be able to find some awesome online deals. Good luck and I look forward to your war stories, haha!

  5. New Follower here! Girl you are too funny! I've been training for my 10k just so that I can participate in steam rolling some peeps for a dolla on my first ever Black Friday outing. muhahaha! A little over a week to go!

  6. Hahaha, I'm pretty sure if you get a pool boy that looks like Channing or one that shares his skill set for... ahem, then I doubt your hubby will ever leave you alone. So here's the plan... don't include him in the interviewing process. :) lol. Hope you're doing well, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


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