Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wedding Recap: The Dress & Accessories

Hello Lovers!

And Happy Election Tuesday!

I went out this morning right when the polls opened and did my civic duty. Did YOU vote?

I don't care who you voted for. Not one to talk politics, but I DO think that EVERYONE should vote.

Anywho... you aren't here to listen to me talk about voting. You're here for the good aren't you. Without further adieu... let's get on with these Wedding Recaps. Seeing as how I will be married for two months on Thursday... whoops...

Here goes nothing...

One part of wedding planning that I was INCREDIBLY excited about was going dress shopping.

If you remember this post, I showed you all the dresses that I didn't pick.

And I have been DYING to show you the one I did pick. Presenting... my precious...

I look at these pictures and I think two things.

1) OMG that was such an amazing day!

2) OMG look at how much bigger I was. Ick. Thank god I started hitting up the gym. I would NOT have been happy walking down the aisle at 100 and HUGE pounds...

Anyway... I researched photos that I wanted of me and my dress, as well as the accessories. I told our photographer that I wanted ART from our wedding day, not just standard pictures.

And I have to say... she did an AMAZING job. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The dress.

Getting ready. Earrings, bracelet, garter, shoes...check!

I am IN LOVE with the center picture. I know it is totally vain to be in love with a picture of yourself, but I am...

The accessories with my bouquet. Earring and Matching Bracelet: Charming Charlie's. Skull Bracelet: Etsy: Dos Puntos Accessories (Special thanks to Kristen who posted about this bracelet and I knew I HAD to have it for the wedding!)

Shoes are from Shoes to Dye For dyed to match David's Bridal Apple, which were the color of the bridesmaid dresses. The clutch is from Ebay I think. I don't remember where. But it has this effing awesome skull latch on the top. Obviously, this clutch and I were meant to be.

And that's all for today lovers. Next Tuesday will be the recap of the Wedding Party!



  1. Freakin love that center pic of you jumping on the bed too!
    And yes your arms look so tiny now! I mean that's really where I can tell you dropped the most weight. That's sooo awesome! LOVE your shoes, and all the details on everything.

  2. I'm glad my photographer got lots of pics of my dress when it was hanging up too. I love the pics of your accessories!!!!

  3. I love that center pic too! You look absolutely amazing! The skull accessories are so awesome too. You look amazing still in your first photos but I remember trying mine on too when we bought it. I still look now and I'm like AHHH I look huge.

  4. you look so pretty! Your dress is amazing, and those shoes!! Excellent choice on all counts!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh MY. Will you LOOK at all of those GORGEOUS photos?? The photo of you jumping on the bed is just TOO adorable. All of the little jewelry details are SO pretty as well. Beautiful!!

  6. Aaaggghhhh! I am so excited that you have started your recaps! Your dress is gorgeous and that center pic was freaking gorgeous too! You have every right to love that pic! I loved everything, the dress, the shoes the accessories, just everything!!

  7. Love your dress and that middle picture is great! It is ok for you to love it!

  8. love your photos - they really did come out as great ART, and not just photos.

    the shoe photo with your ring is perfect. i mayyyy have just added it to my wedding pin board. love! your details are gorgeous!

  9. Love the photo with the heel of the shoe in your ring! I have never seen anything like that before- very cool!

  10. Ya i just love this whole thing!! Cannot wait to start planning mine (again) haha someday! I love your colors! those are absolutely gorgeous and your dress is amazing! No way in hell is it vain to think yourself looks amazing!! I also think you should blow it up and hang it above your bed! of just yourself!! :) xoxox gorgeous lady!

  11. Wow! You made one hell of a stunning bride! I LOVE the picture of you bouncing on the bed! So natural! xo


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