Friday, December 21, 2012

2 to the 7...A Birthday Recap & Remembering a Friend

Yesterday, was an absolutely amazing day. Seriously, amazing.

I got home from work and immediately started in on a little plan that I had hatched the night before. You see, I was having trouble remembering that it was my birthday. I mean I KNEW it was my birthday, but it wasn't something that was constantly present on my mind. Which, if we have met, is NOT the usual for me.

Wednesday night, Big A and I went Christmas shopping and everywhere we went we could see the holiday cheer. The only problem was that we weren't feeling it. With everyone going on with the house, we weren't going to be decorating or getting a tree, so without that it was hard to get into the spirit.

Driving home, I noticed all of the houses with their Christmas lights and I got jealous. So, I told myself that I would spread a little bit of Christmas cheer around our house. So I went downstairs and picked out some stuff from our Christmas bins (pretty much the only well-packed, clearly marked boxes we have) and got to work.

Here's what I did:

We REALLY need to get some stocking holders, seeing as how these are attached to the mantle with duck tape! Haha.

Big A commented on how much he loved it when he got home. He said it was so nice to drive down the street and see our lights from the window. I'm so glad he liked it!!!

AND.... it is a good thing that I did decorate a little bit because this was my brother's present to me:

Back story: So, Big A and I decided we weren't going to have a tree, which was fine because shit was crazy. On Sunday my family was going to get their tree, but we had a whole bunch of freezing rain and the roads sucked, so they didn't go. Since we had JUST moved into the house, I wasn't going with them. They rescheduled for Monday night, and when my brother texted me a picture of the tree I was so upset because I missed out on helping pick and name the tree (I name everything) and it really sucked since we weren't getting one. I knew that they were just trying to leave me be because I was busy, but I was upset that I wasn't there. I knew they didn't do it on purpose and they were all very sorry, so I accepted this year as a Christmas tree loss and moved on. WELL...little known to me, my brother got me this little tree, texted Big A for ideas, and decorated it with his girlfriend. There's nips, candy canes, and dog kind of tree! He made me hide in one of the back bedrooms while he set it up and when I finally was able to see it, I cried like a little baby. He is just the sweetest brother EVER!!!

Next, was dinner. Crab legs, melted butter, Basmati rice, Tomato & Mozzarella salad, and some delicious bread. AMAZING! (I ate my weight in crab legs which meant no room for anything else, which is fine with me since I do it every year. Hahaha!)

P.S. One of the things I hate about seafood is that it is SO hard to keep the melted butter warm. And I think that when it gets cold it is gross. So I am constantly making someone get up and heat mine up, or doing it myself. When I saw these butter warmers while Big A and I were registering for our wedding, I knew I HAD to have them. And following a particularly Kardashian night, when N and I bought lobsters for us and the boys purely because we were craving it, and I was complaining about the cold butter, her and J bought them for us for my shower! Best mother effing invention EVER!!!

Next up, the loot!

I got a text from J saying, "Happy Birthday, hope you get hooked up!" and hooked up, I did...

1. Flowers from my honey (He gets them every birthday, Valentine's Day, and anniversary, without fail. He's the best husband ever). He also got me the funniest and the sweetest card. He's so good to em! 2. Super cozy slippers from my MIL and FIL! Seriously I want to snuggle with these! 3. Foot scrub (which is amazing since after being on my feet for weeks with moving and such my feet are HURTING!)
4. Super cozy, soft sweater from my mom & dad. (I'm wearing it right now!) 5. Foot lotion and cozy socks from MIL & FIL. 6. My Puma sneakers. I get them every year. I just found a hole in my current pair so this is perfect timing. 7. "New Home 2012" ornament. LOVE! 8. Patriots t-shirt (Special thanks to Megan for showing me the website that I could find them after I saw her football gear on her list and got SUPER jealous!!!) and 9. Fire place tool set. I think Big A is just as excited about this present as I am. Can't WAIT to have a nice cozy fire in out fire place!!!!!!

Seriously, I am SOOOO lucky to have such amazing people in my life. With my wonderful family, and fabulous friends, I truly am a blessed person. I know that 26 is going to be hard to top, but so far, I am really loving where I am.

And now... on a heaver note. I just want to take a minute to remember a dear friend of ours who passed away one year ago today. Your time was too short on this Earth John, and every single day we miss you. Things definitely aren't the same without you around and we often talk about the things you would say or do if you were still around. There's definitely been someone missing this past year. We are happy that you are no longer in pain, and hope that you have found peace. We miss you so much. Rest in Peace dear friend. We love you!


  1. So glad you had such an amazing birthday :) Your tree is so cute! Christmas lights just make everything better.

  2. aww this is the most heartwarming post ever! You will remember your 27th birthday forever. And omg I would have been so mad about the tree too, but your brother is AMAZING! You have such a sweet family. and your dinner looks amazing!!! OMG YUM!

    i'm so sorry about your friend who passed away. I wish there were words that could help or time made it easier, but I know nothing is the same as if he were still here.

  3. That Christmas tree from your brother is probably the sweetest thing ever! I don't think one of my brothers would ever be clever enough to do that! So glad you got a tree and love the "ornaments!"

  4. I seriously started tearing up about the tree. Brothers can be pretty awesome sometimes. I stress the sometimes part, haha! And I am so glad that you got a Patriots shirt!!! And I almost bought you an ornament for your house when I bought ours, I am glad I didn't now seeing as how you already got one. Happy Birthday again! I am glad that you had a great day!

  5. It's been so hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year too because of warm the weather is! It's almost Christmas and I'm still using my A/C!! And using duck tape to hang your stockings? Love it! haha I'm married to a redneck so I can appreciate it :)

    Love your blog by the way!


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