Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Recap

Hello my lovies!!! 

I know it has been awhile, but let's just understand that shit has been crazy.


Let's catch up from the weekend, shall we.

Saturday, I headed over to my aunt's house, with my mom, my other aunt, and one of my cousins. We baked cookies for Christmas. It was a lot of fun. Definitely something that we have to do every year!

Saturday night, we had people over to our new house for a little belated bday celebration. It was so much fun! And my friends are great. I got about 18 billion bottles of wine. And then these awesome presents:

I got the sign from J$ and her hubby and the awesome mug from J & N!

Sunday, we went to watch the Patriots game with friends, our normal Sunday ritual. It was a pretty pathetic game, but at least we won. Hopefully, they will get their heads out of their asses and pay attention now!

After that we went over to the apartment and cleaned out the last of our stuff. I was bittersweet for sure. I took pictures to remember it by. Our first home.

There are so many memories there. I am definitely going to miss it. But like Big A says, "we are moving on to bigger and better things!"

See that spot that Big A is standing? That was right about the spot that he proposed to me. I think I am going to miss the apartment mostly because of that. Such a huge memory of ours. Hard to think that we won't be living there any more.

Crazy how big the apartment feels with nothing in it! Haha.

I shed a few tears, I won't lie. It was hard to say good-bye.

Monday, I only worked a few hours and then I ran around trying to finish all of my Christmas errands. Which I did in record time! I was pretty impressed with myself. Although, Big A and I decided that we are going to do all of our Christmas shopping in July next year! (It won't happen, but we can dream!)

Monday night, we headed to Big A's house and hung out with his family. My mom and dad came too. It was nice to have everyone together! Definitely a tradition that I look forward to every year!!!

Christmas was a great one. I dragged Big A out of bed and we opened our presents/stockings. Then I went to my parents' house and he went to his (We decided to keep it simple for as long as possible. We will have to join the families when we have kids, but for now we are cool with keeping it separate!). We met up back at home and then got ready to head to my aunt's.

We got there just in time to hang out with everyone for a little bit and then it was time to eat.

Hot damn that food was delicious.

This year, we all picked names out of a hat to decide who we bought presents for. With the youngest of the "kids" being 23 (24?) and the oldest being 40... it was time to start having the kids pick up the slack! Haha.

So all of the "kids" chose a "kid" and then all of the "adults" chose an "adult".

Although, there was some confusion as to whether we were supposed to sign our name or Santa's. We will have to clear that up for next year! Haha.

After that, Big A and I went home, made a fire, and just hung out. J & N stopped by for a little. Then they headed home and I proceeded to pass out on the couch. My nice husband made sure to escort me to bed and make sure I didn't hurt myself on the way! Haha.

And now I am at work. Cursing the fact that I wasn't able to take this time off, which I usually do. Bummer!

Tomorrow, I should be back with a recap on the presents. I was definitely a spoiled girl this year!!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!!!


  1. I felt the same way when we left our apartment together!!! He proposed to me in that apartment, it was our first place together, etc... BUT your new home is amazeballz and think about all the new memories you are going to make! xoxo

  2. I haven't even had time to blog because of how crazy our Christmas was! Sounds like you had a great Christmas though! And I LOVE the sign that your friends got you. Jealous!

  3. I love that sign!!!! So adorable! I got a tray with my last name in our secret santa at work and I love it!

    I was a fool and didn't take any Christmas pictures....whoops! I'll still do a recap post probably later today!


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