Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Show and Tell: My Christmas/Birthday List

Hello Lovers!

I once again, have no Wedding recap for you.

I am well aware of how much I suck. But, I'm busy. Crazy busy.

You'll find out why tomorrow. Or maybe Thursday. I haven't quite figured that all out yet.

Things are nuts.

I can't believe that we are on out fourth day into December. Insanity.

Straight insanity.

We are only 16 days away from my Birthday and 21days until Christmas.

Soo... in the interest of helping out my mother who asked me what I want for my Birthday/Christmas AND the fact that there is a link-up going on. I think I'll share my Christmas list!

There's not much on my list. I can't think of a whole lot this year. I know. I suck.

1. Ugg Boots. (I know expensive, but even $ towards them would be awesome! Size 8 please! This color.) 2. Puma Sneakers. 3. Back Seat Dog Cover (Hammock Style. Dark Gray or Black) 4. Slippers. (Something like this with a solid bottom. Ugg rip-off will do) 5. Gift Cards (Target, Marshalls, Aeropostle, anywhere!)

Other than that, I can't think of anything really. Apparently that's what happens when you are old and need the essentials.

Super boring. I know.

I have,  however, found a whole bunch of stuff that I can't wait to spend my Bed, Bath, and Beyond money on. We have a bunch of gift cards from the shower and I have been waiting to use them. AND I just got a call from them that I can schedule a shopping appointment and get 20% off. I'm excited!

And that's it. Wanna link up too? Head over to Becky's blog.


  1. wooo hooo is's your bday / Christmas month!!! Super excited for the announcement. I want to see pics!

  2. I love the ugg boots...really cute!

  3. I love that you put something on there that is kind of for Mr. Fresh. And I can't wait for the announcement. And I agree with Leah, I want to see pics!

  4. New follower, and I totally couldn't think of much I wanted for Christmas this year either. I suppose it's because I'm getting married in May and put everything I could possibly want on our registry...or cuz I'm boring :P Love those slippers...look super-comfy!


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