Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I am so ridiculously excited about Shannon's announcement yesterday! I'm just so happy for her! I can't wait to see bump pics and of course those squishy newborn pics!!! Congrats again Shannon!

* I may have been slightly jealous of her announcement. Only slightly. If the stars were aligned, and we had a whole bunch of cash in our accounts, and we could afford day care, then maybe things would be different. I'm just taking it as, it isn't our time now. And that's OK.

* Jackums and N will use the former statement against me to convince me to have a child. Yeah... I got your number girls! :)

* I was annoyed when Big A came home last night and said, "You cooked dinner?" like it was the most surprising thing in the world. But, then I realized that I hadn't cooked since LAST Tuesday, so I decided not to punch him in the face.

* I had myself a nice little pity party last night about how shitty things are right now. Everything is nuts. Half the apartment is packed. The other half is a disaster. We are out of EVERYTHING. I tried to have a glass of milk with dinner last night and realized it was expired. Awesome. And the house is a disaster zone too. It's just a lot. But then I remember how effing ridiculous I am because if we didn't have a house then none of this would be a problem. And it will ALL be worth it. I am so so SO appreciative of where we are in life and what we have. It just doesn't mean that things aren't hard right now, ya know.

* I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping. And Christmas is in...oh...13 days. FML. I have no clue when I am going to do it either. Looks like last minute shopping. AGAIN! Sorry peeps! I will do my best. Just bear (bare?) with me.

* We left Mr. Fresh's water bowl at the house on Sunday and we keep forgetting to get it. So he's been drinking water out of a casserole dish. It works, right? At least he still has water. And he doesn't seem to mind. Although, the sound of his collar tags hitting the side of the dish is obnoxious. I have no one to blame but myself. Or Big A. Either way.

* I leave one of my bosses off meeting invitations that he asks me to send. Like, he asks me to schedule a meeting with him and his people and 95% of the time, I forget to add him onto it. I can't tell if he thinks my absent mindedness is quirky, or if he thinks that I am a fucking idiot. Either way, I still have a job, so that's a plus.

* Our wedding thank you cards have been sitting on my coffee table for like 2 weeks, all done, just needing to be sealed and stamped. So, I sealed and stamped them on Monday and still can't remember to send them. Sorry people! They're coming. I swear!

* This is the longest So What! Wednesday EVER!

Alright, that's all for today. I'm actually going to attempt to be a productive member of society today. Hopefully.

Now head on over to Shannon's blog and link up. (And don't forget to say Congrats to her on Baby Dew #2!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. I was a little jealous too and I'm not even married yet! Besides, it's good to wait and just enjoy the married life for a bit, right? I total hear your frustration on the house stuff too. Ours is still a disaster zone with some stuff still in's driving me nuts!

  2. omg I totally missed her announcement! I was out doing work errands forever yesterday and that's like the 1 day something super extra exciting happens!!! I saw her kiki la rue post about a growing belly top and was like hummm too bad she's not prego. lol but she is! yay! I need to get caught up asap!

  3. I was SO excited too when I read shannons announcement! I love following along to blogs seeing their bellies grow! Can't for your announcment one day...before me! ha ha ha ha!

  4. Things will calm down eventually. You will be so excited and pleased when you guys are living in just the house. It will be well worth the crazy that is going on right now!

  5. Cheers on trying to be productive ;) PS I nominated your hawt ass for the Liebster Award on my blog

  6. So when our cat's water bowl is low he will literally drink out of the toilet...yes my CAT drinks out of the toilet. #catmomfail

  7. I just finished my Christmas shopping this week! Before you want to punch me in the face let me tell you that I'm having a baby any day! I'm actually due on Sunday so I cut it super close. If she'd come early... half my family (including my husband) wouldn't have received gifts from me this year :)

  8. Packing sucks. Good luck finishing! The new house will be so worth all the stress.


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