Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!!!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I REALLY didn't want to come to work today, purely for the fact that it is Staff Meeting Day. And the sad part is that I haven't been at one in months. Between the honeymoon and being sick (that so conveniently fell on Staff Meeting days...but no really I WAS sick) I don't think I have been at one since August. And this one is going to last forever. WAH!

* The only reason that I worked on unpacking some stuff last night was because I wanted to make room for my wine rack. Which I did, and them promptly lugged the 3 million pound box down the stairs and put it together. YAY!

* I haven't started Christmas shopping yet. Well, that's not true. I bought one present. But, the majority of it still needs to be done. FML. Whose stupid idea was it to buy a house in December, huh???

* I keep forgetting that my birthday is tomorrow. Which, if you know me, is almost unheard of. I usually have a countdown from at least November first. I dunno, this year is kind of, meh. Ya know. I think we should just call December a loss and try again next year.

* I am absolutely petrified that either me or Mr. Fresh is going to get attacked by a coyote. We moved from a busy intersection off a major highway to the boonies and now I am nervous that they are going to see me and my dog as a special treat. And then I had to go be an idiot and read up on them. Which made me realize that my plan of just running away doesn't work since they can run up to 40 mph. Yeah...these legs don't move that fast. Well...Mr. Fresh's probably do. He'll probably run and find some way to open the door to the house, leaving me to fend for myself.

* I had a dream last night that my boss told me I sucked and I was barely hanging onto my job and I thought it was real. Woke up this morning feeling like a piece of shit, thinking I should just quit my job. Good morning to me!

* We have legit, no food in our house. I had to have Big A pick up a frozen pizza last night. we haven't had enough of THAT lately. So yeah, the first meal I cooked in our new house was frozen pizza.

* I walked into my new dentist's office and gave them a huge speech about all of my past shitty dentists, what I did and didn't like, and then may have mildly threatened to just pull my teeth out if they sucked too. Turns out they are amazing. The woman cleaning my teeth was an angel. Didn't hurt at all (except for when she accidentally stabbed my, but she apologized profusely so I forgave her) and the dreamy dentist was really nice. Turns out my old creep of a dentist was trying to pull one over on me by telling me my mouth was "riddled with cavities". Asshat.

* I just got super excited that one of the Christmas presents I was planning on buying someone can be bought online when I was totally sure that I would have to go to the store. Holler.

* I haven't had my eyebrows waxed since before my wedding. I know. I know. Gross, right?! My friend switched salons, so I can't go to the girl I was going to before and I am wary of driving all the way out to her new salon for someone I don't know. Which really means that I am lazy and don't really care, but want to make excuses so it looks like I am trying.

* Every time Big A talks about all the boxes that are in the basement, I just giggle because about half of them are my shoes! Haha. I don't know if he will be happy that it is less work than he thinks or concerned that he didn't know his wife had a secret shoe fetish (since I had them all in the closet or under the bed at the apartment so he never saw them). Whatever man. I love me some pretty shoes.

* I was a little surprised at myself that I was mopping the floors at 10:30 last night because I just couldn't take the fact that they were wicked dirty anymore, and we finally cleared some space to do so. Yeah... I'm not usually one to care that my house is dirty (unless someone is coming over, then I make excuses like I do with my eyebrows) but apparently now I care? Weird.

* I still haven't ordered the prints from our wedding pictures! I've been busy!!! Soon. Soon.

Alright lovers. That's all for today. Hope ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday and that you are all looking forward to tomorrow's holiday... MY BIRTHDAY!!! (Which I will probably forget by the end of today...)

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  1. Mopping at 10:30 at night? Dude, you're sick in the head! ha ha!

    As busy as it is with the new house in Decemeber I'm sure looking back next year when you have a pretty tree in your house (and probably a baby in the belly and then I'll win the bet!) you'll look back and laugh....hopefully! :-)

  2. Yay Happy ALMOST birthday! And yeah, I am terrified that Ruby is going to get scooped up by a hawk or eaten by a coyote since we have all conservation land behind us. At least Mr. Fresh is big!

  3. I have seen and heard coyotes around my house for the last three years, they have never bothered us or our dog. Just be careful at night and always stay with your dog. They mostly only want small dogs, like toy poodle sized.

    When I moved in with Andrew he was rather sickened at the amount of clothes I had.....he still is lol

  4. I think when it is actually your house and you own it, you feel a lot differently about keeping it clean. I know my attitude changed when we moved from the apartment to our house. And you can never have too many shoes!


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