Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wedding Recap: The Ceremony Part 2 (and details)

Sooo... I haven't done a Wedding recap in over a month! Whoops!

Doesn't really fit into my "blog about it so you remember every detail" plan.

Last time, I asked you to guess what I was laughing at. You can read that here.

(And you can read ALL Wedding related recaps here)

Some of you guessed it right! I forgot my bouquet.

You see, they took everyone out of my room to go line up for the ceremony to start. And I was all by myself. So, I looked out the window, walked around, brushed my teeth (didn't want Hubby to be scared away by my bad breathe! Haha), and just waited. Except, it was POURING rain at that point.

So, our coordinator came in to talk about options. And I pretty much just said, "I don't care what you do, just do it quickly". So the ceremony almost got moved inside, and then Big A and my mom were like, nah, it's fine. The rain is stopping.

And it did. Long enough for the ceremony and pictures. And then it rained off and on the rest of the night, but that was fine.

So... in all the craziness, I put my flowers down and never picked them back up. I got all the way down the aisle, looked at my soon to be Husband, he looked at me with love in his eyes and said "Hi", and I said...

"I forgot my flowers!!!"

To which the JP announced to everyone that if they had seen my flowers then could they go get them! Which was why I was laughing. Because, of course I would forget my flowers! Haha.

Luckily, our florist is a really good friend of ours, and she ran up to the room and got them. She then quietly passed them down to the Bridesmaids and by the end of the the ceremony, when I turned around, my Maid of Honor had them! Now THAT was good thinking.

Some of you guessed my shoes... I didn't forget them. I just wanted to be comfortable at that point. I was still a little scarred from eating shit multiple times at my Bridal Shower because of my shoes and  the last thing that I wanted was to fall in front of 150 people!!! Haha.

So, I wore them for a couple pictures, but they are still untouched. I need to find a special occasion to wear them to, because those beauties are too gorgeous NOT to wear.

Anyway, that's my story.

We laughed the entire time during our ceremony because our JP was so funny. Which was perfect because it really took the pressure off and we could relax.

Here are the pics:

I wish that I could remember what he was saying to me in that middle picture, but I am so glad that we have it. I know we were having a little moment, just the two of us (in front of 150 people...) so it is nice to have that!

Now... I want to share the ceremony decorations.

During the whole planning process, my mom said that I needed to decorate the ceremony site. And I just couldn't fathom planning one more thing, or spending any more money. I just didn't care enough at that point. I figured we would be there for like 5 seconds so who cared.

But, she was adamant about it, so I told her to go for it. She could do whatever she wanted. And seriously, I am SO SO SOOOOO glad that I said that, because it was absolutely GORGEOUS! It made the pictures that much more special and she did an amazing job.

Seriously amazing.

(And special thanks to my dad, brother, and cousins for helping her set up!!!)

Check it out:

She did all of it. Including the part on the ceiling. I wasn't able to notice most of it in the moment, but when I saw the pictures I was blown away at how pretty it was!

And that's all for today folks. Hopefully, I can get the rest of the Wedding recapped sooner rather than later! Haha.

Today is my Friday! I am looking forward to a day of shopping and lunch with my Mama tomorrow. Which means I am done working until the New Year. I SOOOOO need these few days off. Although, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to want to go back! Haha!


  1. I'm at work today and tomorrow then off for four days, the storm got me an extra day off yesterday which was just what I needed :)

    I almost forgot my bouquet too, we got in the car and had pulled out of my parents neighborhood and I screamed in my poor dads ear THE BOUQUET!!!! and he kindly turned around to go get it, while I had 10 heart attacks. I made mine so I would have flipped if I didn't have it!

  2. You're sooo pretty! Your ceremony is just gorgeous and Big A is such a hottie! Your dress is amazing. I can't even tell that it was raining in this pictures. And the ceiling, omg amazing. Have an amazing weekend and day off! Tomorrow is my 1st day back to work :(

  3. So so pretty! Your bouquet was gorgeous and even though you forgot them it makes for a neat little story. I got sick of carrying mine at my wedding so I put them down and walked away haha now they sit in my closet.. Such a pretty wedding :)

  4. Awww i kind of love that you forgot your flowers. It's one of those moments you'll remember and cherish forever. As always, you look gorg :)

  5. Beautiful photos! That is too funny that you forgot your flowers! Glad someone was able to grab them for you!

  6. You look freaking gorgeous in those photos! You are gorgeous everyday, but I absolutely love those!!!!! And your Mom did an awesome job on the ceremony site! And you were supposed to leave your flowers behind, it makes for a fun story, haha!

  7. That is so funny, especially because those flowers are gorgeous, I don't know how you could forget them! And your mom did an AWESOME job decorating!

  8. PS Guess what? I nominated you for an award!!!


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