Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh hey Friends!

Happy Monday! If you're like me, you are still half asleep and wondering if there is enough coffee in the world to wake you up enough to be functional at work.

The answer to that question is still being answered, I'll keep you posted.

I spent my weekend being a slave to our house. Which, from what I gather from other homeowners, is pretty typical. The never ending to-do list.

We finally, finally, FINALLY finished stripping that god forsaken wall paper! OMG! For those who are saying that "wallpaper is coming back", think about the people who will one day buy your house. Please don't do that to them. 

Seriously, I'm having nightmares about strips of wallpaper chasing me down a dark hallway. Flames coming up from the floor, while an evil laugh booms from behind me.

OK... not really...but I'm close.

We got a lot of shit done this weekend. All the walls are clean and prepped for painting.

I'm off to meet Pa Dukes at Home Depot in a little bit to get the paint and he's going to get started. OMG! LOVE him!

Big A and I are taking a much needed/deserved/earned night off and heading to the Pats game. Special thanks to Boss Man for hooking us up! It's a 8:30 game, so we probably won't make it through the entire thing, but it is going to be freaking awesome to watch the game RIGHT THERE. I haven't been to a Pats game since they had the old stadium (and I was like 10 and went with my friend and her dad and I remember having a panic attack from all of the people... good thing I am old enough to drink to take the edge off now) and Big A has never been!

I'm looking forward to a night with just me and my hubby (and my co-worker and his wife, and about 10's of thousands of other people...).

Then it is back to the grind. I'll be packing up our wee little apartment this week and getting ready for the big move, which is hopefully on Saturday.

Seriously, we are so in love with our house, it is just amazing. It's the little things like:

1. Being able to have our own washer/dryer.
2. Gutters. Do you know how awesome it is to walk outside when it is raining/has rained and not have it pour down on your head from the roof? Amazing.
3. Heat. And an insulated house. With the field stone foundation under our apartment, little to no insulation, and the loft, our heating bills are redic and we have to turn the heat up to like 75 to feel ANYTHING. In our house. Turning it to 60 is pretty damn toasty. Which will be even better when we have a fire and finally get our wood stove hooked up.

It's the little things!

That's all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed another lovely house update!  Get used to it because it is all you are going to hear about!

Aaaannnnddd....because I promised and because I could actually find them! Pics of the house!

These are all pictures from the listing. What you don't see are the two bedrooms downstairs (one is really an office), the downstairs bathroom (with shower and washer/dryer hook-ups), the full bath upstairs, and then the full basement downstairs.

We are definitely trading up in the world. It isn't a mansion, but it is a lot more space than we had. The house was built in 1959 by the original owner on his father's land. They built everything themselves. And kept EVERYTHING up. We are only the second owners to the house. There's a new roof, all new windows, new heating system, the garage is about 10 years old, but never used, and the pool has been kept up as well.

So thankfully, we are saving a lot of money by not having to do all of that!

That's all for today lovers! Smooches!


  1. Love love love the photos! I totally feel you on the heat situation. Our old house had no floo in the chimney so even lighting a fire sucked all the heat out of the room.

    So when can I come have a wine bender? :)

  2. WAIT WAIT WAIT... YOU HAVE A POOL!!!?!?!?! OMG officially the most awesome thing I've learned all day! Oh and I know big A is LOVING the huge garrage, that's the best! But not better than your very own POOL! OMG! Hello Pool Party!

  3. BEAUTIFUL home!! I TOTALLY feel your pain about the wallpaper!! My parents had wallpaper in their bedroom. It was swans. WHO THE FUCK WANTS SWANS FLOOR TO CEILING IN THEIR BEDROOM???? Retarded!
    I feel your renovation pain. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. But, seriously it is SO satisfying in the end!! Trust me!
    You know Im always here to vent if you need it dude! xo

  4. YOU HAVE A POOL?!!!!! That is not even close to fair, haha! So I may be planning a trip to your house in the near future, haha! But seriously, your house is gorgeous! I love it! I can't wait to see what you guys do with it. And I love the floors in it!

  5. SO STINKING HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! It is such a charmer ;) Have fun tonight!

  6. So jealous that you have a pool!!!! We lucked out too with new windows and a new roof as well as a decent deck. We did have to put in a furnace and hot water heater, but for as cheap as the house was, I was okay with that stuff.

    Wallpaper will always and forever suck, why use it now when they have all these cool paint textures and techniques?!?!

    By the time you're done the people at Home Depot will know you by name, the people at our Lowes still so, we go there A LOT!!!

    Congrats again!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh a pool!? How fun! The house is very cute. It will be so fun to decorate and make it your home.


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