Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whining & Complaining And A Whole Lotta CASH!!!

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of listening to me bitch and moan about packing, moving, etc.!!!

*Raises hand*

Yes people, I know, even I am sick and tired of listening to myself.

BUT, there's literally nothing else going on in my life right now (who has the time?) so, suck it up and let's all just deal with it, shall we.

Last night was a bit of a change of pace. Big A spent the entire day with my dad and his cousin (Big A's cousin, not my dad's, just in case that needed to be clarified) painting at the house. I brought them food since they hadn't eaten all day (I run a tight ship, work first, eat later. Heh.) and then headed home to pack. Shocking.

This is what my living room looks like:
The bottom pic is my collection of shoes. Big A asked how many pairs of shoes I needed/have. I told him that he married a woman and that came with the territory, and not to ask silly questions. And then I hoped that he wouldn't look underneath the bed, where there are plenty more pairs. Whoops!

Things are coming along nicely. The boys got a lot of the painting done last night. They just need to finish the bedroom, paint the living room, paint the hallway, and  the upstairs bathroom. And the hallway and upstairs bathroom don't really need to be painted before we move in since we won't be using them for awhile. So we are trucking along.

In other news I would just like to announce that I won $1 on a scratch ticket this morning that I found in my wallet. I couldn't believe my luck and quickly ran around the office doing a victory dance. I promise not to let the money change me, and I will always remember who my friends are. :)

It's officially one week until my birthday and I have to tell you that I'm just not feeling it. The excitement that is. I think it is just because we are insanely busy, but I kind of forgot about it until just now. Hopefully we will have the house in pretty good shape by then since my family is coming over to cook me dinner.

Yes, I am making my mother, father, and brother come to MY house and cook ME dinner. They just better not mess up my kitchen. Heh. ;)

Other than that, that's pretty much all that is going on. Tonight consists of hunting down more boxes and packing packing packing. I think I am going to try to bring over whatever is in the living room too so that we can have more room to put more boxes.

That's all for today! Smooch!

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  1. I think it's fair that they come to you on your Birthday and cook you dinner, haha! And a $1? Lucky duck!!! If I ever win on those things I usually just get my money back so that I don't lose it all buying more, haha!


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