Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: New Year's Resolutions

I figured I would check on what I wrote down last year as my resolutions and then compare them to this year's.

Except I forgot that I hated life the beginning of last year and I boycotted most things. Like, resolutions, year end recaps, anything that didn't involve a bottle of wine to my face.

Go me!

But, I will have to say that I was productive as hell.

So... if I was THAT good with no resolutions, maybe I should make some. (Or maybe I should stick with not making promises I can't keep...)

Anywho... against my better judgement I'm going to come up with some resolutions for 2013.

Geez. How many times can I say resolutions in a post?

Resolutions. Resolutions. Resolutions.

Moving on...

1. Get More Organized
I know that some people might laugh at this, seeing as how I am one of the most OCD people that they know, but most of the time I live in organized chaos. I leave something to another day, that day never comes, blah blah blah.

Case in point: My desk at work.

Check out that hot mess my friends. Any given day, this is what it looks like. I used to tell people that messy desks was a sign of genius, but now I just think they think I'm lazy. Which is kind of half true.

So... I'm going to clean up my act. Get more organized and try to keep it that way.

Not to mention our house needs some serious TLC. We did the bare minimum to live in our place because with the holidays it was CRAZY. BUT... now that that's over... we need to get going. I have mounds of clothes I haven't worn. Shoes that are neglected in the basement.

And if I have to run all around the house to find something one.more.time... then I might kill someone.

2. Drink Less Booze
OK... so I am aware that I'm not an alcoholic, but as of late the booze has been out of control. Between holidays, parties, etc. this ish is getting ridiculous.

Mix that with the fact that my choice of wine is getting more expensive... I need to cut down for my body AND my wallet.

So I'm going to TRY to not drink during the week.

Also, I think the month of February is going to be booze free. Just to cleanse myself a little bit. (And I wanted to do a month and Feb is the shortest, heh)
For the record, the 90+ stuff on the right is delish. They have a whole line of different wines that regularly would be like $30+ a bottle and it's like half the price with this label. Yum!

3. Get Back To Working On My Fitness
Just a short year ago I looked like this:
Picture taken January 6th, 2012

Yeah... I don't look like that anymore.

Picture taken June 23, 2012

Not to mention that I was in the 150's when we got married. I mean that number was a little skewed since I barely ate all weekend, but I have comfortably been in the lower 160's and it is time to keep moving.

I want to be in the 150's. I want to get back to feeling good about myself.

I WANT to be healthy.

So...I need to get back to it.

I plan on going food shopping this weekend for healthy stuff. And as soon as we organize the office, I am getting a treadmill. So... it's ON baby! (Also, please ignore the egg & cheese sandwich I am having for is on starting Monday! haha)

4. Quit The Butts

Big A and I were going to quit January 1st, but as it got closer, but just...didn't. With that being said, I don't smoke a whole lot as it is. I mean, get me stressed or a little tipsy and I'll chain smoke, but other than that I usually only have one my way to work and one on my way home.

I didn't leave the house at ALL on New Year's Day and I didn't smoke. Not one. I should have just gone with it, but I think I need to be more prepared. I want to go back on the patch since that really helped when I quit before. If I can get a doctor's note for it then I can pay for them with my flexible spending account, so I might try that.

5. Be A Better Wife
Not that I am a bad one, but I always think that we can strive to be better.

Things have been so great since we moved into the house and I really should appreciate how amazing Big A has been. He washes the floor when he gets mud on them. He set up the oil delivery. He put up the lights I bought. He makes fires every time I want one. He's helped clean up every time there has been cleaning needed.

He's like a whole new man and I dig it. I just want him to always know how much I love him, how thankful I am for everything he does, and how much he really does take care of me and Mr. Fresh.

And that's what I got folks. Simple. To the point. Mostly health related. But most importantly...ACHIEVABLE.

Sooo... what's everyone else doing for their resolutions?


  1. I think these are great resolutions, especially the quit smoking one. Good luck girly!!

  2. I also think that are great!! Good luck with the smoking!!!

  3. AWESOME resolutions! I'm cutting out the smoking when I drink too. Time to be healty- all the way! Good luck girl!

  4. These are great resolutions. And I know that you can achieve all of them. I didn't even know that you smoked, so in my mind you have already won that battle, haha! I need to get back on the healthy band wagon too. I say that as I stuff some candy cane hershey kisses in my mouth, haha! Monday it is!!! We can be a support system for each other.

  5. those are some awesome resolutions! and yes my desk at work looks identical. I like to say it's because I'm so busy not too lazy to clean of course :)

  6. These are great goals. I was going to stop eating all fast food, and then I had Chick Fil A for lunch on New Year's Day. Whoops. But since then I haven't had any. Which is only about 48 but still, better than nothign!


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