Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Letters

I'm linking up with Ashley from The Sweet Season for Friday's Letters.

Can we just talk about how cute her new blog title is? I mean, I loved her old one, but I'm definitely digging the new one. was a rough 3 day work week this week, but I made it. I made it.

Next week is going to suck. 5 day work weeks are for the birds!

Dear Blogger, what the hell is up with you not letting me upload pictures. I mean, what good is it that I can choose pictures I have already put on the blog, but not new ones? Get your act together.

Dear FB Friend, thank you for posting that picture with that Blogger will not let me upload. It had a saying on it that really resonated with me:

"When I get married, divorce is not an option. You mad? Take your ass in the other room and calm down, cause we gone work this shit out."

Now, I know there are extenuating circumstances and I'm not against divorce. I'm merely stating that some people look at is as an easy option when it should be a last resort. I didn't go into my marriage thinking "eh if they works out I'll just get a divorce". I went in thinking "this is forever".

Moving on...

Dear Weekend, I'd like to smooch you. As usual.

Dear Pops, please please PLEASE come put in the new dryer vent this weekend. I am SO over the fact that I can not open either door to the washer or dryer all the way. Or open the drawer for the laundry detergent. Or the fact that I have to move the washing machine to put the bleach in last night because the spot for it was all the way in the back and I couldn't open the drawer. Or the fact that you can barely do your business on the potty because the dryer is rightfuckingnexttothefuckingtoilet. Or that I am constantly moving around the trash can/toilet paper holder/laundry baskets because there is no logical place to put them that fits all scenarios of doing laundry/going to the bathroom/taking a shower. Etc. At first I was just happy we had a washer and dryer. And now I'm over the chaos. Please save me from myself. Thanks!

Dear Self, when you get yourself in a tizzy over the bathroom, it is time to take a chill pill and take a step back. Just sayin'.

Dear Certain Bloggers, I'm going to be a little passive aggressive here. When you have people that regularly read your blog. And regularly comment. At SOME POINT it would be nice if you decided to e-mail ANY OF THEM back. Ya know...and the annoying part is that you are funny shit, so I don't want to un-follow you...but this is a community, make some relationships. Ya know? I'm not asking for daily e-mails admitting your deepest darkest secrets to all of your readers. I'm just saying a "hey thanks for reading" or "so funny" or "I'm just responding so I'm not a bitch, but I really don't want to talk to you". That's all.

Dear Self, why are you ranting today?

Dear Big A, thanks for being so proud of me for starting a bad ass fire in the fire place last night. (Yes, I had to clear up where the fire was. Didn't want you thinking I'm a pyro that sets houses on fire while Big A cheers me on. That's not what we do here!) It made me feel like a million bucks. However, on the gripe standpoint, telling me that you don't know what goes into the dishwasher and what needs to be hand washed does NOT get you out of cleaning up dinner. We live and we learn my friend. I suggest you get to learning. Smooch!

Dear Self, you might want to get to learning too, since most of your travel coffee mugs leak now since they are supposed to be hand washed and you put them in the dishwasher

Dear Co-Workers, please be advised that I know how to do my job. In fact, I'm pretty good at it. I am working on what I am supposed to be working on. Asking me 36,000 times a day about a meeting that I have no additional information on yet, is not going to make the information come faster. And when I say that I'm on it and I will let you know when I KNOW more information, I mean it. Trust me. I haven't forgotten your 47,000 requests. I'm not it. Now back the fuck up before I do something that gets a letter in my file from HR. OK? Thanks.

Dear Summer, while I was understandable about the fact that we needed to be apart for awhile so Big A could make some money, I've decided that since it isn't snowing and it is 6 degrees outside, then we should get back together immediately. I miss your hot ways. Come back to me darling, and lets never be apart again.

Dear New Years Resolutions, I'm working on ya! I promise. I didn't have ANYTHING to drink yesterday. I only smoked TWO cigarettes (which is actually kind of normal). My desk is half clean. I cleaned half of the office. And I talked to Big A about getting the office finished so that we could pick up the treadmill within the next week. I'm doooooooing it!

OK. That's enough rambling for today. Now head on over and link-up with Ashley!


  1. I am having the same photo uploading issue too. Hopefully Blogger fixes it soon. And I agree, summer can come back any time now. I'm over this cold weather! Have a great weekend.

  2. omg same photo issue! But it's on only one of my blogs (what! I have a secret blog! no, nothing exciting, it's because i'm too lazy to get like a picasa or whatever ppl use to upload pics online to grab the html when they don't want it on their blog. you know to make buttons and stuff).

    and LOL to big A not knowing about a dishwasher. this probably means you should type up a list for future reference lol.

    and omg yayay way to get your office clean so you can get your treadmill and we can be treadmill sisters (that's a thing, right?)

  3. I hate when stuff needs to be fixed but you don't know how to fix it yourself and you have to wait on other people and it just throws everything off. I hope you get it fixed. And I am proud of you for working on your New Year's Resolutions.

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  5. I've been having the same issue with blogger and uploading photos today too! I thought it was just my computer. So I'm putting off a post until I can get the pictures uploaded.

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  7. I am getting the same annoyed factor with my comments on blogs. I know that there are some who will NEVER email me, so I only comment when I feel its necessary.

    I've also been mega bummed that no one comments on my blog anymore :( maybe I'm not as exciting as I used to be!

  8. Ok so I don't know what is going on w/ your bathroom/washer/dryer situation but sounds like it is stressing you out so you better get it figured out this weekend. Ha! Oh to have a (free) washer and dryer in my apartment would be bliss! Someday.

  9. Kayleigh, Congrats on your marriage, beautiful bride. I just wanted to comment on your marriage quote.....FULLY AGREE with the divorce part! Wonderful Quote!

  10. I LOVVVEEEE your comment about bloggers who don't respond (I actually JUST wrote about this a few days ago!) I once followed a SMALL blog with less than 50 followers when I first started out and I commented and commented (and then commented some more) on almost EVERY post and not ONCE did I get a reply to any of my long (and genuinely heartfelt comments.) It not only pissed me off, but annoyed me as well! Bad blogger etiquette!


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