Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Letters

Ahh Friday again.

This week was long. And hard (thatswhatshesaid).

Seriously, I have been exhausted this week. I could have literally fallen asleep on my desk at any given point in the day, any day this week.

So I am READY for it to be over.

Linking up with Ashley from over at The Sweet Season for Friday's Letters!

Dear Winter, I'm all set with snow because I know that it means dollah bills ya'll, and a delicious dinner date with Big A (Mama needs some lobster ravioli...) but this 19 degrees bullshit is exactly that...bullshit. I've grown accustomed to the fact that I can breathe outside, freely, so when you are so cold that it hurts and automatically makes me start hacking, I hate you. Bring snow, or bring warm weather, this is your FINAL warning!

Dear N, thank you for being with me as I experienced my first move EVER in 3D. However... maybe it shouldn't have been the Texas Chainsaw Massacre...just sayin'.

Dear Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I'm not quite sure how I feel about you. Seems that you cut right through the "massacre" part and turned into a "feel good" movie. Never thought I would be rooting for the killer at the end. Maybe we should stick to what we know. If I wanted a drama with a happy ending then I would have stayed home and watched Lifetime.

Dear Self, you were so tricky to Google how to fix the photo upload problem on Blogger by upgrading your Browser. And those 20 minutes you waited for it to download and restart and blah blah blah, you sat there like a kid on Christmas, giddy about how much of a genius you are. Too bad it didn't work. Nice try though.

Dear Weather, not quite sure that I'm such a fan of the fact that you are going to be between 17 and 41 degrees for the Pats game on Sunday and you are being described as "artic". Do you know how hard it is to look/feel slightly attractive when you are forced to dress like the little kid in "A Christmas Story". I will always pick warmth over cuteness, but cut me a break man! I had someone at the game last week look at a wedding picture of ours in awe because she didn't know that that's what I look like underneath my 12,000 layers. Really?

Dear House, I have the best intentions of working on you tomorrow. I'm going to try like hell not to wake up tomorrow with a hangover. 3 Saturdays in a row is NOT a pattern I am going for. No promises though. Sorry!

Dear Ex-Landlord, I'm slightly annoyed that when I went to go deposit our Security Deposit check that you sent us back (after docking $150 for "dog scratches" and "excessive holes in the wall" that were there when we moved in, asshat) couldn't be cashed because you scribbled stuff out and changed the amount after you wrote it. And ignoring my text, awesome. Seriously, I can't imagine why we ever decided to leave.

Dear Secret Stash of Dunkin K-Cups in My Desk, sorry to keep you hidden. It isn't because I'm ashamed of our love, it is that I don't want to share you. Don't worry, we will be together soon. Like...after this post... two cups was not enough this morning. I hear third time's a charm... rawr...

Dear Guy at the Bar Last Night, thanks for giving me the eye. I mean, I'm happily married and NOTHING would have happened EVER, but the fact that you were actually mildly attractive (i.e. effing hot) gave me a nice little ego boost. Nice to know that I still got it!

Dear Big A, thanks for amusing me with your "jealousy" last night. I know that you aren't really jealous, because you know that you have nothing to worry about, but you know it makes me feel good when you pretend. Just like you like it when I pretend to be jealous (which is sometimes real because I would cut a bitch if she touched you...heh). I'm also glad that we have gotten to a point in our relationship where we can admit that although we do find other people attractive (and sometimes they find us attractive) we know that what we have is amazing and that's all that matters. (P.S. I hope some hottie gives you the eye today so you can have a nice little boost too!)

Dear Money Tree, could you please make yourself appear somewhere in my backyard where only I can see you. I promise I'll take care of you. And I will NEVER let Mr. Fresh pee on you. I just need you.

Alright, I'm outta here. I've spent far too much time pretending to work while writing this. I need to get to pretending to work, while really reading other people's blogs. Then I can pretend to work while looking up random shit on the internet. And then throw a little work in there right before I leave so it looks like I am working right down to the last minute.

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Happy Weekend Lovers!!! Smooch!


  1. Haha! Yes on the Money tree! Can you make one appear in my back yard too? And of course you've still got it! And your ex landlord is an ass hole.

  2. I would totally hid the k-cup's too. I hope you have a great weekend girl!


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