Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

 I'm linking up with Ashley from over at The Sweet Season for Friday's Letters.
Today is Staff Meeting Day (blech) so I'm trying to get all my blogging work done with time to spare to go grab breakfast. It doesn't always work, but we try. (PS E-mails are SO welcome to distract me from the boringness that is my Staff Meeting)
Dear Kevin Lemanowicz, (he's the lead weather man on Fox News in Mass) I know that it probably doesn't seem like a big deal to you, but the fact that you have tweeted me back TWICE this week kind of made my year. You're my favorite and I won't listen to anyone else. I'm not saying we HAVE to be BFF's, but just considerate...k?
Check it...I feel special...although I know he tweets everyone back. I just think it is so cool he's on Twitter talking to his people. Love it!
Dear Self, yeah, good thing you had already got in a good 4 miles/400 calories last night before you weighed yourself. Yes you HAVE gained weight since the wedding, you don't just feel like it, you HAVE. Now, keep getting your ass on that treadmill. No one like mopey, depressed, "I'm going to drown myself in a bowl of chocolate sauce" Kayleigh. Cool? Pool season will be here before you know it and your pasty skin will be enough of a shock to the senses, let's not have your ass be one too. MMMmk?

Dear Jennifer, THANK YOU for talking about Hulu. I had heard of it before, but never tried it. But when I went on the treadmill last night and couldn't think of what I wanted to watch, I remembered your blog and signed right up. It was because of New Girl and The Carrie Diaries that I made it through on the treadmill. I'm kind of thinking of signing up for Hulu Plus, but after being overcharged by Verizon every month, I don't really want to pay for it...wah!
Dear Winter, I know I sound like a broken record, but WTF... 8 degrees here, 2 degrees here, when I left work yesterday it was a whopping 16 degrees. Woo hoo! Break out yo bathing suit baybay! Seriously though, cut the shit. I need sun. I need warm. Work on it.
Dear Big A,  yesterday you brought my phone with you to work because your dummy of a wife forgot it at home...again. So I brought you a coffee and a donut because it was FREEZING out and I knew you probably hadn't eaten. It was no big deal. But you thought it was a BIG deal. And told me I was the best wife ever. And couldn't stop raving about it. Keep it up buddy. I'll bring you coffee, cakes, a freakin' tiger if that's what you want. Your appreciation for what I do for you warms my heart. Thanks for being such a great/appreciative/understanding Husband.
Dear House, you WILL get worked on this weekend. Sorry for neglecting you. We got so busy and had been so long since I had been able to just sit on the couch. I apologize. Big A started replacing all of your light switched and electrical outlets, so now you look a bit more fancy! Do you feel fancy?
Dear Staff Meeting, please do not take forever. It's Friday. We all know that I barely have enough attention span to make it through the rest of the week. But I have like 25% on Fridays. Please please please be nice to me. Especially since I know next month's is going to be a LONG one.
Dear Grocery Shopping, please do yourself. There is nothing I hate more than grocery shopping on a Saturday, but it MUST be done. Blah. Maybe I could dress Mr. Fresh up in a trench coat, a fedora, and some sunglasses and have him go. Although, he would probably call some attention to himself when he starts barking at people and loads his cart up with Milk Bones. Heh. I'm picturing that right now...can you picture it...
Dear Readers, get ready for my 100th Follower giveaway. Check back Monday for what you can win and the Giveaway will start Tuesday! Eek SO excited!!!
That's all for today. Apparently I have things to do. Wah!


  1. omg girl i totally forgot to do treadmilling last night. 4 miles... what!? Get it mama!
    ok I won't have gav tonight, I'll be that awesome girl who stays in on a friday and works out. sounds pinterest worthy LOL!

  2. Was The Carrie Diaries good? I thought it looked lame but I'm hoping I'm wrong?

  3. I have heard that Hulu is pretty good. We have Netflix and it has seriously been my best friend lately. They have the first six seasons of Saved By the Bell on there and I have been watching it like I am 12 again, haha! And seriously weather, you need to warm the eff up already or K might just kill you!

  4. I don't have a Twitter but that's pretty cool that he talks to his peeps!

  5. Hahahaha. That love/hate relationship between delicious food/working out. i.e. LOVE delicious food / HATE working out. It happens to the best of us. Sounds like you're pretty motivated, though! Keep it up!!
    Here via Friday's Letters!

    Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

  6. 8 and 2 degrees??!! Damn that's cold! It's been in the teens and twenties here and that has been awful. Hope you are working with gloves on also :)

    So sweet of your husband to acknowledge the things you do for him!!

  7. AS I'm also in the Boston area, I love Kevin!! How awesome that he tweeted you back. I miss Cindy, they need to get rid of this Shiri woman in the morning who never tells me what I need to know about my wrather!! So annoying!!

    Awesome job on the treadmill!! That might just inspire me to get back to working out this weekend!!

  8. congrats on 100 followers! Good for you for getting on that treadmill! I seriously want a treadmill sooooooooo badly. I think if we could set one up in the basement all my troubles would disappear ;) that of course, isn't true but it would be a good start! Have a great weekend and I hope that staff meeting was super short!

  9. Fox news is the worse! Haha! I watch 7 and was so sad when the weather person Dylan Dryer left a few months ago to be on The Today Show! But whatever - enough w/ this freezing cold weather. Good luck w/ getting stuff done in the house this weekend.

  10. Pretty wedding pictures :-) And I love your background, too! Can't wait to stop back and read more!


  11. Love that dog!

    Wanna follow each other?

  12. My boyfriend is always tweeting one of the meteorologists here in Philadelphia, and it makes his day when he gets a response!


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