Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Ramblings

So, I have to say, this weather is doing NOTHING for my mood.
I'm tired, cold, and easily irritated.
No joke. You better hope that you don't have some eye twitch situation going on because I might just interpret it as an aggressive act and respond accordingly.
It's that bad.
Although, once I got home to my nice warm house last night, I was fine.
Go figure.
It's not that I don't like the winter. I do. I love the look of freshly fallen snow, cuddling up under a blanket by the fire (although it is usually with Mr. Fresh since if it is snowing Big A is out making the cheddah!). It's the whole leaving the house part that I hate.
Like last night, when it was like 6 degrees, THAT was the night that we had to go and pick Big A's truck up from being fixed. (Which I think may sound confusing since he is a mechanic, but I think it was a transmission thing, which he always brings to the experts, ya don't want to eff with your transmission.)
Although my car was nice and warm, so it wasn't that bad.
I just need sunshine and warmth. Just a little. That's all.
Now, if I could just find some job that I could work from home at. I could do the whole SAHW thing AND make the moolah. That's the dream, right?
I could have conference calls out by my pool! Haha.
Maybe that's my problem. I've never had a pool before, so the whole hot Summer thing was about sweating your balls off and having to pay more a month to crank the AC. NOW, I'm just imagining drinking a nice cold beverage while floating around in my pool.
I will never leave my house. Well... maybe to get more booze. You want to see my from June through August, then come on over. Otherwise, I'll see ya in the Fall!
In other news, only 6 more weeks until our couch comes in. I can't wait. It's not that I don't like my couch. I do. It's comfy and has been amazing to us for the past 3 years. But, it's only comfy if there's one person on it. Or me and the dog. Throw in Big A and that's too close to my personal space. Doesn't he know I need to sprawl out? Haha.
So that's exciting.
We have plans to actually work on the house this weekend. Ya know, for the first time since we moved in. Haha. Thanks to the Patriots sucking we now have our Sundays back, so at least we can become productive members of society again.
Once I show you how far the house has come, then I promise you won't think we are as lazy as I am making us sound. Now that Blogger can upload pics again, I can get back to Wedding Recaps, then the Honeymoon, and then start on the house FINALLY.
Nothing like being two months behind, right? Haha.
In other news, my 100 follower giveaway will be next week. I'm thinking Tuesday, so keep an eye out for that. I have Leah and Megan helping me out with it, so we should have some good stuff for you.
Other than that, I'm just rambling at this point, so I shall start on my mile long to do list at work. I.E. continue to play on the internet and then complain at 3:15 PM that my work isn't done and I always get stuck late.


  1. I am with ya girl. I am OVER the cold- over it! Hang in there. I keep telling myself spring with be here before I know it, but I really hope it happens that way. Look on the bright side at least you can have a drink- have one or 2 for me!

  2. That's it! I am coming to visit this summer, haha! Pool? Drinks? Yes please!! I hope it warms up soon!


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