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SensatioNail: At Home Gel Manicure Review

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When preparing for the wedding, I knew that I wanted nice, long nails. But, I knew that I got sick of the fake ones quickly. They got dirty, I couldn't clean under my nails to my OCD specifications, and when I eventually ripped them off, my nails sucked.

So, Ma Dukes and I looked into the gel manicures and quickly fell in love.

They made my nails stronger, so they grew, and they felt REAL. Not fake and thick and gross.

But you know who didn't love the gel manicures? My wallet.

So, when I heard about the at-home gel manicure kit, I was intrigued. But didn't want to pay the $50 start-up cost. I read a review from another Blogger and decided that I at least needed to try it, but never pulled the trigger.

Thankfully, "Santa" listens to me and I got it for Christmas. I got the kit, which is in the bottom left hand corner of the collage below. My color was a pink one. Although "Santa" got me a pretty sparkly blue one too.

Top left: The standard colors it comes in. Top Right: New magnetic polish you can buy. Bottom Left: Starter kit. Bottom Right: Um... need to find this. ASAP. I loves me some glitter!

Anywho, I waited until the craziness of Christmas calmed down and then tried it out. My first reaction:
1. It was hard to keep it neat. They mean it when they say make sure you get all the polish off your skin before you cure it.
2: It made my nails nice and strong though.

But, I liked it. So about a week and a half later, I used my CVS Extra Bucks to buy a new color. I also spent the money to get the removal tool. I highly recommend it.

Removing sucked. I had to do one hand at a time, which made me impatient. And it was hard to get it off, I had to soak each finger a couple times. However, I learned that I was supposed to "buff" the sides with a nail file before I soaked them, so it is probably my own fault that it sucked so much. Also, it was hard to get it off my right hand, since I'm right-handed, but I think it will improve with experience.

Left: First color. First time. A little messy. Middle: Soaking/Removing the blue. Right: New color

All in all. I love it. I mean it is a PROCESS to put it on and take it off. But it is a hell of a lot better than using normal nail polish, which is still a pain to put on and take off, but only lasts a day or so before it chips (Or if you're like me, like 20 seconds haha).

It's a large upfront cost: about $50 for the start-up kit, and it is about $10-$12 for a new color. However, if you go and get your nails done it is $40 a pop. And each kit/color has enough for ten applications. I have 3 colors so that's 30 applications for $74 (well Santa paid for most of it! haha) and that would cost me $1200 for the salon (woah big savings).

AND... they are easy to find. Everyone has them. Target, CVS, you can buy them online. It's awesome.

So that's my review. Not exactly the most intriguing review, but it is a great product.

And for the record, no one paid me or supplied me with anything to write this. I just like to pass on a good thing when I find it. I tried it based off a blog review, so I figured maybe I could help someone find something cool too!

That's all for today folks!
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  1. dude! after my 1st gel nails last week I'm hooked! and had no idea it's something you can do at home. what's in this stuff anyway that makes it have to be baked... so crazy!

  2. I have had them done at the Salon once and I did like them, but I agree that I did not like the price. Yikes! I may have to look into getting this!

  3. I had gel nails done for our wedding and loved it! However I did not realize how difficult it is to remove it. I may have to try this at home kit.

  4. Okay, now I have to buy this!!! I love the gel nails and had them for my wedding too, they were so pretty and since hubby hates fake nails, I knew that was the right way to go.

    I think this is going on my "what to spend with my tax return" list :)


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